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  • Sail Away
    Sail Away (English, Paperback) Martin Popoff

    The first full biography of the band Whitesnake and the tales of their leader David Coverdale from his Deep Purple roots to the present.

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  • Are You Ready?
    Are You Ready? (English, Paperback) Alan Byrne

    There have been several books on mega-selling rock band Thin Lizzy, but this is the first one to concentrate on their albums and how they were made via interviews with band members, producers and friends.

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  • Peaches: A Chronicle Of The Stranglers: 1974 - 1990
    Peaches: A Chronicle Of The Stranglers: 1974 - 1990 (English, Paperback) Robert Endeacott

    Written in the form of a diary outlining key events, Peaches covers the history of The Stranglers from 1974 until 1990 (when Hugh Cornwell quit the band). Full of interesting anecdotes and facts this will please both fans

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  • Train Kept A Rollin'
    Train Kept A Rollin' (English, Paperback) Spencer Vignes

    Spencer Vignes, marries his two passions of music and railways in a book that gets to the heart of the train song. He interviewed over 40 musicians, such as Nick Cave, Ray Davies, Brian Ferry, Peggy Seeger, Rod Stewart and more who share the secrets of how and why they wrote, or recorded, their train songs.

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  • A Passion Play
    A Passion Play (English, Paperback) Brian Rabey

    Jethro Tull in their own words, largely. Brian Rabey interviewed many band members including Ian Anderson and Martin Barre to get to the heart of the band. Part 1 is a history of the group and Part 2 is devoted to a series of interviews with Ian Anderson about his views on many different subjects. A must for fans.

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  • Time And A Word
    Time And A Word (English, Paperback) Martin Popoff

    This is a major new book on progressive rockers Yes. It contains interviews with Jon Anderson, BIll Bruford, Steve Howe, the late Chris Squire and Rick Wakeman, amongst others. It follows the timeline format, with an entry for every year of the band's long history, covering key events, tours, albums and more.

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  • Be Stiff
    Be Stiff (English, Paperback) Richard Balls

    The story of Stiff Records has never been properly told until now. Richard Balls rectifies that by interviewing over 50 people who either recorded for the label or worked on it. The book has been updated to include a ruby coloured cover to celebrate 40 years of the label, along with a new foreword from Stiff stalwart, Jona Lewie.

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  • An Accidental Musician
    An Accidental Musician (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson, Judy Dyble

    Written with Judy's inimitable piquant humour and warm observation, An Accidental Musician is a saga of love, loss and laughter that begins in the folk clubs of the early 1960s and continues right up to the present day.

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  • Killers: The Origins Of Iron Maiden, 1975 - 1983
    Killers: The Origins Of Iron Maiden, 1975 - 1983 (English, Paperback) Neil Daniels

    This unique book is the first to focus on Iron Maiden's important formative years, from their formation in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, through the turbulent Paul Di'Anno years and the arrival of Bruce Dickinson, up to 1983's Piece of Mind album when they became the world's biggest band.

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  • Wheels Out Of Gear
    Wheels Out Of Gear (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Helter Skelter first published this book in 2004 to rave reviews (Uncut magazine rated it one of their books of the year) and strong sales. Soundcheck Books have licensed the work and are publishing it as a B-Format paperback in time for the Specials reunion tour, starting in Europe in September 2011 (hitting the UK in October).

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  • A Howlin' Wind
    A Howlin' Wind (English, Paperback) John Blaney

    A fascinating study of how the phenomenon that was Pub Rock started in the UK in the early 1970s and how it had reinvented itself as New Wave by the end of that decade. Features new interviews with many of the main players of the era.

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  • Singing Out
    Singing Out (English, Paperback) David Burke

    Looks at the lives and careers of three of folk music's most enduring women - Maddy Prior, June Tabor and Linda Thompson. With interviews from the subjects themselves and contemporaries such as Martin Carthy, this book is a must read for folk fans.

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  • Do You Wanna Play Some Magic?
    Do You Wanna Play Some Magic? (English, Paperback) Garry Freeman

    An analysis of over 150 1970s concert played by rock giants Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Contains many exclusive photographs and images of memorabilia, which will give it great fan appeal. The foreword is by a long standing fan, comic Jim Davidson.

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  • Tin Pan Alley: The Rise Of Elton John (limited Edition)
    Tin Pan Alley: The Rise Of Elton John (limited Edition) (English, Hardback) Keith Hayward

    This book details Sir Elton's formative years: from training as a classical pianist at the Royal Academy of Music; his time as a jobbing songwriter in London's Tin Pan Alley; performing his first live gigs; his eventual rise to superstardom in the '70s. With two picture sections of never-before-seen photos, this is the first biography to focus entirely on Elton's formative years from 1964 to 1979,...

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  • Wayward Daughter
    Wayward Daughter (English, Paperback) Sophie Parkes

    The Carthy's are folk music's royal family. This is the story of the heir to the throne Eliza Carthy, who celebrates 21 years in the music business in ,2012. In addition to interviews with the Carthy family and Eliza herself there are contributions from Billy Bragg, Cerys Matthews, comedian Stewart Lee amongst others.

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  • Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
    Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers (English, Paperback) Neil Daniels

    Formed in Texas in 1969, ZZ Top are living legends. They are still going strong and embarking on a world tour in 2013. It is 30 years since Eliminator, their best known album, was released. So, let's celebrate them in all their glory with this fans' guide.

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  • Gram Parsons
    Gram Parsons (English, Paperback) Jason Walker

    Helter Skelter first published this biograghy of country singer Gram Parsons in 2002 to great critical acclaim (Uncut magazine made it their book of the month). This edition is revised and updated.

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  • Tin Pan Alley
    Tin Pan Alley (English, Paperback) Keith Hayward

    This unique book takes a look at London's Tin Pan Alley and the songwriters and publishers who worked there with particular reference to Elton John. Sir Elton started work there firstly with Mills Music and later Dick James Music, so he is an essential part of a lost world and it partly helped shape the man we hear today.

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    5 stars

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  • Nirvana
    Nirvana (English, Paperback) Rob Jovanovic

    This is a 'must own' for Nirvana's army of fans. A book that looks at how they recorded every record they made (including their first homemade attempt in 1982). This isn't a dull discography though, as it looks at what made the band tick during each recording, their mindset and the background to the sessions. Essential stuff.

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  • Unprepared To Die
    Unprepared To Die (English, Paperback) Paul Slade

    Journalist and music writer, Paul Slade, examines eight popular murder ballads looking at the stories behind them and who has recorded them down the years. Murder ballads continue to fascinate us and Slade unpicks their rich history and shows why they still have such enduring appeal today.

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