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  • Dreamers and Daydreams by Sheen Francis Reyes
    Dreamers and Daydreams (English, Paperback) Sheen Francis Reyes

    Dreamers and Daydreams is Reyes's second poetry collection. It is nothing less than a successful attempt to gag the mouths of the distracting, overthinking, know-it-all voices in her brain, allowing her underrated heart to let loose and be so courageous and bold that it dove face first onto paper, contented.

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  • Brave Vulnerable by Sheen Francis Reyes
    Brave Vulnerable (English, Paperback) Sheen Francis Reyes

    This collection of poetry is a story about love, abuse, loss, and longing. It's the product of over a year and a half of unbelonging, tear-drenched pillows, and pain and euphoria that won't let you sleep unless turned into ink. This book can touch anyone who is drunk in wanderlust, has a quivering heart, and has been separated from that one and only person they have a unique connection with by...

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