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  • For His Name Yeshua by Rebecca Hazelton
    For His Name Yeshua (English, Paperback) Rebecca Hazelton

    If you are a person who does not simply accept what you've been taught, then this book is for you. If you love to dig into the Holy Scriptures to do research and to find original meanings of words, and if you like to study history both to understand the Biblical culture and the Christian culture of today, then you will enjoy what you find here. You are invited to be spiritual archeologists to...

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  • Hebrew by Mary a Merritt
    Hebrew (English, Paperback) Mary a Merritt

    Enjoy beautiful artwork while you learn the Hebrew language. Feast your eyes on original, full color, full page art for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet and enjoy smaller, full color images to illustrate many Hebrew words. Learn to pronounce consonants and vowel marks and begin to read Hebrew words. Learn to write using the writing practice pages. Learn root words to help build vocabulary....

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  • Therefore by Kay Bascom
    Therefore (Paperback) Kay Bascom $19.54
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  • Those Who Have Ears - Let Them Hear by Dr Jesse J Michaels
    Those Who Have Ears - Let Them Hear (English, Paperback) Dr Jesse J Michaels

    Spiritual and nutritional healing of the spirit, mind, and body based on a Biblical perspective. ...

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  • I Survived the Holocaust by Renate Kaufmann
    I Survived the Holocaust (English, Paperback) Renate Kaufmann $14.29
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  • All by Kay Bascom
    All (Paperback) Kay Bascom $20.98
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  • Peace in Jerusalem But the Battle Is Not Over Yet! by Charles Gardner
    Peace in Jerusalem But the Battle Is Not Over Yet! (English, Paperback) Charles Gardner

    HERE IS A MIDDLE EAST PEACE PROCESS THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE POLITICIANS OR BUREAUCRATS! Amidst the ongoing turmoil of the Middle East, where virtual civil wars are erupting on every side, a remarkable peace process is taking place. Charles Gardner has witnessed Arab and Jew embracing one another in the name of the One who has bought such reconciliation with the blood he shed on a Roman cross...

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  • BROKEN LAND by Gail Koop
    BROKEN LAND (Paperback) Gail Koop $23.33
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  • Faygala, Yiddish Refugee by Betty Baker
    Faygala, Yiddish Refugee (English, Paperback) Betty Baker

    Faygala, age 17, lived in Russia in 1904 in troubled times when the Cossack soldiers periodically ransacked her Jewish village; and the Czar's officers periodically raided to seize men for the army. To avoid all this, many fled to America. Faygala's family was planning to join her father in the "golden country" as soon as he sent enough money for ship and train passages and for Ellis Island fees...

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  • Betrothed by Waller Family
    Betrothed (English, Paperback) Waller Family

    Dating? Courtship? There's something better. The current way our society prepares a single person for marriage has led to an increase in broken marriages and moral disintegration. The ten couples in this book have trailblazed a new, yet ancient and beautiful path to marriage called bethrothal. These couples' families saw the need to go a different direction--a direction that points toward Yeshua...

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  • Messianic Judaism Class, Teacher Book by Rabbi Jim Appel
    Messianic Judaism Class, Teacher Book (English, Paperback) Rabbi Jim Appel

    You will find this introductory course teacher book easy to teach from. The Scriptures are given in full for you, usually in the Complete Jewish Bible version. The answers are also given to each question along with occasional teacher's instructions and background information. The Student Books have only the Scripture references and no answers. ...

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  • Navidad! by Metzler Natasha
    Navidad! (Spanish, Hardback) Metzler Natasha $29.23
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  • Changed Forever by His Grace by Rhonda Lea Elliott
    Changed Forever by His Grace (English, Paperback) Rhonda Lea Elliott

    Where does a young girl go to feel safe after being coerced into ending her unwanted pregnancy? How does she try to find inner peace? She runs away. At least that's what Rhonda did. But can an abortion runaway ever find love and feel at home? Rhonda kept trying and hoping, but one wrong turn after another got her into dangerous situations. She never expected her life to ever become this...

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  • Changed Forever by His Grace by Rhonda Lea Elliott
    Changed Forever by His Grace (English, Paperback) Rhonda Lea Elliott

    Read Rhonda's amazing story of healing and restoration from deep pain and despair. Her childhood was full of love and humorous memories, but also troubles, rejection, and loneliness. Although her Jewish family was basically non-observant, they were called "Jesus Killers" by some of their Gentile neighbors. As a result she didn't feel like she fit in anywhere. Wondering who this Jesus was, Rhonda...

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  • My Heavenly Year in Jerusalem by Cheryl Zehr
    My Heavenly Year in Jerusalem (English, Paperback) Cheryl Zehr

    The author looks back at the exciting, funny, and scary adventures she had while volunteering in Jerusalem.

