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    The Storyteller's Nashville (English, Paperback) Tom T Hall

    Sales Hook/Promotional Line Revised and expanded with a Preface from acclaimed Country Music historian and journalist Peter Cooper, The Storyteller’s Nashville is the illuminating and entertaining tale of Music City’s transformative years by Tom T. Hall, considered by many greats to be the greatest storyteller and songwriter in Nashville’s illustrious history.

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    The Drunken Woodworker Presents: The New Bandsaw Box Book (English, Paperback) David Picciuto

    No woodworking project is more fun to make than a box. Requiring little material and offering lots of challenges, making a wooden box results in a satisfyingly functional project that is proudly used and displayed or given as a gift that will be cherished for years. It’s no wonder boxes rank as the most popular woodworking project by beginners and advanced craftsman alike. David Picciuto, aka The...

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  • Weighted
    Weighted Blankets, Vests, and Scarves (English, Paperback) Susan White Sullivan

    You’ve done the research and know you’d like a weighted blanket for your child, teen, or yourself,but they are expensive and don’t reflect your design style. With this handy guide, anyone can learn to make a weighted blanket that will sooth those having troublesleeping while providing the deep pressure that those with sensory processing disorders or autismcovet. Also included are projects,...

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  • Make
    Make Your Own Cutting Boards (English, Paperback) David Picciuto

    From Matthew Teague, furniture-maker and a past editor of both Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking, “Make Your Own Cutting Boards” offers expert step-by-step instructions for creating over a dozen designs ranging from the simple and straight-forward to cleverly engineered pieces that will challenge the veteran makers and dazzle their friends

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    The Handmade Skateboard (English, Paperback) Matt Berger

    The Handmade Skateboard is the definitive book on building custom skate decks of all shapes and sizes, from the high-performance street deck to the classic longboard to a vintage pinstripe cruisers that will turn heads everywhere you go. When you make your own skateboard from scratch you have the opportunity to create something that is perfectly tailored to you: a deck that matches your height,...

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  • Christmas
    Christmas Ornaments to Crochet (English, Paperback) Megan Kreiner

    Christmas Ornaments to Crochet is a collection of 40 festive, adorable designs by Megan Kreiner, one of today’s most talented and respected knit and crochet crafters. Each of the small, portable projects can be created in no more than a few hours using only basic crochet skills. Crochet one or two for quick handmade ornaments, or create one of Kreiner’s Christmas themed ornament sets. Sets...

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    The Minimalist Woodworker (English, Paperback) Vic Tesolin

    Woodworking is thriving in the hands-on, DIY, maker world we currently live in. Yet, for it’s increasing popularity, there are many crafters who don’t engage in woodworking because they falsely believe you need a large workshop and a full-blown collection of tools and equipment. The Minimalist Woodworker is about eliminating this myth. To enjoy woodworking, all you need is a few essential tools,...

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    The Natural Beauty Solution (English, Paperback) Mary Helen Leonard

    You’ve stocked your kitchen with whole foods, and cleansed your cabinets of processed snacks, microwavemeals, and sugary desserts. After putting all of that effort into your natural, healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to slather your body in chemical-laden commercially produced beauty products. You are what you eat, and your skin can absorb chemicals and additives just as easily...

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  • Monkey
    Monkey Business: An Adult Coloring Book (English, Paperback) Spring House Press

    Take a Break to Monkey Around…It’s a jungle out there. So grab your favorite colored pencils and markers, swingaway from the chaos, and let your brain monkey around with some creativecoloring. With these 47 intricate and delightful drawings, you’ll quickly findyour body and mind unwinding as you let your colorist talents shine.Perforated pages are printed on one side for easy removal and...

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  • Making
    Making Classic Toys That Teach (English, Paperback) Doug Stowe

    The Froebel Gifts are perhaps the world's first educational toys. Developed in the early 1800's by Friedrich Froebel, inventor of Kindergarten, the Gifts appear deceptively simple but represent a sophisticated approach to child development. Over the last 180 years these intricately conceived playthings have had a widespread impact, becoming interwoven with the history of art/design, popular...

