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  • The
    The Cognoscenti's Guide to Florence (English, Paperback) Louise Fili, Llse Apatoff

    Louise Fili's exquisitely curated insider's look at the best Florentine shops and restaurants--the places where Florentines go to buy their food, furnishings, art, and fashion.

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  • Insider
    Insider London (English, Hardback) Rachel Felder

    Sophisticated shopping and travel expert Rachel Felder, the author of Insider Brooklyn, takes you deep into the heart of the world’s most visited city—London—with her painstakingly curated selection of 200 not-to-be-missed destinations—major retailers, specialty boutiques, hotels, cultural venues, restaurants, cafes, and bars—hundreds of colorful photographs, a specially commissioned...

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  • This
    This Old Thing (English, Hardback) Dawn O'Porter

    We're a nation obsessed with cheap, disposable clothing - but the author and her team of vintage style experts are here to show you why hunting for one-of-a-kind fashion gems is more exciting, better value for money, and a lot more fun. Are you fed up of the same old high street shops? Are you bored of your wardrobe? This title tells her story.

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  • Markets
    Markets of Provence (English, Paperback) Marjorie Williams

    Provence is justly famous for its dazzling light, vibrant colours, rich history, and flavourful foods and wines. In Markets of Provence, Marjorie Williams whisks you away to 30 of the best. This pocketable guide, complete with detailed maps and organised by days of the week, gives you all the information you need for your visit.

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  • Vintage
    Vintage Jewellery Sourcebook (English, Paperback) Caroline Cox

    Decade by decade, this sourcebook traces 100 years of design history, from Lalique's Art Nouveau enamelling at the turn of the twentieth century to Christian Dior's mid-century costume pieces to 1980s high-luxe power jewellery. It concludes with a shopping guide, which offers pointers on sourcing and caring for original antique pieces.

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  • London
    London Stitch and Knit (English, Paperback) Leigh Metcalf

    London Stitch and Knit: A Craft Lover's Guide to London's Fabric, Knitting and Haberdashery Shops presents a brilliantly designed guide to London's best fabric, knitting and haberdashery shops.

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  • Tokyo
    Tokyo Precincts (English, Hardback) Steve Wide, M. Mackintosh

    Tokyo can be an overwhelming city for tourists to navigate, and this guide offers helpful, must-know advice and information. With an artistic slant, Tokyo Precincts provides an insight into the stylish and creative side of the city, and will appeal to those who want to delve into the heart of its culture.

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  • The
    The Flea Markets of France (English, Paperback) Sandy Price, Emily Laxer

    A visit to a flea market can be the highlight of a trip to France: a lively encounter with everyday French culture, an exciting way to spend a few hours, and a chance to pick up a unique souvenir or add to a collection.The Flea Markets of France is the indispensable tool for getting the most out of your visit, whether you’re a first-time visitor or an experienced shopper. Conversational and...

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  • The
    The Unofficial Guide to Mall of America (English, Paperback) Beth Blair

    The Unofficial Guide to Mall of America is the first of its kind. Never before has a guidebook been written about the Mall of America.The Unofficial Guide to Mall of America enhances visitors’ experience by assisting them through the entire process from finding the right hotel and making the decision whether or not to rent a car or use the hotel shuttle. The various attractions are laid out and...

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  • Paris:
    Paris: Small Shops (English, Other cartographic) Crispin Finn

    Over time, Paris has managed to hold onto many small, specialist shops. This guide surveys those stores and takes you to the best ones.

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  • New
    New Zealand Wines 2017: Michael Cooper's Buyer's Guide (English, Paperback) Michael Cooper

    Designed to help the buyer to make informed choices about the best quality wines available, this title is firmly established as the most authoritative and sought-after guide to New Zealand wines. Updated yearly with new tasting notes and ratings, this is a 'must-have' publication for the new initiate and the established wine-buff alike.

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  • To
    To Serve God and Wal-Mart (English, Paperback) Bethany Moreton

    The history of Wal-Mart uncovers a complex network that united Sun Belt entrepreneurs, evangelical employees, Christian business students, overseas missionaries, and free-market activists. Through the stories of people linked by the world's largest corporation, the author shows how a Christian service ethos powered capitalism at home and abroad.

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  • London
    London Precincts (English, Hardback) Fiona McCarthy

    London is one of the world's greatest cities. It's iconic and dynamic; a vibrant city where the past and present meet in an explosion of art and culture. It's also a city that is constantly on the move. Londoners have never been afraid to venture to new worlds and discover new and wonderful things. This hasn't changed through the centuries. London continues to create and innovate with cutting edge...

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  • The
    The Hunt Singapore (English, Paperback) Gatehouse Publishing

    Whether you're heading to Singapore for business or pleasure, you'll want insider knowledge on where to eat, drink, shop and play in The Lion City. The Hunt Singapore is the perfect companion

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  • The
    The Hunt New York City (English, Paperback) Gatehouse Publishing

    The new edition of The HUNT New York City is fully updated and here to tell you about the independently owned drinking, dining, shopping and lifestyle venues that you shouldn't miss, from time-tested stalwarts, the new up-and-comers and everything in between.

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  • Gypsy"/
    Gypsy (English, Hardback) Sibella Court

    Revered designer Sibella Court is known for her eclectic, creative vision and vibrant Bohemian style and interiors. InGypsy Sibella takes you on a whirlwind tour through the Galapagos and Ecuador, Indochine, Turkey, Scotland, and Transylvania. From place to place, she reveals diverse elements that inspire her, from churches, favorite suppliers, and table settings, to colors, animals, and...

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  • Hong
    Hong Kong Precincts (English, Hardback) Penny Watson

    Hong Kong can be an overwhelming city for tourists to navigate, and this guide offers helpful, must-know advice and information. With an artistic slant, Hong Kong Precincts provides an insight into the stylish and creative side of the city, and will appeal to those who want to delve into the heart of its culture.

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  • Save
    Save with Jamie (English, Hardback) Jamie Oliver

    Showing you how to buy economically and efficiently, get the most out of your ingredients, this book helps you to make better choices. It saves your time and prevent food waste.

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  • Magnifeco"/
    Magnifeco (English, Paperback) Kate Black

    Non-toxic beauty products and eco-fashion to help you be magnifeco!

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