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Silvina Ocampo

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  • Thus Were Their Faces by Silvina Ocampo
    Thus Were Their Faces (English, Paperback) Silvina Ocampo

    An NYRB Classics Original...

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  • Antologia by Silvina Ocampo
    Antologia (Spanish, Paperback) Silvina Ocampo

    Silvina Ocampo (1903-93), author of seven volumes of poetry and more than three hundred short stories, was a member of Argentina's Sur generation, the extraordinary group of writers who initiated Latin America's literary boom. Like her most distinguished contemporary, Jorge Luis Borges, Silvina Ocampo is known for her interest in the supernatural. In contrast to Borges, however, her characters are...

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  • The Topless Tower by Silvina Ocampo
    The Topless Tower (English, Paperback) Silvina Ocampo

    When a mysterious stranger arrives laden with paintings, Leandro finds his quiet life instantly and mysteriously disrupted. Awakening locked in a windowless room in a topless tower, he finds himself trapped?the subject in one of the stranger's eerie paintings. Heavily influenced by nonsense literature such as Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and the surrealist movement in South America, The...

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  • Silvina Ocampo by Jason Weiss
    Silvina Ocampo (English, Paperback) Jason Weiss, Silvina Ocampo

    Silvina Ocampo possessed her own special enchantment as a poet, and only now is her extraordinary poetic achievement becoming more widely recognized beyond Latin America....

    $12.73 $14.00
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  • The Promise by Silvina Ocampo
    The Promise (English, Paperback) Silvina Ocampo

    Twenty-five years in the making, Ocampo's final work is a ghostly story of the worlds we create through memory.

    $15.15 $15.95
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  • Forgotten Journey by Silvina Ocampo
    Forgotten Journey (English, Paperback) Silvina Ocampo

    Silvina Ocampo's first book, a collection of stories that introduced a brilliant, subversive and feminist new voice from Argentina.

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