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  • Markets of Provence
    Markets of Provence (English, Paperback) Marjorie Williams

    Provence is justly famous for its dazzling light, vibrant colours, rich history, and flavourful foods and wines. In Markets of Provence, Marjorie Williams whisks you away to 30 of the best. This pocketable guide, complete with detailed maps and organised by days of the week, gives you all the information you need for your visit.

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  • Southwest Modern
    Southwest Modern (English, Paperback) Kristi Schroeder

    Part armchair travel, part project book, Southwest Modern highlights the wide open spaces and beautiful vistas of West Texas and celebrates the rich culture of New Mexico.

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  • Save with Jamie
    Save with Jamie (English, Hardback) Jamie Oliver

    Showing you how to buy economically and efficiently, get the most out of your ingredients, this book helps you to make better choices. It saves your time and prevent food waste.

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  • Insider London
    Insider London (English, Hardback) Rachel Felder

    Sophisticated shopping and travel expert Rachel Felder, the author of Insider Brooklyn, takes you deep into the heart of the world's most visited city?London?with her painstakingly curated selection of 200 not-to-be-missed destinations?major retailers, specialty boutiques, hotels, cultural venues, restaurants, cafes, and bars?hundreds of colorful photographs, a specially commissioned illustrated...

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  • Shop London
    Shop London (English, Paperback) Emma McCarthy, Kim Lightbody

    Shop London helps you narrow in on the most talked-about, tucked-away, unique, and exciting retail experiences, opening doors to 200 of the best independent boutiques, fashion stores, specialist shops, markets, vintage meccas and more.

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  • Tokyo Precincts
    Tokyo Precincts (English, Hardback) Steve Wide, Michelle Mackintosh

    Tokyo can be an overwhelming city for tourists to navigate, and this guide offers helpful, must-know advice and information. With an artistic slant, Tokyo Precincts provides an insight into the stylish and creative side of the city, and will appeal to those who want to delve into the heart of its culture.

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  • London Precincts
    London Precincts (English, Hardback) Fiona McCarthy

    London is one of the world's greatest cities. It's iconic and dynamic; a vibrant city where the past and present meet in an explosion of art and culture. It's also a city that is constantly on the move. Londoners have never been afraid to venture to new worlds and discover new and wonderful things. This hasn't changed through the centuries. London continues to create and innovate with cutting edge...

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  • Insider Brooklyn
    Insider Brooklyn (English, Hardback) Rachel Felder

    Written by a native New Yorker, this unique compendium of Brooklyn's most stylish places to eat, shop and explore is a must for travelers, home shoppers, and New Yorkers alike.

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  • Fortified Wine: A Comprehensive Guide to American Port-Style and Fortified Wine
    Fortified Wine: A Comprehensive Guide to American Port-Style and Fortified Wine (English, Hardback) Kenneth Young

    The fascinating history of the rise and fall and modern comeback of fortified and port-style wines found in the United States

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  • Where Stylists* Shop: *and Designers, Bloggers, Models, Artists, Fashion Insiders, And Tastemakers
    Where Stylists* Shop: *and Designers, Bloggers, Models, Artists, Fashion Insiders, And Tastemakers (English, Hardback) Booth Moore

    The Secret Source List of Designers, Stylists, Editors, Bloggers, Models, Costume Designers, Street-Style Stars, and Tastemakers...

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  • The Hunt Los Angeles
    The Hunt Los Angeles (English, Paperback) Gatehouse Publishing

    The HUNT Guide to Los Angeles holds a selection of 100 unique local businesses, that ranges from brand spankin new to deeply patinated and way off the beaten track, so you can experience the authentic side of LA.

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  • The Hunt Dublin
    The Hunt Dublin (English, Paperback) Fiona Hilliard

    An authentic travel guide featuring local, independent businesses. Get to know Dublin city the way the locals do.

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  • D Design Travel Yamanashi
    D Design Travel Yamanashi (English, Paperback) D and Department Project

    d design travel is a series of travel guides that introduces Japanese prefectures from the perspective of long-lasting design. The editorial team spends two months living and traveling in the prefecture covered to find places that are unique to it. The guides are written honestly and only feature places and things the editorial team found moving....

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  • The Hunt Amsterdam
    The Hunt Amsterdam (English, Paperback) Gatehouse Publishing, Alexandra Ronca

    A handy travel guide to local independent businesses in Amsterdam

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  • London Stitch and Knit
    London Stitch and Knit (English, Paperback) Leigh Metcalf

    With a design aesthetic to inspire any craft lover, London Stitch and Knit: A Craft Lover's Guide to London's Fabric, Knitting and Haberdashery Shops seamlessly documents the city's best to provide a comprehensive guide that encompasses the handmade and the vintage....

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  • Vintage Jewellery Sourcebook
    Vintage Jewellery Sourcebook (English, Paperback) Caroline Cox

    Decade by decade, this sourcebook traces 100 years of design history, from Lalique's Art Nouveau enamelling at the turn of the twentieth century to Christian Dior's mid-century costume pieces to 1980s high-luxe power jewellery. It concludes with a shopping guide, which offers pointers on sourcing and caring for original antique pieces.

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  • Markets Of Paris Second Edition
    Markets Of Paris Second Edition (English, Paperback) Dixon Long

    The food scene in Paris has changed dramatically since 2006, when Markets of Pariswas first published. Yes, the same markets are held in the same locales as always?literally, for centuries?but many have undergone a remarkable transformation led by a young generation of purveyors focused, even more than their predecessors, on local and organic (?bio?) produce. Markets of Paris, 2nd Edition revisits...

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  • Wear No Evil
    Wear No Evil (English, Paperback) Greta Eagan

    For environmentally conscious, stylish consumers, clothes are the next eco frontier. Wear No Evil exposes the real cost of cheap fashion, then offers an indispensable guide to creating a sustainable wardrobe and uniting style with substance.

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  • 300 Reasons to Love Paris
    300 Reasons to Love Paris (English, Paperback) Judith Ritchie

    Paris lovers, see the city in a new light!...

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