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Simon Conway Morris

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  • The Crucible of Creation by Simon Conway Morris
    The Crucible of Creation (English, Paperback)

    Located in the west of Canada, the Burgess Shale contains a unique collection of fossil remains, and has become an icon for those studying the history of life. This book takes us on a journey back in time through the Burgess Shale and its collection of pre-Cambrian creatures.

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  • Life's Solution by Simon Conway Morris
    Life's Solution (English, Paperback)

    The eminent evolutionary palaeobiologist Simon Conway Morris challenges the accepted view that if the tape of life were wound back, the replay would be very different. He also asks: are we alone?

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  • The Runes of Evolution by Simon Conway Morris
    The Runes of Evolution (English, Hardback)

    How did human beings acquire imaginations that can conjure up untrue possibilities? How did the Universe become self-aware? InThe Runes of Evolution, Simon Conway Morris revitalizes the study of evolution from the perspective of convergence, providing us with compelling new evidence to support the mounting scientific view that the history of life is far more predictable than once thought....

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  • The Deep Structure of Biology by Simon Conway Morris
    The Deep Structure of Biology (English, Paperback)

    Twelve renowned scientists and theologians offer penetrating insights into the evolution dialogue in The Deep Structure of Biology. Each considers whether the orthodox model of evolution is sufficient and offers his/her own perspective on evolution and biology. Essays include:...

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