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  • Faulty Mothering by Elaine Randell
    Faulty Mothering (English, Paperback) Elaine Randell

    A work based on the author's work with families and focuses on mothers in particular who are experiencing problems in attachment to their children.

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  • Boombox by Rupert M. Loydell
    Boombox (English, Paperback) Rupert M. Loydell

    A collection that shows the author continuing his forays into collage and experimental writing, but always with a lyric turn.

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  • Jerzyk by Anthony Rudolf
    Jerzyk (English, Paperback) Anthony Rudolf

    On 13 November 1943, Jerzy Feliks Urman (known as Jerzyk) killed himself, thinking the Gestapo had arrived. He was eleven and a half. He and his family were in hiding in Drohobycz, during the German occupation of East Galicia. A year earlier the family had quit Stanislawow in the wake of brutal round-ups and deportations of Jews.

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  • Or Scissel by J. H. Prynne
    Or Scissel (English, Pamphlet) J. H. Prynne

    This most recent experiment with words on the page continues the duet-passage between J.H. Prynne and the possibilities of lyrical transformation, subsequent eventually to Poems (Bloodaxe, 2015).

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  • Poetic Artifice by Veronica Forrest-Thomson
    Poetic Artifice (Paperback) Veronica Forrest-Thomson

    First published in 1978, this volume turned sharply against critics of the previous generation, notably William Empson, and against emergent strains of historicism.

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  • For the Future by Ian Brinton
    For the Future (Paperback) Ian Brinton

    In June 2016, J.H. Prynne celebrates his 80th birthday. A major figure in contemporary British poetry, he and his work are here celebrated by friends and admirers, with new poems and essays on his writings. Both a festschrift and a study of a highly original body of work, the collection offers something for all readers of Prynne's poetry. "J.H. Prynne is without doubt the most formidable and...

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  • Sarments: New and Selected Poems by John James
    Sarments: New and Selected Poems (Paperback) John James

    "This collection is an essential delight; a `book resonant of a life / neither following nor in pursuit', gathering old and new work all equally fresh. Like Mayakovsky, John James has produced a body of work perfectly able to marry lyricism and coarseness, rage and tenderness - and, like the Futurist, to weld the aesthetic to the social."

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  • The Ground Aslant by Harriet Tarlo
    The Ground Aslant (English, Paperback) Harriet Tarlo

    Recent years have seen the arrival of new approaches to writing about landscape. Partly to do with new eco-sensibilities, this is however also due to a realisation that "landscape writing" need not be confined to literary tourism, and to the injection of radical poetic styles. This is the first volume to engage with this new wave of writing.

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  • Cantes Flamencos (Flamenco Songs) by Michael Smith
    Cantes Flamencos (Flamenco Songs) (Multiple languages, Paperback) Michael Smith

    More than 250 quatrains of love and loss, the texts to those inimitable flamenco performances - these are the songs that are wailed by those keening male voices, as the red-and-black-clad women dancers stamp, pirouette and fire castanet rhythms at machine-gun pace.

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  • Essays on the Poetry of Trevor Joyce by Niamh O'Mahony
    Essays on the Poetry of Trevor Joyce (English, Paperback) Niamh O'Mahony

    This is the first volume of critical essays devoted to the work of Trevor Joyce, one of the Ireland's most innovative poets of the past 50 years. Contributions from: Lucy Collins, Eric Falci, Fergal Gaynor, John Goodby, Fanny Howe, David Lloyd, Peter Manson, Niamh O'Mahony, Marthine Satris, Geoffrey Squires, Keith Tuma and Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas.

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  • Sounds by Vasily Kandinsky
    Sounds (English, Paperback) Vasily Kandinsky

    Klange (Sounds) was Kandinsky's only poetry publication-a collection of prose poems, accompanied by 56 of his own inimitable woodcuts, 12 of them in colour. It appeared in late 1912, or early 1913 (the exact date is uncertain) from the Munich publishing house, Piper, and thus came at a crucial time in Kandinsky's artistic life.

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  • Bird-Woman by Em Strang
    Bird-Woman (English, Paperback) Em Strang

    Em Strang's poems are shamanic, in that they restore to us abandoned mythologies. Nothing is stable in this very real world, where houses can become birds, where the animal lies shallowly below the surface of the human, where poems are haunted with what is unsaid.

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  • Not the Full Story - Six Interviews with Lee Harwood by Lee Harwood
    Not the Full Story - Six Interviews with Lee Harwood (English, Paperback) Lee Harwood

    A companion to Lee Harwood's Selected Poems, this work offers a collection of interviews with the author by his long-time friend and admirer - himself also a Shearsman author. It gives the reader an opportunity to hear Harwood talking about poetry and about his own work.

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  • New York Hotel by Ian Seed
    New York Hotel (English, Paperback) Ian Seed

    The delight of Ian Seed's brilliantly droll poems is that they are not entirely droll. They look and sound normal, like brief prose anecdotes told in a bar but the apparent normality is edged with disorientation, menace and anxiety. We slip over the edge in an instant and look to recover our balance but can't quite.

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  • A Long Weekend on the Sofa by Kenny Knight
    A Long Weekend on the Sofa (Paperback) Kenny Knight

    Kenny Knight's second collection offers more explorations of his Plymouth childhood and the absurdities, as well as the joys, of his adult years. He is still amazed by the fact that Lobsang Rampa was a plumber from Plympton, by the roster of bands he saw at the fabled Van Dike Club, and by the vibrancy of the more recent local literary scene.

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  • Desire Lines by Barry MacSweeney
    Desire Lines (Paperback) Barry MacSweeney

    Desire Lines presents work drawn from across the author's writing life, and brings close to 400 pages of his work back into print. Drawing on archives and extensive bibliographic resources, this volume collects the majority of MacSweeney's poetry not included in Wolf Tongue (2003), together with an introduction and notes by the editor.

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  • Introgression Latewood by Peter Larkin
    Introgression Latewood (Paperback) Peter Larkin

    "Larkin indicates how one can only pay tribute to the rarity and uniqueness of the scarce by not appropriating it in a fraudulent poetic equivalence of pseudo-poverty, but rather by asymptotically approaching it, with genuine humility, from ever new angles." -John Milbank

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  • Selected Poems by Cesar Vallejo
    Selected Poems (Multiple languages, Paperback) Cesar Vallejo

    A bilingual introductory volume, designed to demonstrate the range of Vallejo's poetry. It contains selections from Shearsman's editions of "Trilce" and the "Complete Later Poems" as well as some poems from the early "Black Heralds" volume.

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  • Leaves of Field by Peter Larkin
    Leaves of Field (English, Paperback) Peter Larkin

    Contains three long sequences: the title poem, "Open Woods" and "Moving Woods", which represent the author's forays in the eco-poetic field. Blending scientific discourse with more expected poetic approaches, these poems examines nature at an almost microscopic level, as seen from within.

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  • Otters and Martens by Colin Simms
    Otters and Martens (English, Paperback) Colin Simms

    "Otters and Martens" is the largest collection of poetry to date by this renowned naturalist-author, one which fuses his scientific concerns, his observational skills, and his poetic sensibility.

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