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  • Defiant Daughter, Divine Grace by Lorna Bogues
    Defiant Daughter, Divine Grace (English, Paperback) Lorna Bogues

    When Bogues lost her husband, she knew that she and her sweet, loving, teenage daughter would pull through together. But when her daughter's attitude suddenly turned cold and sassy, Lorna felt very alone. Find out what solutions the Lord gave her.

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  • The Word of God Made Plain by Pastor Jim Kirkland
    The Word of God Made Plain (English, Paperback) Pastor Jim Kirkland

    Looking for a daily devotional that will move you to act? That will make your faith alive and full of power? That will reveal new things in the Word-insights you would never see on your own; or things you know, but it revives them and they draw you closer to Jesus and bring the Holy Spirit power back into your spirit? In this book are dynamic devotions that will inspire and empower you to put...

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  • Reflections of God's Faithfulness by Marla Brenneman
    Reflections of God's Faithfulness (English, Paperback) Marla Brenneman

    Marla is just an ordinary Christian woman who was asked to submit a monthly column in the church newsletter. She sheepishly, hesitatingly agreed to what became an eight-year run. In every issue, she shared straight from her heart about what was happening in her life and what God was teaching her. Little did she know the extent of some of the struggles she would suffer and share about, including...

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  • From the Projects to the Palace by Greg Hershberg
    From the Projects to the Palace (English, Paperback) Greg Hershberg

    The author grew up in the Bronx section of New York City in the 1960's. His family lived in one of the monstrously tall, low income buildings that look more like a row of prisons than homes. As a teenager his future looked bleak, to say the least, although he had a few positive influences in his life. However, even following those could not untangle him from his meager background nor satisfy the...

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  • Cutting Loose by Gillian Taylor
    Cutting Loose (Paperback) Gillian Taylor $29.10
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  • In by Kay Bascom
    In (Paperback) Kay Bascom $19.36
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  • Black Knight by Bobby Lloyd
    Black Knight (Paperback) Bobby Lloyd $21.41
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  • Sacred Name Bible by Yhvh Almighty
    Sacred Name Bible (Paperback) Yhvh Almighty $54.79
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  • Comfort Food by Jeanne Kennedy Horning
    Comfort Food (English, Paperback) Jeanne Kennedy Horning

    This is a Vegan and Gluten Free cookbook! All the recipes are vegan and over 60 of them are also Gluten Free. All are delicious Comfort Foods that are also nutritious! If you are trying healthy, vegan food for the first time, this is the cookbook for you. Inside you will find easy, detailed instructions for each recipe that will make the preparation as well as the eating an enjoyable experience. ...

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  • The Lighted Path by Lyn Kirkland
    The Lighted Path (English, Paperback) Lyn Kirkland

    This is a collection of lessons on raising children from a refreshingly different perspective and is presented in a most delightful way. The author starts with a Scripture and applies it in practical, personal ways to how we relate to our children. It is amazing how much child rearing guidance she has gleaned from the Word of God! Read it and be blessed! Buy it as a gift and bless someone else!...

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  • Rosh Hashanah, Yom Teruah, the Day of Sounding the Shofar by Rabbi Jim Appel
    Rosh Hashanah, Yom Teruah, the Day of Sounding the Shofar (English, Paperback) Rabbi Jim Appel

    The Scriptures command us to celebrate the holiday traditionally called Rosh Hashanah, or the Feast of Trumpets, with shouts of joy and the sounding of the Shofar. But why? What are we supposed to be so happy about and why the Shofar? In this book, Messianic Rabbi Jim Appel answers those questions with new revelation from Scripture. He reveals the profound significance of the Shofar and the deep,...

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  • What's New about You? in Urdu by Karen Hostetter
    What's New about You? in Urdu (Urdu, Paperback) Karen Hostetter

    This is the book "What's New About You?" ISBN 9780984711109 translated into the Urdu language. It helps new believers move forward in their new walk with the Lord. It gives important Scriptures and explains how they apply to the new believer's new life. It also explains in simple terms all the Biblical vocabulary that may be totally unfamiliar to the reader. May the Lord bless the outreach of this...

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  • What's New about You? by Karen Hostetter
    What's New about You? (English, Paperback) Karen Hostetter

    Not every new believer has a friend or mentor strong in the Lord who can walk alongside them in their new life. New believers have just made the most important decision in their life--to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior--but perhaps they know little or nothing about the Christian faith, and Christians might be using words they don't understand to tell them what is happening in their...

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  • God's Allstar Baseball Team by Art Zehr
    God's Allstar Baseball Team (English, Paperback) Art Zehr

    If God had a baseball team, would you qualify to be on it? God gave author, Art Zehr, a dream about His allstar team. He showed Art who the allstar players are in the Bible, what their batting line-up was, and what positions they played. Art explains how God manages His team; how He chooses, calls, and commissions players; and who some of His allstars are today. Read the book to find out what this...

