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  • Things to Do Now You're a Mom
    Things to Do Now You're a Mom (English, Paperback) Elfrea Lockley, Robyn Neild

    Congratulations, you are stepping out into a wonderful adventure called motherhood. It is an experience of a lifetime and will open doors to a myriad of new experiences and activities, as well as offering you the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with your own childhood and your relationship with your mother....

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  • Things to Do Now You're a Dad
    Things to Do Now You're a Dad (English, Paperback) David Baird, Robyn Neild

    If you were brought up without a dad, or think you had a bad time with yours, then you'll know exactly what to add to your relationship with your own child to make it special and rewarding for you both. For others, who had the perfect relationship with the "World's Greatest Dad", you can now share some of those memorable, life-shaping experiences with your children. The truth is, there are so many...

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  • The Little Book of Beards
    The Little Book of Beards (English, Hardback) O S Belgie

    Some beards are bushy, others are peach-fuzzy. Some are distinguished, others are scruffy. Some beards inspire love and trust (Santa's); others evoke fear and loathing (Satan's). Abe Lincoln's beard connotes patriotic devotion; Shakespeare's stands for artistic brilliance. But no matter who their wearer or what their shape, all beards have one thing in common: Crumbs get stuck in them....

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