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  • Everyday Sexism
    Everyday Sexism (Paperback) Laura Bates

    A manifesto for change; a ground breaking examination of sexism in modern day society.

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    4 stars

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  • Everyday Sexism
    Everyday Sexism (Hardback) Laura Bates

    A manifesto for change; a ground breaking examination of sexism in modern day society.

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  • The Color of Law
    The Color of Law (English, Hardback) Richard Rothstein

    "Rothstein has presented what I consider to be the most forceful argument ever published on how federal, state, and local governments gave rise to and reinforced neighborhood segregation." -William Julius Wilson

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  • In the Wake
    In the Wake (English, Paperback) Christina Elizabeth Sharpe

    Using the multiple meanings of "wake" to illustrate the ways Black lives are determined by slavery's afterlives, Christina Sharpe weaves personal experiences with readings of literary and artistic representations of Black life and death to examine what survives in the face of insistent violence and the possibilities for resistance.

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  • Pre-Post-Racial America
    Pre-Post-Racial America (English, Paperback) REV Sandhya Rani Jha

    Those people. Their issues. The day's news and the ways we treat each other, overtly or subliminally, prove we are not yet living in post-racial America. It's hard to talk about race in America without everyone very quickly becoming defensive and shutting down.What makes talking race even harder is that so few of us actually know each other in the fullness of our stories. A recent Reuters poll...

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  • Ferguson and Faith
    Ferguson and Faith (English, Paperback) Leah Gunning Francis

    The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, reignited a long-smoldering movement for justice, with many St. Louis-area clergy stepping up to support the emerging young leaders of today's Civil Rights Movement. Seminary professor Leah Gunning Francis was among the activists, and her interviews with more than two dozen faith leaders and with the new movement's organizers take us...

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  • Trouble I've Seen
    Trouble I've Seen (Paperback) Drew Hart $16.96
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  • The Myth of Race
    The Myth of Race (English, Paperback) Robert Wald Sussman

    Although eugenics is now widely discredited, some groups and individuals claim a new scientific basis for old racist assumptions. Pondering the continuing influence of racist research and thought, despite all evidence to the contrary, Robert Sussman explains why-when it comes to race-too many people still mistake bigotry for science.

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  • Diversity's Promise for Higher Education
    Diversity's Promise for Higher Education (English, Paperback) Daryl G. Smith

    The tables have been refreshed to include data on faculty diversity over a twenty-year period and the book includes new information about gender identity, stereotype threat, student success, the growing role of chief diversity officers, the international emergence of diversity issues, faculty hiring, and implicit bias.

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  • Without a Doubt
    Without a Doubt (English, Paperback) Marcia Clark

    In "a mesmerizing account of the trial and of her complicated life before she entered O.J. Hell" ("The Boston Globe"), Marcia Clark takes readers inside her head and her heart to tell a story that is both sweeping and deeply personal--and shocking in its honesty. of photos.

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  • Inequality
    Inequality (English, Hardback) Anthony B. Atkinson

    Inequality and poverty have returned with a vengeance in recent decades. To reduce them, we need fresh ideas that move beyond taxes on the wealthy. Anthony B. Atkinson offers ambitious new policies in technology, employment, social security, sharing of capital, and taxation, and he defends them against the common arguments and excuses for inaction.

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  • Tears We Cannot Stop
    Tears We Cannot Stop (English, CD-Audio) Professor of Communication Studies Michael Eric Dyson

    In the wake of yet another set of police killings of black men, Michael Eric Dyson wrote a tell-it-straight, no holds barred piece for the NYT last Sunday July 7: "Death in Black and White" (It was updated within a day to acknowledge the killing of police officers in Dallas). The response has been overwhelming. Beyoncé and Isabel Wilkerson tweeted it, JJ Abrams, among many other prominent people,...

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  • Stop Falling for the Okeydoke
    Stop Falling for the Okeydoke (English, Paperback) Stephen a Tillett $16.12
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  • The Blood of Emmett Till
    The Blood of Emmett Till (English, Hardback) Timothy B. Tyson

    The definitive account of the Emmett Till lynching, based on never-before-heard accounts by those involved, by an award-winning author.

    $22.41 $27.00
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  • Born on Third Base
    Born on Third Base (English, Paperback) Chuck Collins

    As inequality grabs headlines, steals the show in presidential debates, and drives deep divides between the haves and have nots in America, class war brews. On one side, the wealthy wield power and advantage, wittingly or not, to keep the system operating in their favor?all while retreating into enclaves that separate them further and further from the poor and working class. On the other side,...

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  • Injustice
    Injustice (English, Paperback) Danny Dorling

    We are living in the most remarkable and dangerous times. Globally, the richest 1% have never held a greater share of world wealth, while the share of most of the other 99% has collapsed in the last five years. In this fully rewritten and updated edition of Injustice, Dorling offers hope of a more equal society.

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  • Unequal Childhoods
    Unequal Childhoods (English, Paperback) Annette Lareau

    Class does make a difference in the lives and futures of American children. Drawing on observations of black and white middle-class, working-class, and poor families, this title explores this fact, offering a picture of childhood. It focuses on the frenetic families managing their children's hectic schedules of 'leisure' activities.

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