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  • Hymnbooks and Hanky Cradles, Nora and Pheobe, Plain Fun Girls by Cheryl Graybill Zehr
    Hymnbooks and Hanky Cradles, Nora and Pheobe, Plain Fun Girls (English, Paperback) Cheryl Graybill Zehr

    The girls lived long before video games, cartoons, i-pads, or the internet. There were no cars, dishwashers, or bathrooms, very few books, and hardly any toys, and they had a lot of hard work to do every day. At home, Nora finds it almost intolerable. But with Phoebe, she learns how to turn work into fun, even if it is nasty chores. ...

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  • The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, the Messiah King of Israel by Kimberly K Ballard
    The Almond Tree, Aaron's Rod, the Messiah King of Israel (Hardback) Kimberly K Ballard

    This hardcover book is destined to become a literary Masterpiece and an intriguing best seller. The story begins with a Divine revelation of the Jewish Messiah of Israel. It was verified by true miraculous events that transpired on Holy Mount Moriah in Jerusalem Israel. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, the author wrote the astonishing revelations in detail that she was told to write...

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  • The Box of Red Marbles by Roe Braddy
    The Box of Red Marbles (English, Paperback) Roe Braddy

    What do helpful, caring students in a diverse, special needs classroom discover among the red marbles and about themselves? Find out in this children's picture book written for and about those with special needs. The classmates in this story are close friends. They find a marble that is not like all the other marbles. From it they learn that each person, even if they are different from everyone...

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  • Love's Three Days by A Louis Miller
    Love's Three Days (English, Paperback) A Louis Miller

    You have never felt love like this! This is TRUE LOVE.

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  • Healing for Your Broken Heart by James Kirkland
    Healing for Your Broken Heart (English, Paperback) James Kirkland

    Is your heart wounded and broken? Are you having trouble picking up the pieces, patching the wounds, and moving on? The authors understand. They have been through it. They know how long it takes and they know what is needed to begin to feel whole again, and to have hope to move forward in life. Come to the arms of Jesus. Drink from His healing fountain and find your heart softening and able to...

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  • Personal Finances, Personal Freedom by Chanty Webb
    Personal Finances, Personal Freedom (English, Paperback) Chanty Webb

    Are you trapped underneath a financial avalanche? Month after month the checking account is overdrawn, the savings account balance is zero, and the credit card balance is followed by three zeros. Where does all the money go? ...

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  • Broken by Carol Dupre'
    Broken (English, Paperback) Carol Dupre'

    What if your world suddenly fell apart? What if you were suddenly ostracized and cut off from family and everyone you had cared for and loved for thirty years? What if you were the pastor's wife and it was all because of what God was revealing to you in His Word? How would you react? Find out how Carol does. Not many have been hurt by a church more than she has. Can she find peace and comfort in...

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  • Healing of the Fractured Soul by Dr Steve Shamblin
    Healing of the Fractured Soul (English, Paperback) Dr Steve Shamblin

    Healing of the Fractured Soul is written by a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) speaker, teacher, and counselor. This book is put together from the very successful seminar the author gives at YWAM locations all over the world. He has helped countless people find deliverance from living in bondage to wounds and scars which were robbing them from fulfilling all that God has called them to be. He has...

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  • From Grace to Glory, an Upward Journey by Marquis L Harris
    From Grace to Glory, an Upward Journey (English, Paperback) Marquis L Harris

    This is a devotional about how Yeshua (Jesus) uses our brokenness for his Glory, written by a man who has experienced grave brokenness from childhood. ...

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  • A Seat on the Playground by Roe Braddy
    A Seat on the Playground (English, Paperback) Roe Braddy

    The people who care for children with special needsNthe emotionally, mentally, and physically handicappedNare angels. This edition gives readers a peak into the life of a special needs teacher.

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  • End Times Scripture Handbook for Powerful, Strategic Praying by Cheryl Zehr
    End Times Scripture Handbook for Powerful, Strategic Praying (English, Paperback) Cheryl Zehr

    This handbook has lists of Scriptures and Scripture-filled prayers to use for global, intercessory praying. Also listed are prophecies about Israel that haven't yet been fulfilled, what must happen before the Second Coming, and more. (Christian)

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  • God's Plan for Ishmael by Cheryl Zehr
    God's Plan for Ishmael (English, Paperback) Cheryl Zehr

    Is it not true that God gave Ishmael special attention and promises before his birth? Is there any significance in that for his descendants today? Did God stop there? Or is there more to His plan for Ishmael? If so, is it revealed in Scripture? Are there any prophecies yet to be fulfilled that apply to the Arabs and Palestinians? Yes, yes, and yes!! Discover it all with the author and join her in...

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