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  • Quick Reference Handbook for Surgical Pathologists
    Quick Reference Handbook for Surgical Pathologists (English, Paperback) Natasha Rekhtman, Justin Bishop

    Written for pathologists-in-training, this volume provides high-yield, at-a-glance summaries in a format that is easy to use. Rather than focus on organ-based histologic criteria, the text aids pathologic diagnosis, emphasizing immunohistochemistry, tumor syndromes, etc.

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  • Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell
    Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell (English, Paperback) Kevin Sullivan

    Anti?Money Laundering in a Nutshellis a concise, accessible, and practical guide to compliance with anti?money laundering law for financial professionals, corporate investigators, business managers, and all personnel of financial institutions who are required, under penalty of hefty fines, to get anti?money laundering training....

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  • Graph Theory
    Graph Theory (English, Hardback) Reinhard Diestel

    The fourth edition of this standard textbook of modern graph theory has been revised, updated, and substantially extended. Covering all major recent developments, it can be used both as a reliable textbook for an introductory course and as a graduate text.

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  • Statistics for Non-Statisticians
    Statistics for Non-Statisticians (English, Hardback) Birger Stjernholm Madsen

    Ideal material for private study or revision, this accessible volume will be required reading for anyone collecting, analyzing and presenting a range of data. It is particularly relevant to the task of planning sample data collection such as customer surveys.

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  • CSS Mastery
    CSS Mastery (English, Paperback) Andy Budd, Andrew Hume

    Fully updated to the latest CSS modules, make the journey to CSS mastery as simple and painless as possible. This book dives into advanced aspects of CSS-based design, such as responsive design, modular CSS, and CSS typography. Through a series of easy-to-follow tutorials, you will learn practical CSS techniques you can immediately start using in your daily work....

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  • Understanding Cryptography
    Understanding Cryptography (English, Hardback) Christof Paar, Jan Pelzl

    After an introduction to cryptography and data security, the authors of this book explain the main techniques in modern cryptography. The book is uniquely designed for students of engineering and applied computer science, and engineering practitioners.

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  • PNF in Practice
    PNF in Practice (English, Paperback) Susan S. Adler, Dominiek Beckers

    Offering illustrated, hands-on coverage, this book provides a guide to learning and understanding PNF as a practical tool and using it to full effect in patient treatment. Includes coverage of ICF and Motor Learning and how these concepts are applied in PNF.

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  • Strategic Retail Management 2016
    Strategic Retail Management 2016 (English, Paperback) Joachim Zentes, Dirk Morschett

    This book is devoted to the dynamic development of retailing. The focus is on various strategy concepts adopted by retailing companies and their implementation in practice. This is not a traditional textbook or collection of case studies; it aims to demonstrate the complex and manifold questions of retail management in the form of twenty lessons, where each lesson provides a thematic overview of...

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  • Turing Computability
    Turing Computability (English, Hardback) Robert I. Soare

    This book emphasizes three very important concepts: computability, as opposed to recursion or induction; classical computability; and the art of computability, a skill to be practiced but also important in an esthetic sense of beauty and taste in mathematics.

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  • Inborn Metabolic Diseases
    Inborn Metabolic Diseases (English, Hardback) Jean-Marie Saudubray

    This work is recognised as the standard textbook for professionals involved in the diagnosis and management of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) and an essential resource in this multidisciplinary field. Organelles - Disorders affecting the synthesis and remodelling of complex lipids and fatty acid homeostasis are now included.

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  • Enterprise Cybersecurity
    Enterprise Cybersecurity (English, Paperback) Scott Donaldson, Stanley Siegel

    Enterprise Cybersecurity empowers organizations of all sizes to defend themselves with next-generation cybersecurity programs against the escalating threat of modern targeted cyberattacks.

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  • Foundations of Python Network Programming
    Foundations of Python Network Programming (English, Paperback) Brandon Rhodes, John Goerzen

    Foundations of Python Network Programming, Third Edition, covers all of the classic topics found in the second edition of this book, including network protocols, network data and errors, email, server architecture, and HTTP and web applications, plus updates for Python 3.Some of the new topics in this edition include:...

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  • Fundamental Astronomy
    Fundamental Astronomy (English, Hardback) Hannu Karttunen

    Fundamental Astronomy is an exhaustive introduction to classical and modern astronomy. It covers both overarching concepts and underlying principles. It provides a sound basis for more profound studies in astronomy. This fifth edition is richly illustrated with more than 400 images.

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  • Real-Time C++
    Real-Time C++ (English, Hardback) Christopher Kormanyos

    With this book, Christopher Kormanyos delivers a highly practical guide to programming real-time embedded microcontroller systems in C++.

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  • Histamine Intolerance
    Histamine Intolerance (English, Hardback) Reinhart Jarisch

    Histamine is an important mediator of allergic diseases, but knowledge of histamine as a cause of numerous non-allergic symptoms and signs is limited. This book offers wide-ranging coverage of histamine intolerance. There is extensive background discussion of the origin of histamine, its content in food and alcoholic beverages and intolerance to red wine. Diagnosis of histamine intolerance is...

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  • Boundary-Layer Theory
    Boundary-Layer Theory (English, Hardback) Hermann Schlichting, Klaus Gersten

    This new edition of the near-legendary textbook by Schlichting and revised by Gersten presents a comprehensive overview of boundary-layer theory and its application to all areas of fluid mechanics, with particular emphasis on the flow past bodies (e.g.

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  • Fundamentals of Business Process Management
    Fundamentals of Business Process Management (English, Hardback) Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa

    This detailed, interdisciplinary book follows the BPM lifecycle from process identification to monitoring, covering modelling, analysis, redesign and automation. Blends concepts and methods from business management, computer science and industrial engineering.

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  • Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents
    Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents (English, Hardback) Sergio V. Delgado, Jeffrey R. Strawn

    This book reviews the recent contributions of contemporary psychodynamic theory and employs rich case examples to bring to life its practical applications in the psychotherapy of children and adolescents.

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  • Pancreatic Cancer 2017
    Pancreatic Cancer 2017 (English, Hardback) Sun-Whe Kim

    Providing knowledge on a broad range of clinical issues in pancreatic cancer, covering topics from screening and pathophysiology to surgical treatments, this book focuses on current controversies and on evidence-based surgical techniques. Descriptions are supported by illustrations and the discussion of important technical issues.

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  • Radiology Illustrated: Spine
    Radiology Illustrated: Spine (English, Hardback) Heung Sik Kang, Joon Woo Lee

    This up-to-date, image-oriented book covers common, unusual and critical spinal disorders including skeletal and neural systems, which are encountered in daily routine practice. Each condition is described briefly with key images and schematic illustrations.

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