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Stephen Mumford

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  • Metaphysics: A Very Short Introduction by Stephen Mumford
    Metaphysics: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford

    In this easy-to-understand introduction, Stephen Mumford explores one of the four main branches of philosophy: metaphysics. Using practical examples to explore the main issues, he presents the ideas in a clear and simple way, helping to clarify and unravel the basic questions of this complex and abstract concept.

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  • Glimpse of Light by Stephen Mumford
    Glimpse of Light (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford

    I firmly believed there was a world outside of our own minds . . . But all around me were challenges. . . . How could we be so sure there were such things existing apart from us?...

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  • Laws in Nature by Stephen Mumford
    Laws in Nature (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford

    Outlining a different theory of natural laws, this book addresses questions debated by metaphysicians such as whether the laws of nature are necessary or contingent and whether a property can be identified independently of its causal role. It begins with the question of whether there are any genuinely law-like phenomena in nature.

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  • Causation: A Very Short Introduction by Stephen Mumford
    Causation: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford, Rani Lill Anjum

    Without cause and effect, there would be no science or technology, no moral responsibility, and no system of law. Causation is therefore the most fundamental connection in the universe and a core topic of philosophical thought. This Very Short Introduction introduces all of the main theories of causation and its key debates.

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  • What Tends to Be by Rani Lill Anjum
    What Tends to Be (English, Hardback) Rani Lill Anjum, Stephen Mumford

    People tend to enjoy listening to music or watching television, sleeping at night and celebrating birthdays. Plants tend to grow and thrive in sunlight and mild temperatures. We also know that tendencies are not perfectly regular and that there are patterns in the natural world, which are reliable to a degree, but not absolute. What should we make of a world where things tend to be one way but...

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  • Powers by George Molnar
    Powers (English, Paperback) George Molnar

    George Molnar came to see that the solution to a number of the problems of contemporary philosophy lay in the development of an alternative to Hume's metaphysics. In this work, which was almost completed when its author died, he developed a thorough account of causal powers and succeeded in producing something both highly focused and at the same time wide-ranging.

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  • Dispositions by Stephen Mumford
    Dispositions (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford

    Much of our understanding of the physical and psychological world is expressed in terms of dispositional properties - from the spin of a subatomic particle to a person's belief that zebras have stripes. Mumford discusses what it means to say that something has a property of this kind.

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  • Getting Causes from Powers by Stephen Mumford
    Getting Causes from Powers (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford, Rani Lill Anjum

    Causation is everywhere in the world: it features in every science and technology. But how much do we understand it? Mumford and Anjum develop a new theory of causation based on an ontology of real powers or dispositions. They provide the first detailed outline of a thoroughly dispositional approach, and explore its surprising features.

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  • Watching Sport by Stephen Mumford
    Watching Sport (English, Paperback) Stephen Mumford

    Do we watch sport for pure dumb entertainment? While some people might do so, Stephen Mumford argues that it can be watched in other ways. Sport can be both a subject of high aesthetic values and a valid source for our moral education. The philosophy of sport has tended to focus on participation, but this book instead examines the philosophical issues around watching sport. Far from being a...

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  • Causation in Science and the Methods of Scientific Discovery by Rani Lill Anjum
    Causation in Science and the Methods of Scientific Discovery (English, Hardback) Rani Lill Anjum, Stephen Mumford

    Causal questions are relevant to all sciences and social sciences, yet how we discover causal connections is no easy matter. Indeed, the choice of methods concerns the correct norms for the empirical study of the world. In this text, two experts on causation relate philosophical theory to scientific practice and propose nine new norms of discovery.

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