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Shelley Shepard Gray

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  • A Sister's Wish by Shelley Shepard Gray
    A Sister's Wish (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Respectable Amelia Kinsinger falls for a bad-boy Amish man from the wrong side of the tracks named Simon Hochstetler, while Simon struggles to make good in the community after a stint in prison.

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  • His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray
    His Risk (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    New York Times bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray brings us another compelling suspense in her Amish of Hart County series, this time featuring an undercover English DEA agent who will do anything to protect the Amish girl he loves....

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  • His Promise by Shelley Shepard Gray
    His Promise (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray's latest Christmas novel in her Amish of Hart County series....

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  • Her Fear by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Her Fear (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    EMT Noah Freeman falls for Sadie Detweiler, a young woman sent to live with relatives she barely knows, when his boss sends him to search for clues in an Amish community where people are dying similar, suspicious deaths.

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  • Hopeful by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Hopeful (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Longing for a family of her own, Miriam Zehr is thrilled when the man she has pined for all her life seeks her out until she realizes that he wants her help in getting her neighbor Mary Kathryn Hershberger to notice him.

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  • His Guilt by Shelley Shepard Gray
    His Guilt (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Two years after leaving his Amish community under suspicion of having committed an assault, Mark Fisher returns to Hart County to help a friend, and finds a reason to stay in Waneta Cain, before new assaults in the community put him under suspicion again.

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  • Found by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Found (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Deborah Borntrager takes a job at Schrock's Variety store to escape the isolation of her home and must come to terms with her unhealthy crush on Jacob Schrock, especially when he is arrested for the murder of her brother Perry.

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  • Ray of Light by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Ray of Light (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Roman Keim falls for a young widow while visiting the Amish snowbird community in Pinecraft, Florida, and has trouble getting Amanda Yoder and her daughter Regina off his mind when he returns home to Ohio. Original.

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  • The Promise of Palm Grove by Shelley Shepard Gray
    The Promise of Palm Grove (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    A young Amish woman finds herself torn between the man she's pledged to wed and the man her heart desires.

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  • Grace by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Grace (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Shelley Shepard Gray returns to the beloved characters from her Sisters of the Heart series in a heartwarming novel about the meaning of Christmas.

    $11.55 $12.99
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  • The Proposal at Siesta Key by Shelley Shepard Gray
    The Proposal at Siesta Key (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    In a rare instance of disobedience to her parents, Penny Troyer goes out to hear a popular travelling Mennonite evangelical speaker, a man named Michael with an inspirational story, whom she befriends and comes to know.

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  • Joyful by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Joyful (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Randall Beiler is angry when his brother hires Elizabeth Nolt, the woman whose heart Randall broke, as a housekeeper on their family farm, but when he learns of her hard financial situation he knows it is the right thing to do, and may even give him a second chance.

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  • Daybreak by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Daybreak (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    While working at a Mennonite retirement home, Viola Keim falls for Edward, a missionary in Nicaragua and the son of a resident, but when family problems arise, Viola must choose between following her heart and mending her family.

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  • Snowfall by Shelley Shepard Gray
    Snowfall (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Laid off from her job at a retirement home due to budget cuts, 20-year-old Ruth Stutzman is relieved to find work?even if it means temporarily watching widower Martin Rodes' brood of six?and each passing day brings the Rodes closer to Ruth and closer to Christmas, when she will have to say goodbye. By a best-selling author. Original. 75,000 first printing.

    $11.96 $12.99
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  • The Gift by Shelley Shepard Gray
    The Gift (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    When a series of suspicious accidents reveals that someone is trying to scare away her family, Susanna, a newcomer to Hart County, wonders about the guilt or innocence of a man who is grieving the loss of his farm to Susanna's family.

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  • A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft by Shelley Shepard Gray
    A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    When someone breaks into Beverly Overholts beloved Orange Blossom Inn, she calls in the inn's owner, Eric Wagler, who instantly feels something for the Mennonite woman who was raised Amish, and shares something special with her as they work on the inn and prepare for Christmas.

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  • A Son's Vow by Shelley Shepard Gray
    A Son's Vow (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    In the village of Charm, Ohio, Darla Kurtz's father's responsibility for a fire in which he and five other Amish men lost their lives leaves Darla's family to face community's disapproval, while Lukas must deal with the loss of his father and the new awkwardness between him and Darla.

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  • A Wedding At The Orange Blossom Inn by Shelley Shepard Gray
    A Wedding At The Orange Blossom Inn (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    Emma Keim, young widow and mother of three young girls, strikes up a friendship with widower Jay Hilty, single father of three boys, but even after years of mourning, her family still opposes her new friendship.

    $11.38 $12.99
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  • A Daughter's Dream by Shelley Shepard Gray
    A Daughter's Dream (English, Paperback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    New teacher Rebecca Kinsinger is ambivalent about her job, until orphan Lilly Yoder joins her class and makes her feel that what she does is important, but she is not sure what to do when she feels an attraction to Lilly's uncle and guardian, Jacob Yoder.

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  • His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray
    His Risk (English, Hardback) Shelley Shepard Gray

    When DEA agent Calvin Fisher returns to the Amish community he left at the age of fourteen, he falls for the local nursery school teacher, Alice, but soon a spike in criminal activity leaves Calvin wondering if he has brought danger to the community.

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