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  • Natural
    Natural Beekeeping with the Warre Hive (English, Paperback) David Heaf $20.09
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  • Watershed
    Watershed Discipleship (English, Paperback) Ched Myers $28.77
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  • Ecological
    Ecological and Social Healing (English, Paperback) Jeanine M. Canty

    This book is an edited collection of essays by fifteen multicultural women (including a few Anglo women) who are doing work that crosses the boundaries of ecological and social healing. The women are prominent academics, writers and leaders spanning Native American, Indigenous, Asian, African, Latina, Jewish and Multiracial backgrounds. The contributors express a myriad of ways that the...

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  • Empires
    Empires in Collision (Hardback) David Howell

    The energy world is dangerously divided between fossil fuel producers and environmentalists. A vicious head-on fight that affects everything - world poverty, governments, environmental catastrophe, big business. David Howell - Lord Howell of Guidlford - outlines the how we got here and the way ahead

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  • How
    How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate (English, Paperback) Andrew Hoffman

    Rather thanpointers to improve the dialogue about this pressing issue in hopes of finding common ground. attributing fault lines in the climate debate to rival scientific theories, this brief argues that the public is split by opposing cultural views through which science is interpreted. After considering how the media, social norms, and psychological factors cause us to accept or reject climate change, Andrew J. Hoffman provides

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  • Standard
    Standard Soil Methods for Long-term Ecological Research (English, Hardback) G. Philip Robertson

    This book provides a standardized set of protocols for measuring soil properties, to facilitatte corss-site synthesis and evaluation of ecosystem processess. The book should be of interest to a rather broad range of ecologists, agronomists, and soil scientists. It is the second volume in the Long-term Ecological Research Network series.

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  • Move
    Move Upstream (Paperback) Karen I Shragg $17.44
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  • Why
    Why We Can't Afford the Rich (English, Paperback) Andrew Sayer

    Why we can't afford the rich exposes the unjust and dysfunctional mechanisms that allow the top 1% to siphon off wealth produced by others. With an updated Afterword, Andrew Sayer shows how the rich worldwide have increased their ability to hide their wealth, create indebtedness and expand their political influence.

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  • Eco-Nihilism"/
    Eco-Nihilism (English, Hardback) Wendy Lynne Lee

    Eco-Nihilism: The Philosophical Geopolitics of the Climate Change Apocalypse argues that there are no versions of conquest capital compatible with the fact of a finite planet, and that the pursuit of growth is destined to not only exhaust our planetary resources, but generate profound social injustice and geopolitical violence in its pursuit.

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  • Weathering
    Weathering Risk in Rural Mexico (English, Paperback) Hallie Eakin

    From floods and droughts to tsunamis and hurricanes, recent years have seen a distressing and often devastating increase in extreme climatic events. While it is possible to study these disasters from a purely scientific perspective, a growing preponderance of evidence suggests that changes in the environment are related to both a shift in global economic relations and these weather-related...

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  • Wolf
    Wolf Conflicts (English, Hardback)

    Making a comeback in Northern Europe and North America, wolf populations cause conflicts by affecting the livelihoods of rural peoples. However, their arrivals also become embedded in more general societal tensions.

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  • Water
    Water Index (English, Paperback) Seth McDowell

    Highlights critical design projects from around the world those radically engage the fragile issues of drought, flooding, and contamination, revealing opportunistic, adaptive design strategies in response to the mounting global crisis.

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  • The
    The Sixth Extinction (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Kolbert

    Drawing on the work of geologists, botanists, marine biologists and other researchers, an award-winning writer for The New Yorker discusses the five devastating mass extinctions on earth and predicts the coming of a sixth. 75,000 first printing.

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  • Gods,
    Gods, Wasps and Stranglers (English, Hardback) Mike Shanahan

    They are trees of life and trees of knowledge. They are wish-fulfillers … rainforest royalty … more precious than gold. They are the fig trees, and they have affected humanity in profound but little-known ways. Gods, Wasps, and Stranglers tells their amazing story.Fig trees fed our pre-human ancestors, influenced diverse cultures and played key roles in the dawn of civilization. They feature in...

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  • The
    The Ecological Hoofprint (English, Paperback) Anthony Weis, Tony Weis

    This book explains how the phenomenal growth and industrialization of livestock production is a central part of the accelerating biophysical contradictions of industrial capitalist agriculture and of ongoing and future food crises.

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  • Leadership
    Leadership for Green Schools (English, Paperback) Lisa A. W. Kensler, Cynthia L. Uline

    Leadership for Green Schools provides aspiring and practicing leaders with the tools they need to facilitate the design, leadership, and management of greener, more sustainable schools. Framed by theory and research, this text draws from the fields of sustainability science, built learning environment, and educational leadership to explain what green schools look like, what role school buildings...

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  • How
    How to Live off-Grid (Paperback) Nick Rosen

    The word 'off-grid' refers to places or people without mains water, power or phone line. Off-grid locations can range from private islands to tree-houses. All are outside or in between the criss-crossing lines of power, water and phone that delineate the civilised world. This book is about that physical sense of off-grid.

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  • How
    How Soon is Now (English, Hardback) Daniel Pinchbeck

    We are on the brink of an ecological mega-crisis threatening the future of life on earth and our actions over the next few years may well determine the destiny of our descendants.

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  • Lean
    Lean Logic (English, Hardback) David Fleming

    Lean Logic is David Fleming’s masterpiece, the product of more than thirty years’ work and a testament to the creative brilliance of one of Britain’s most important intellectuals.A dictionary unlike any other, it leads readers through Fleming’s stimulating exploration of fields as diverse as culture, history, science, art, logic, ethics, myth, economics, and anthropology, being made up of four...

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