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  • Finnish Lessons 2.0
    Finnish Lessons 2.0 (English, Paperback) Pasi Sahlberg

    Sahlberg has thoroughly updated his groundbreaking account of how Finland built a world-class education system during the past four decades. In this international bestseller, Sahlberg traces the evolution of Finnish education policies and highlights how they differ from the United States and much of the rest of the world.

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  • One Kid at a Time
    One Kid at a Time (English, Paperback) Eliot Levine

    This work weaves compelling stories and narrative into new possibilities for American education. All students at the Met School have a personalized curriculum, where they stay with the same teacher for four years. This work offers ideas and strategies for improving schools.

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  • Failing at School
    Failing at School (English, Paperback) Camille A. Farrington

    About half of all incoming ninth graders in urban districts will fail classes and drop out of school without a diploma. Failing at School starts with the premise that urban American high schools generate such widespread student failure not because of some fault of the students who attend them but because high schools were designed to stratify achievement and let only the top performers advance to...

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  • Leading Educational Change
    Leading Educational Change (English, Paperback) Michael G. Fullan

    This collection features original essays from international superstars in the field of educational change. Each "think piece" draws on the latest knowledge from research, policy, and practice to provide important insights for creating systemic, meaningful reform. The authors directly address contemporary challenges, misconceptions, and failed strategies, while also offering solutions, ideas, and...

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  • Building School-based Teacher Learning Communities
    Building School-based Teacher Learning Communities (English, Paperback) Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin, J. W. Gardner

    Building on evidence that school-based teacher learning communities improve student outcomes, this book lays out an agenda to develop and sustain collaborative professional cultures. It provides an inside look at the processes, resources, and system strategies that are necessary to build vibrant school-based teacher learning communities.

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  • What Should I Do?
    What Should I Do? (English, Paperback) Anna Ershler Richert

    Includes bibliographical references (p. 113-116) and index.

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  • Mathematics Professional Development
    Mathematics Professional Development (English, Paperback) Hilda Borko, Jennifer Jacobs

    This resource will help school leaders and other professional development providers conduct ongoing, structured learning opportunities for mathematics teachers (K-12). The authors present models for professional development and the preparation of PD leaders designed and field-tested as part of two research projects supported by the National Science Foundation. The Problem-Solving Cycle model and...

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  • Looking Together at Student Work
    Looking Together at Student Work (English, Paperback) Tina Blythe, David Allen

    This bestseller provides teachers and administrators with strategies for examining and discussing student work, such as essays, math problems, projects, artwork, and more. New for the Third Edition: The Microlab Protocol, a relatively quick and easy way to introduce groups to protocol-guided conversation; a new case focused on understanding the Common Core; and more detailed notes and strategies...

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  • How Teachers Become Leaders
    How Teachers Become Leaders (English, Paperback) Ann Lieberman, Linda D. Friedrich

    This book is a unique insiders look at the process that teachers experience when they assume leadership positions in their school, district, state, or writing project site. The text features vignettes by K12 teachers, describing their individual leaders

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  • At the Heart of Teaching
    At the Heart of Teaching (English, Paperback) Grace Hall McEntee, John Appleby

    This ""how-to"" book delves into reflection as a concept and provides specific, replicable tools for professional practice. Each chapter draws on a particular school situation demonstrating the value of teacher reflection and describing the nuts and bolts of the process.

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  • The Mindful Teacher
    The Mindful Teacher (English, Paperback) Dennis Shirley, Elizabeth MacDonald

    Provides educators everywhere with practical ideas for improving teaching and learning. This updated second edition includes completely new sections on the promise of teacher leadership, the strengths and perils of technology, and schools in the midst of change. It is an indispensable and timely resource for all educators who seek to transform schools into places of learning and joy.

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  • The Networked Teacher
    The Networked Teacher (English, Paperback) Kira J. Baker-Doyle

    New teachers need support from their peers and mentors to locate resources, information, new ideas, emotional support, and inspiration. This timely book explains the research and theory behind social networks (face-to-face and online), describes what effective social networking for educators looks like, reveals common obstacles that new teachers face in establishing support networks, and offers...

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  • Managing to Change
    Managing to Change (English, Paperback) Thomas Hatch

    Argues that schools cannot wait around for conditions to improve or policymakers to figure out how to provide the 'right' support. This book describes a small set of key practices that schools can use to get resources, manage external demands, and build their capacity to make and sustain improvements over time.

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  • Going to Scale with New School Designs
    Going to Scale with New School Designs (English, Hardback) Joseph P. McDonald, Emily J. Klein

    A guide to a fresh dimension of school reform. It includes stories about 'scaling up' by other school design teams, and in other enterprises beyond high school.

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  • Upstart Startup
    Upstart Startup (English, Hardback) James Nehring

    Here, James Nehring offers a complete tour of one charter school - the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School, walking the reader through the school's vision of learning, the day-to-day challenges, the many achievements, and the lessons learned.

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  • Community in the Making
    Community in the Making (English, Hardback) Madeleine Fuchs Holzer

    This book, which describes a thought-provoking collaboration between eight colleges/universities of teacher education and Lincoln Center Institute (LCI), offers hope for public education that is dramatically improved by non-traditional educational methods.

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  • Standards Reform in High-poverty Schools
    Standards Reform in High-poverty Schools (English, Paperback) Carol A. Barnes

    This work shows what actually happens when school reform encounters a high-poverty, linguistically diverse school, that is, when policy ambitions collide with school realities.

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  • Power Among Peers
    Power Among Peers (English, Paperback) Carol J. Reed

    This text examines the everyday political behaviour of elementary school teachers when working together to implement improvement policy and curriculum decisions. It shows how the choices teachers make effect the succes or failure of reform initiatives.

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  • What's Happening in Math Class: v. 1
    What's Happening in Math Class: v. 1 (English, Paperback) Deborah Schifter

    This volume presents narratives written by teachers working with constructivist methods to transform their mathematics instruction, and includes essays by teacher educators. The aim of the book is to consider what is involved when teachers work to realise reform principles in day-to-day practice.

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  • Assessing Student Learning: from Grading to Understanding
    Assessing Student Learning: from Grading to Understanding (English, Paperback) David Allen

    This text provides a range of practical, replicable processes for collaboratively examining student work, including writing samples, visual work, portfolios and exhibitions. It also presents descriptions of teachers engaged in collaborative processes in schools.

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