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  • Sicily
    Sicily (Paperback) Joseph Farrell

    Long before it became an Italian offshore island, Sicily was the land in the centre of the Mediterranean where the great civilisations of Europe and Northern Africa met. This title uncovers the complex history of Sicily, showing that it is about much more than 'The Godfather' and the mafia.

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  • River Effra
    River Effra (Paperback) Jon Newman

    River Effra: South London's Secret Spine is the first comprehensive account, beginning with its underlying geology and pre-history and continuing through to the river's ongoing significance today.

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  • Marseille
    Marseille (Paperback) David Crackanthorpe

    The reality of Marseille, with its secret life and scarred beauty, has little in common with its sulphurous reputation. Its inhabitants, who like to keep themselves and their city's true character to themselves, prefer it that way. A taste for independence has been part of the city's nature and history from the beginnings 2,600 years ago; since then it has only been part of France for the past...

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  • The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World
    The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World (Hardback) Vernon R. L. Head

    It is a meditation on nature, on ways of seeing, on the naming of things and why we feel so compelled to label. It is a story of friendships and camaraderie. But most of all it embraces and enfolds one into the curious and eye-opening world of the birdwatcher. For birdwatchers, twitchers, bird lovers, and about-to-become birdwatchers everywhere.

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  • Alaskan Lonely Hearts Club
    Alaskan Lonely Hearts Club (Paperback) Paul Gogarty

    Vignettes of travel writing from around the globe in 26 A - Z stories, peopled with eccentric characters

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  • The Scottish Highlands
    The Scottish Highlands (Paperback) Andrew Beattie

    A cultural history of the Scottish Highlands

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  • The Danube
    The Danube (Paperback) Andrew Beattie

    The Danube is the longest river in western and central Europe. Rising amidst the beautiful wooded hills of Germanys Black Forest, it touches or winds its way through ten countries and four capital cities before emptying into the Black Sea through a vast delta whose silt-filled channels spread across eastern Romania.

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  • Hamburg
    Hamburg (Paperback) Matthew Jefferies

    It is a popular misconception that Hamburg is a coastal city. In fact, despite possessing Europe s second-busiest port, this 'amphibious city' lies some 65 miles from the North Sea. Its long-standing image as a 'city without culture' is also something of a myth. When the poet Heine remarked that in Hamburg 'the customs are English', he was referring to its no-nonsense mercantile ethos which dates...

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  • The Basque Country
    The Basque Country (Paperback) Paddy Woodworth

    Presents a cultural history of the Basque Country, exploring the region's violent political past, its distinctive folk culture and its achievements in the fields of literature, architecture and the arts.

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  • Madrid
    Madrid (Paperback) Elizabeth Nash

    This guide offers a cultural history of the city, and covers the building and development of Madrid as one of Europe's capitals. The author explores Madrid by touring the squares, parks, monuments, and the streets of old and new to discover the mystique of Madrid.

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  • Travels in Blood and Honey
    Travels in Blood and Honey (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Gowing

    Kosovo: the name conjures up blood: ethnic cleansing and war. This book reveals another side to the newest country in the world a land of generous families, strong tastes and lush landscapes: a land of honey. Elizabeth Gowing is rushed to Kosovo, on a blind date with the place , when her partner is suddenly offered the position of adviser to Prime Minister Agim Ceku. Knowing nothing of the...

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  • The Peak District
    The Peak District (English, Paperback) Dr. John Bull

    The Peak District was Britain's first National Park and the 'breathing space' for people in the great cities of the industrial north. Prehistoric man built stone circles at Stanton-in-the-Moor and Arbor Low and the Romans had garrisons here, but for many centuries the region was regarded as a 'howling wilderness', exploited by its aristocratic landlords for hunting, sheep-raising, lead-mining and...

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  • Smoking Kills
    Smoking Kills (Paperback) Conrad Keating

    The authorised biography of the doctor who made the link between smoking & lung cancer and battled Big Tobacco

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  • Miss Lou
    Miss Lou (Paperback) Mervyn Morris

    Biography of Miss Lou, a key figure in Jamaican culture

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  • Zagreb
    Zagreb (Paperback) Celia Hawkesworth, Sonia Wild- Bicanic

    Presents a cultural and literary history of Croatia's capital, exploring its turbulent political past, rich literary traditions and vibrant cafe culture. From the mid-nineteenth century onwards Zagreb developed steadily into a modern city. This book explores this central core and the atmospheric old town on a rise above it.

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  • The Portuguese
    The Portuguese (Paperback) Barry Hatton

    Portugal is an established member of the European Union, one of the founders of the euro currency and a founder member of NATO. Yet it is an inconspicuous and largely overlooked country on the continent s south-west rim. Barry Hatton shines a light on this enigmatic corner of Europe by blending historical analysis with entertaining personal anecdotes. He describes the idiosyncracies that make the...

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  • That Strange Necessity
    That Strange Necessity (Paperback) John Elinger, Peter Honey

    In words and images That Strange Necessity offers visions of Portmeirion, a place created in the twentieth century by a visionary architect, but which now seems timeless in its beauty, endlessly fascinating, and inspiring to all who visit it.

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  • Malta
    Malta (English, Paperback) Deborah Manley

    Few countries are as marked by their history as the Maltese islands of Malta and Gozo. Each period of Maltas turbulent historynot least its heroic role during the Second World Warhas added to its rich cultural fabric.

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  • Bath
    Bath (Paperback) John Payne

    Cultural guide to Bath.

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  • Oxford
    Oxford (Paperback) Martin Garrett

    A concise guide to Oxford and its environs that looks beyond the usual remit of travel guides by considering issues such as crime and social change. The author offers insight into the culture, society and history of this much-visited city

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