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Simon Wren Lewis

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  • The Lies We Were Told by Simon Wren-Lewis
    The Lies We Were Told (English, Paperback) Simon Wren-Lewis

    Why did governments adopt austerity policies, and why were they so harmful? Why did the media largely ignore the experts who opposed these policies, and allow politicians to get away with lies? And why did voters choose Brexit when the economic consensus was that it would harm living standards?...

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  • The lies we were told by Simon Wren-Lewis
    The lies we were told (Paperback) Simon Wren-Lewis

    Simon Wren-Lewis' widely-read Mainly Macro blog is an influential resource for policymakers, academics and social commentators. This book tells how damaging political and economic events of recent years became inevitable and serves as a warning to avert future disasters on this scale.

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