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  • Panzer
    Panzer 38T vs BT-7 (English, Paperback) Steven J. Zaloga, Jim Laurier

    An illustrated account of two important World War II tanks, the German Panzer 38(t) and the Soviet BT-7, depicting their struggle for mastery on World War II s Eastern Front."

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  • Kursk
    Kursk 1943 (English, Paperback) Robert Forczyk, Graham Turner

    A few months after Stalingrad, the armies of Hitler and Stalin fought one of the largest armored battles in history at Kursk. This illustrated book examines this titanic struggle.

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  • Killing
    Killing the Rising Sun (English, CD-Audio) Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard

    The powerful and riveting new book in the multimillion-selling Killing series by Bill O’Reilly and Martin DugardAutumn 1944. World War II is nearly over in Europe but is escalating in the Pacific, where American soldiers face an opponent who will go to any length to avoid defeat. The Japanese army follows the samurai code of Bushido, stipulating that surrender is a form of dishonor. Killing the...

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  • The
    The Last Panther - Slaughter of the Reich - The Halbe Kessel 1945 (English, Paperback) Wolfgang Faust

    While the Battle of Berlin in 1945 is widely known, the horrific story of the Halbe Kessel remains largely untold. In April 1945, victorious Soviet forces encircled 80,000 men of the German 9th Army in the Halbe area, South of Berlin, together with many thousands of German women and children. The German troops, desperate to avoid Soviet capture, battled furiously to break out towards the West,...

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  • American
    American Web Equipment 1910-1967 (English, Paperback) Martin J. Brayley

    Gives an illustrated overview of the webbing straps, holsters, carriers and haversacks used by American combat troops from before World War One to the Vietnam War. This book is useful for students of American uniform and equipment, modellers, re-enactors and collectors.

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  • The
    The Sisters of Battle Road (Italian, Paperback) J. M. Maloney

    In 1939 Annie Jarman and her six young daughters were evacuated from their south London home and sent to the Sussex countryside to wait out the war. This is a true story of six ordinary girls in extraordinary wartime circumstances.

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  • No
    No Picnic on Mount Kenya (Paperback) Felice Benuzzi

    A classic tale of derring-do: The Great Escape meets Touching the Void

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  • All
    All the Gallant Men (English, Hardback) Donald Stratton, Ken Gire

    The extraordinary first and only memoir by a survivor of the USS Arizona, published in conjunction with the seventy-fifth anniversary of Pearl Harbor.An unforgettable and moving story of tragedy, heroism, resilience, and redemption that is sure to become an enduring document of American history, All the Brave Men is a sailor’s eyewitness, moment-by-moment account of the Japanese surprise attack...

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  • An
    An Iron Wind (English, Hardback) Peter Fritzsche

    From a prize-winning historian, a vivid account of German-occupied Europe during World War II that reveals civilians’ struggle to understand

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  • Hitler's
    Hitler's Last Days (Paperback) Bill O'Reilly

    By early 1945, the destruction of the German Nazi State seems certain. The Allied forces, led by American generals George S. Patton and Dwight D. Eisenhower, are gaining control of Europe, leaving German leaders scrambling. Facing defeat, Adolf Hitler flees to a secret bunker with his new wife, Eva Braun, and his beloved dog, Blondi. It is there that all three would meet their end, thus ending the...


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  • Lorenz"/
    Lorenz (English, Hardback) Jerry Roberts

    Lorenz: Breaking Hitler's Top Secret Code at Bletchley Park

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  • Darwin
    Darwin 1942 (English, Paperback) Bobby R. Alford, Jim Laurier

    A highly illustrated account of the Japanese aerial assault on the port of Darwin in February 1942--the first attack ever mounted by a foreign power on Australia.

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  • Mein
    Mein Kampf (English, Paperback) Adolf Hitler

    Book Description In 1922, just four years after the war to end all wars, an unknown Austrian then living in Bavaria planned a pamphlet to be called Settling Accounts. In it he intended to attack the ineffectiveness of the dominant political parties in Germany which were opposed to the new National Socialists (Nazis). In November 1923, Adolf Hitler was jailed for the abortive Munich Beer Hall...

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  • Why?"/
    Why? (English, Hardback) Peter Hayes

    A bold exploration of the Holocaust by a pre-eminent scholar in the field.

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  • The
    The Ghost Army of World War II (English, Hardback) Rick Beyer, Elizabeth Sayles

    A cultural history detailing the story of The Ghost Army, a World War II deception unit, which used inflatable tanks and other illusions to mislead the Germans on the battlefields of Europe.

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  • Eastern
    Eastern Approaches (Paperback) Fitzroy Maclean

    After adventures in Soviet Russia before the war, Fitztroy Maclean fought with the SAS in North Africa in 1942. This book presents his adventures in the Western Desert and later fighting alongside Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia.

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  • Ordinary
    Ordinary Men (Paperback) Christopher R. Browning

    Takes as its basis the detailed records of one squad from the Nazis' extermination groups and explores in its composition, its actions, and the methods by which it was trained to perform acts of genocide on an industrial scale. This book introduces us to men who killed without hesitation or apparent remorse for years on end.

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  • Bolt
    Bolt Action: Campaign: Battle of the Bulge (English, Paperback) Warlord Games

    A book of scenarios and special rules for the Battle of the Bulge, sure to appeal to all fans of Bolt Action who want a new challenge.

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  • The
    The Gestapo (English, Hardback) Frank McDonough

    A new, comprehensive exploration of the Gestapo from a renowned historian of the Third Reich.Drawing on a detailed examination of previously unpublished Gestapo case files this book relates the fascinating, vivid and disturbing accounts of a cross-section of ordinary and extraordinary people who opposed the Nazi regime. It also tells the equally disturbing stories of the involvement of the German...

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  • No
    No Picnic on Mount Kenya (English, Hardback) Felice Benuzzi

    A classic tale of derring-do: The Great Escape meets Touching the Void


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