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  • Oxford Boy by Will Wyatt
    Oxford Boy (Paperback) Will Wyatt

    Memoir of one boy's experience of growing up in Oxford in the 1940s and 1950s

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  • Marseille by David Crackanthorpe
    Marseille (Paperback) David Crackanthorpe

    The reality of Marseille, with its secret life and scarred beauty, has little in common with its sulphurous reputation. Its inhabitants, who like to keep themselves and their city's true character to themselves, prefer it that way. A taste for independence has been part of the city's nature and history from the beginnings 2,600 years ago; since then it has only been part of France for the past...

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  • Sicily by Joseph Farrell
    Sicily (Paperback) Joseph Farrell

    Long before it became an Italian offshore island, Sicily was the land in the centre of the Mediterranean where the great civilisations of Europe and Northern Africa met. This title uncovers the complex history of Sicily, showing that it is about much more than 'The Godfather' and the mafia.

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  • River Effra by Jon Newman
    River Effra (Paperback) Jon Newman

    River Effra: South London's Secret Spine is the first comprehensive account, beginning with its underlying geology and pre-history and continuing through to the river's ongoing significance today.

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  • Duleep Singh's Statue by Fraser Harrison
    Duleep Singh's Statue (Paperback) Fraser Harrison

    The significance of the last Maharajah and his statue relates both to the past, when the Sikhs had their own sovereign kingdom, and the present as modern Sikhs find their identity in contemporary Britain.

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  • Fraud by Peter Davey
    Fraud (Paperback) Peter Davey

    A thriller novel

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  • Andalucia by John Gill
    Andalucia (Paperback) John Gill

    A garden at the foot of Europe and a crossroads between Spain, Africa and the New World, Andaluca has been a cultural customs house on the border of the Mediterranean and Atlantic civilisations for more than ten thousand years. This book covers the whole historyy of the region.

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  • That Sweet City by John Elinger
    That Sweet City (English, Paperback) John Elinger

    In 1865 the Victorian poet Matthew Arnold rejoiced in the charm of Oxford, 'that sweet City with her dreaming spires'. A century and a half later, That Sweet City offers a visual and poetic tribute to what is still one of the fairest and most enthralling places in the world. Designed in the form of seven walks across and around Oxford, and radiating out into the surrounding countryside, this book...

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  • Miss Lou by Mervyn Morris
    Miss Lou (Paperback) Mervyn Morris

    Biography of Miss Lou, a key figure in Jamaican culture

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  • Questions of Taste by Barry C. Smith
    Questions of Taste (English, Paperback) Barry C. Smith

    Leading wine professionals and philosophers ponder the question of 'taste' in wine.

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  • Out of Essex by James Canton
    Out of Essex (Paperback) James Canton

    Beyond the brash modern stereotypes of Essex there exists a landscape that has inspired some of England's finest writing. This book tracks the paths of those literary figures who have ventured into the wilder parts of Essex. Some are illustrious names: Shakespeare, Defoe, John Clare, Joseph Conrad, H. G. Wells, Arthur Ransome. Others may be lesser known but here are well remembered: Samuel...

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  • Kyoto by John Dougill
    Kyoto (Paperback) John Dougill

    A cultural and literary history of Japan's former capital, exploring its religious sites, rich traditions of art and literature and its distinctive geisha heritage.

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  • Danube a Cultural History by Andrew Beattie
    Danube a Cultural History (Paperback) Andrew Beattie

    The Danube is the longest river in western and central Europe. Rising amidst the beautiful wooded hills of Germanys Black Forest, it touches or winds its way through ten countries and four capital cities before emptying into the Black Sea through a vast delta whose silt-filled channels spread across eastern Romania.

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  • Never Again by Jeremy Cameron
    Never Again (Paperback) Jeremy Cameron

    Emulating Patrick Leigh Fermor's feat of 1933, Jeremy Cameron walked from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul

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  • Black Oxford by Pamela Roberts
    Black Oxford (Paperback) Pamela Roberts

    A history of black scholars at Oxford University

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  • London Observed by Krystin Lach-Szyrma
    London Observed (Paperback) Krystin Lach-Szyrma

    The philosopher and writer Krystin Lach-Szyrma came to Britain in 1820 as tutor to two Polish princes, as their Grand Tour took them to Enlightenment Scotland, where they spent two years studying at Edinburgh University.

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  • Ionian Islands and Epirus by Jim Potts
    Ionian Islands and Epirus (Paperback) Jim Potts

    Scattered off the west coast of mainland Greece are the seven Ionian Islands, celebrated for their spectacular landscapes, olive groves and classical associations. This book reveals the extraordinary cultural legacy of this part of the world.

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  • Provence by Martin Garrett
    Provence (Paperback) Martin Garrett

    Presents a social and literary history of Provence, exploring the landmarks, personalities and writings that have shaped the region's unique cultural landscape. This book analyzes the identity of a region famous for its pastis and petanque. It also evokes the light and sun-baked stones that have attracted generations of painters and writers.

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  • Peak District by Dr. John Bull
    Peak District (English, Paperback) Dr. John Bull

    The Peak District was Britain's first National Park and the 'breathing space' for people in the great cities of the industrial north. Prehistoric man built stone circles at Stanton-in-the-Moor and Arbor Low and the Romans had garrisons here, but for many centuries the region was regarded as a 'howling wilderness', exploited by its aristocratic landlords for hunting, sheep-raising, lead-mining and...

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  • More Than Cowboys by Tim Slessor
    More Than Cowboys (English, Paperback) Tim Slessor

    Full of surprises and insights, More Than Cowboys casts new and entertaining light on the history and personalities of the American West. For example, was Butch Cassidy really killed in a Bolivian shoot-out? It seems that he returned, under a false name, to live out his days in the West. In 1935 he even submitted an autobiographical script to Hollywood, only to have it rejected as being "too...

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