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  • Realities of a True Christian by Jeremy B Strang
    Realities of a True Christian (English, Paperback) Jeremy B Strang $13.99
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  • Realities of a True Christian by Jeremy B Strang
    Realities of a True Christian (English, Hardback) Jeremy B Strang $30.99
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  • Christian by Jeremy B Strang
    Christian (English, Paperback) Jeremy B Strang

    It is what you are not being told... It is what most people do not know... It is what the majority of pastors are afraid to preach... Are you a professing Christian? If so, you will not want to miss out on, Christian - A Dangerous Title to Claim. This may be the most challenging and introspective books you have ever read. Embark on a journey into the truth of who you really are and help support...

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  • As Christ by Jeremy B Strang
    As Christ (English, Paperback) Jeremy B Strang

    Today the biblical model of what a godly husband should be has been nearly eradicated. We are in desperate need for godly men, men of prayer, men who act like men, and men who will be God-honoring husbands. In his book, As Christ: A Man and Marriage, author Jeremy Strang calls men to attention. This book is brief, hard hitting, to the point, and Bible saturated. It is a wake-up call for husbands...

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  • Stay in the Boat by Jeremy B Strang
    Stay in the Boat (English, Paperback) Jeremy B Strang

    Are you in need of hope? Are the distractions of this world causing you to fear and take action into your own hands? Are you feeling as if all the storms of your life and dragging you deeper and deeper? Take heart, there is hope! Are you willing to seek it out?Jeremy B. Strang's new book, "Stay In The Boat," takes you along with the Apostle Paul in his journey as a prisoner heading for Rome. In...

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  • Limiting God? by Jeremy B Strang
    Limiting God? (English, Paperback) Jeremy B Strang

    It is my hope and prayer that you are blessed, and yet transformed, all at the same time. I am given great joy having you take this journey with me. The journey, you ask. well. yes, journey into the heart and soul of every reader. This is a personal quest of your mind, searching your heart, for where the soul longs to be. The soul's ultimate goal is to be at peace and at home, constantly being...

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  • Grace Upon Grace by Jeremy B Strang
    Grace Upon Grace (English, Paperback) Jeremy B Strang

    A story of God's grace, freedom and redemption - a love story of "grace upon grace" on the eighteenth of May."I was living in a hellish deep dark depression, one very hidden, and controlling of my life. As a result, this helped to fuel my pride, empower my anger and enslave me in lust. I was a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a drunk, a malicious gossip and a flat out God hater. I used profanity as...

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  • Strange Encounters by Daniel B. Botkin
    Strange Encounters (English, Paperback) Daniel B. Botkin

    A collection of anecdotal adventures through the natural world includes descriptions of the author's experiences of rebuilding a New Hampshire mill, researching a protein food source for space travel, and working in a radioactive forest on an early Cold War research project.

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