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  • F2 World of Football
    F2 World of Football (Paperback) F2 Freestylers

    The F2 are unbelievable what they do is not possible!' PELEWe're The F2 and this is our World of Football. Inside we give away the biggest secrets of the greatest footballers on the planet. Want tricks like Neymar? Or to hit freekicks like Ronaldo? Or to dribble like Messi? We show you how. We've been travelling the world, meeting the biggest stars, like Gareth Bale, Ronaldinho, Mesut Ozil, Pele...

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  • Pep Confidential
    Pep Confidential (English, Paperback) Marti Perarnau

    An exclusive behind-the-scenes study of Pep Guardiola's first spectacular season in charge at Bayern Munich. Marti Perarnau has been embedded at the heart of the Bayern experience, witnessing it all. The Guardiola Effect is a modern classic in the making.

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  • Pirates, Punks & Politics
    Pirates, Punks & Politics (English, Paperback) Nick Davidson

    FC Sankt Pauli is the football club in the red-light district ofHamburg. They have a transvestite chairman and terraces populated by punks, pimps and prostitutes. It is a club run by anarchists, united under the skull and crossbones flag. This is the cliche that has been lazily peddled but it’s not the real St Pauli. In Pirates, Punks & Politics author Nick Davidson puts the record straight,...

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  • Will it Make the Boat Go Faster?
    Will it Make the Boat Go Faster? (English, Paperback) Harriet Beveridge, Ben Hunt-Davis

    This motivational and autobiographical book tells the story of an ordinary person in an ordinary team who achieved something pretty extraordinary.

    $16.38 $17.53
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  • A People's History of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
    A People's History of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (English, Hardback) Martin Cloake, Alan Fisher

    A People's History of Tottenham Hotspur is the story of how fans helped create the identity of a world-famous club. Through archive material, original research and the voices of generations of supporters, lifelong fans Martin Cloake and Alan Fisher define why a team in north London means so much to so many.

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  • 5 League Titles and a Packet of Crisps
    5 League Titles and a Packet of Crisps (Hardback) Steve Nicol

    This is the unique and entertaining autobiography of a man who took the good, bad and ugly of his football life on the chin, shrugged it off and ended up having the last laugh. A former Player of the Year, Steve Nicol is one of the last remaining LFC legends of the glorious '80s era to write his book, but it is worth the wait for Kopites.

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  • Arsene Wenger
    Arsene Wenger (Paperback) John Cross

    The inside story of Arsene Wenger's Arsenal, a revealing portrait of the man and his methods that have transformed the North London club

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  • Fox Tossing, Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports
    Fox Tossing, Octopus Wrestling and Other Forgotten Sports (Paperback) Edward Brooke-Hitching

    Some of the most dangerous and downright bizarre sports in history brought vividly back to life, from Fox Tossing to Ski Ballet

    $12.96 $15.00

    5 stars

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  • Mister
    Mister (Hardback) Rory Smith

    The remarkable story of how British coaches took football to the world, and contine to influence the game around the globe

    $22.30 $30.00
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  • Bayern
    Bayern (Paperback) Uli Hesse

    Bayern Munich is a team of extremes. They are the most passionately supported club in Germany and the most hated. Winners of twenty-four domestic titles since the late-1960s, they have stood at the pinnacle of European football for almost their entire existence. Through interviews with the key protagonists, the author tells the story of this club.

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  • The Biography of Tottenham Hotspur
    The Biography of Tottenham Hotspur (English, Hardback) Julie Welch

    New edition of this bestselling title, a colourful history of Tottenham Hotspur that gets to the heart and soul of the famous London football club. Packed with wonderful stories from the formation of the club to the present day, and the memories of legendary players, managers, supporters and other key figures, The Biography of Tottenham Hotspur brings the rich history of Spurs to life. First...

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  • Liverpool Captains
    Liverpool Captains (Hardback) Ragnhild Lund Ansnes

    A revealing portrait of life at Anfield, showing sides of players you have never seen before.

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  • Invincible
    Invincible (English, Paperback) Amy Lawrence

    In 2003-04, Arsenal overcame every conceivable challenge to complete a 38-game league without a single loss. This book is based on players interviews, pivotal games and their moments. It also reveals the teamwork, the psychology and the struggle behind one of the greatest teams in history.

    $13.77 $18.95
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  • The Wenger Revolution
    The Wenger Revolution (English, Hardback) Amy Lawrence, Stuart MacFarlane

    A stunning photographic celebration of Arsene Wenger's twenty years at Arsenal.

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  • Quiet Leadership
    Quiet Leadership (English, Hardback) Carlo Ancelotti, Chris Brady

    Tells the story of author's managerial career - his methods, mentors, mistakes and triumphs - and takes us inside the dressing room to trace the characters, challenges and decisions that have shaped him.

    $20.99 $28.95
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  • Tom Simpson
    Tom Simpson (English, Hardback) Andy McGrath

    An exploration of the life of legendary cyclist Tom Simpson.

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  • The Official Chelsea FC Programme Book
    The Official Chelsea FC Programme Book (Hardback) Chelsea F.C.

    Ever walked through the turnstiles and bought a programme? Flicked through the pages as you've waited for the action to begin? Well, then the Official Chelsea FC Programme Book is the ultimate souvenir for every fan who has ever loved going to Stamford Bridge.

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  • Inverting the Pyramid
    Inverting the Pyramid (Paperback) Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson's modern classic on football tactics has now been updated for its fifth-anniversary edition and includes an analysis of the great Barcelona, arguably the best club side of all time.

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  • Up Front
    Up Front (English, Hardback) Kerry Dixon, Harry Harris

    Big, blond and a goal-scoring machine, Kerry Dixon delighted Chelsea and England fans during the 1980s. Yet his fall from grace has been, by his own admission, spectacular. His story, however, is unique at once for its flashes of humour in adversity, its clear-eyed reflections on a different age of football, and for its humility.

    $21.76 $31.95

    5 stars

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  • Formula 1 All the Races
    Formula 1 All the Races (Hardback)

    This remarkable book is the third edition of an acclaimed work of reference about Formula 1. It has been meticulously researched and written to capture the character and essence of every one of the 935 World Championship races held from the beginning of Formula 1 in 1950 to the end of the 2015

    $65.73 $79.95
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