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Sergio Fernandez Davila

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  • Legenderry: Vampirella by David Avallone
    Legenderry: Vampirella (English, Paperback) David Avallone, David T. Cabrera

    When not entertaining her guests at the classy Scarlet Club as Madam Pendragon, Vampirella stalks out into the cobblestone streets of the Big City in pursuit of The Council, an alliance of the deadliest ne'er-do-wells ever to plague civilized society.

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  • Legenderry: Green Hornet by Daryl Gregory
    Legenderry: Green Hornet (English, Paperback) Daryl Gregory, Brent Peeples

    When Little Lord Homicide makes his claim as heir to the Big City's underworld, the pint-sized child psychopath incites a gang war against the reigning Veiled Lady... and draws our disguised heroes into a web of intrigue and revenge.

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  • Legenderry: Red Sonja by Marc Andreyko
    Legenderry: Red Sonja (English, Paperback) Marc Andreyko, Aneke

    After a year on the run under the assumed identity of Magna Spadarossa, Red Sonja returns to fiery form as an ale-swilling, rapier-swinging ship captain... but it's only a matter of time until she's called to action, drawn into a madman's plot to conquer the world.

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  • Vampirella: Hollywood Horror by Kate Leth
    Vampirella: Hollywood Horror (English, Paperback) Kate Leth, Eman Casallos

    When her stately manor is attacked, the heroine begins to unravel a plot as old as the silver screen, using her public status as a viral video sensation to discover what monsters really lurk in the shadows of the City of Angels. Everyone in Hollywood seems to have their secrets, from the mysterious Slade to her new agent, Juliette Court.

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  • Art of Red Sonja Volume 2 by Jay Anacleto
    Art of Red Sonja Volume 2 (English, Hardback) Jay Anacleto, Amanda Conner

    Fiery in spirit, skilled in combat, lusty and bawdy in her revelry, the crimson-tressed heroine Red Sonja, known also as "The She-Devil with a Sword", is renowned as fantasy's most prominent female character. This second volume showcases the illustrators and painters that have captured the character's essence on cover artwork since 2010.

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  • The Precinct by Sergio Fernandez Davila
    The Precinct (English, Paperback) Sergio Fernandez Davila, Cristhian Zamora

    Mortimer Hill is a veteran officer who has busted his fair share of criminals, but when a high-ranking official ends up dead and mechanical monsters start causing trouble, he'll need to use all his wits to get to the heart of the mystery. Alongside his new partner Josephine Winters, Mort will face the biggest case of his career...

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  • Swords of Sorrow: The Complete Saga by Noah Salonga
    Swords of Sorrow: The Complete Saga (English, Paperback) Noah Salonga, Ronilson Freire

    Features Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja, Purgatori, Lady Demon, Chastity, Jungle Girl, Jennifer Blood, Kato, Lady Zorro, and many, many more.

    $38.36 $49.99
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