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  • Crochet
    Crochet Baskets (English, Paperback) Nola A Heidbreder, Linda Pietz

    With the help of Nola Heidbreder and Linda Pietz, two of the crochet community’s most respected crafters, crocheters of all skill levels can master the fundamentals or discover new challenges while crocheting thirty stylish and useful baskets to use around the home or to bestow as gifts.

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  • Hot
    Hot Chicken Cookbook (English, Paperback) Timothy Charles Davis

    Nashville-style Hot Chicken is the Music City’s claim to culinary fame. Entrenched in the city’s history, but is also fresh enough to contribute to Nashville’s exploding national popularity as a hip, creative urban scene, Hot Chicken is an addiction, a punishment, and a sweet, spicy salvation to those who’ve had it. Hot Chicken is action eating: physical, mental, and spiritual all at once. In...

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    The Wise Owl: An Adult Coloring Book (English, Paperback) Spring House Press

    Make the Wise Choice to Take a Break…Quiet, observant, and focused, the owl can teach us a few thingsabout being calm. So grab your favorite colored pencils and markersand fly off to a place of peace to enjoy some creative coloring. Withthese 47 intricate and delightful drawings, you’ll quickly find yourbody and mind unwinding as you let your colorist talents shine.Perforated pages are printed...

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  • Secrets
    Secrets from the La Varenne Kitchen (English, Paperback) Anne Willan

    In 1975, Anne Willan, a culinary icon who, along with Julia Child, Jacque Pepin, James Beard, and others, launched the modern culinary industry, founded École de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris and educated some of today’s most notable chefs – among them Steve Raichlen, Gale Gand, Virgina Willis, Martha Holmberg, and Alexis Guarnaschelli. Upon enrolling at La Varenne, all students received a...

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  • Classic
    Classic Wooden Toys (English, Paperback) Jim Harrold

    In an era when everything is factory made of disposable plastic, well-made wooden toys stand out every time: They’re simple, ageless, and just plane fun. The twenty projects in this book are smartly designed and built to last—engineered to stand up to hard play and still look good when passed down from one generation to the next. Whether you’re looking for rugged toy trucks, delicate dollhouse...

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    The Cocktail Chronicles (English, Paperback) Paul Clarke

    From Paul Clarke, editor of Imbibe and the 2014 Best Cocktail & Spirits Writer comes The Cocktail Chronicles, an approachable guide to the cocktail renaissance thus far and—as the name implies—a chronicle of the cocktails that have come along the way. Based on his informative and ground-breaking blog by the same name, The Cocktail Chronicles is not a lab manual for taking the cocktail...

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  • Make
    Make Your Own Knife Handles (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    If you’ve ever wanted your own custom knife to take along on that camping, hunting, or fishing trip, or to give to a family member or a friend as the perfect gift, Make Your Own Knife Handles has you covered. All you need is the knife blade of your choice, easily picked up at any woodworking store or knife shop, and Chris Gleason’s new book, and you’ll soon be customizing your own beautiful...

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  • Furniture
    Furniture Design & Construction (English, Paperback) Graham Blackburn

    While Furniture Design & Construction is a project book for woodworkers, it goes beyond traditional woodworking manuals to teach design concepts through carefully selected, hands-on pieces. This book is for the woodworker who is not content merely to build from preset plans; instead, it offers projects that will show how the designs originate and take shape, giving the maker the freedom to build...

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    The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook (English, Hardback) Zack Brown

    What happens when you appeal to Kickstarter to fund your first attempt at making a bowl of potato salad? Well, if you’re Zack Brown, you end up raising $55,492, a story that goes viral, a charity-minded “PotatoStock” Festival, and, eventually, a potato salad cookbook for the masses. The Peace, Love & Potato Salad Cookbook is the result of one man’s attempt at making potato with the help of...

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  • Getting
    Getting Started in Woodturning (English, Paperback) John Kelsey

    Whether you’re just getting started at the lathe or you’re a seasoned woodturner looking for nuggets of insight, you’ll find it all in the AAW's Official Guide, "Getting Started in Woodturning", an essential reference of safety information, tool advice, woodturning techniques, and practical projects from the pages of American Woodturner, the journal from the American Association of Woodturners...

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