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Simon Moss

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  • Martin the Magnificent by Simon Moss
    Martin the Magnificent (English, Paperback)

    For any football fan, this is the definitive biography of the man known during his Celtic days as 'Martin the Magnificent'.

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  • The Moonlight Effect by Simon Moss
    The Moonlight Effect (English, Paperback)

    The Moonlight Effect: Debunking Business Myths to Improve Wellbeing explains the proliferation of many of society's problems, e.g. excessive executive pay, unfair performance appraisals, destructive advertising practices, and the pursuit of the perfect appearance.

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  • Success at College by Simon Moss
    Success at College (English, Paperback)

    Success at College: What They Haven't Told You allows students to developed the requisite skills to succeed at college.

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  • Wrestling with Resilience by Christopher Shen
    Wrestling with Resilience (English, Paperback)

    How can we be resilient and flexible when facing difficult challenges and adversity in our work? How can we develop the ability to perform under stress and pressure?Mental toughness and resilience is essential in developing the ability to effectively perform in a sustainable and flexible manner in challenging circumstances. This highly interactive

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  • Homemaker by Simon Moss
    Homemaker (Paperback) Currently Unavailable More details
  • Where Should I Work? by Simon Moss
    Where Should I Work? (English, Paperback)

    Where Should I Work?Using Psychology to Get Your Dream Job challenges many of the misconceptions individuals form about the qualities and characteristics of organizations (e.g. that they will flourish in organizations that offer enormous bonuses, or that they will thrive in dynamic organizations), and enables individuals to predict the prevailing q

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