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  • The Cure by Ian Gittins
    The Cure (English, Hardback)

    After debuting in 1978 with a brash single pulled from the pages of Camus, the Cure, led by Robert Smith, recorded a series of brooding albums, drawing the world's attention to goth rock. But they resisted categorization, and subsequent albums attracted new fans worldwide. Then, with the grand and somber Disintegration, they achieved global domination. This essential keepsake tells the story of the Cure?from the angular riffs of "Boys Don't Cry" and "A Forest," through the perfect simplicity of "Lovesong" and "Friday I'm in Love," to headlining some of the world's biggest music festivals?in beautiful, eye-catching color.

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  • Springsteen by Ryan White
    Springsteen (English, Hardback)

    With in-depth explorations of his 17 studio albums, Springsteen is the definitive book on "The Boss." Renowned for his passionate songwriting, galvanizing live shows, and political activism, Bruce Springsteen stands astride the rock 'n' roll stage like a colossus. Richly photographed, and featuring brilliant writing by one of America's top music critics, this is a must-have for Springsteen's millions of fans.  

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  • The Complete Pink Floyd by Glenn Povey
    The Complete Pink Floyd (English, Hardback)

    This is THE essential book for all Pink Floyd fans: a comprehensive guide to the band's career, featuring rare photographs and key memorabilia. Painstakingly researched by Floyd expert and documentarian Glenn Povey, it chronologically covers every event of note, with records of concerts, rehearsals, recordings, releases, interviews, set lists, and new material about the Abbey Road recording sessions. TheComplete Pink Floyd is an unequalled look at these innovative musicians.

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  • The Tea Book by Nick Kilby
    The Tea Book (English, Hardback)

    This is your guide to all things tea! From the estates where tea grows to tips for tasting like a pro; from unbreakable rules for brewing the perfect cup to delicious recipes to accompany your cup, this appealing volume is packed with illustrations and fun infographics. Created by the cocreators of the teapigs brand, it celebrates tea culture and customs around the world.

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  • Touch the Art: Find King Henry's Treasure by Julie Appel
    Touch the Art: Find King Henry's Treasure (English, Board book)

    Presents a series of paintings of royals in a text in which a knight is looking for a dragon who is threatening to steal the royal jewels, with each painting having a textured surface that young readers can touch.

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  • Weird Washington by Jefferson Davis
    Weird Washington (English, Hardback)

    Ah, Washington: evergreens, coffee, rock, and rain. That's pretty much it, right? Well, no. There is a whole lot of weird going on in our state. Washington is home to some of the weirdest travel destinations, scariest legends, and most colorful folks in the United States....

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  • Edible Wild Plants by Thomas Elias
    Edible Wild Plants (English, Paperback)

    Presents a season-by-season guide to the identification, harvest, and preparation of more than two hundred common edible plants to be found in the wild.

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  • Dot to Dot Count to 100 by Sterling Publishing Company
    Dot to Dot Count to 100 (English, Paperback)

    Go higher and higher?up to the big 100, and then on to infinity?with this cool dot-to-dot counting book! This is the exciting challenge older counters are eagerly waiting for. What's hidden in each dot-to-dot? Till it's done, no one can know. They'll all be a big happy surprise! 

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  • Weird N.J. by Mark Moran
    Weird N.J. (English, Paperback)

    Explores haunted places, local legends, crazy characters, and unusual roadside attractions found in New Jersey.

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  • Dot-To-Dot Count to 20 by Sterling Publishing Company
    Dot-To-Dot Count to 20 (English, Paperback)

    One, two, three four: can I do one puzzle more?...

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  • Weird Kentucky by Jeffrey Scott Holland
    Weird Kentucky (English, Hardback)

    "Best Travel Series of the Year 2006!"?Booklist What's weird around here? That's a question Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman have enjoyed asking for years?and their offbeat sense of curiosity led them to create the bestselling phenomenon,Weird N.J. Now the weirdness has spread throughout key locales in the U.S. Each fun and intriguing volume offers more than 250 illustrated pages of places where tourists usually don't venture?it's chock-full of oddball curiosities, ghostly places, local legends, crazy characters, cursed roads, and peculiar roadside attractions. What's NOT shockingly odd here: that every previously publishedWeird book has become a bestseller in its region.

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  • Alphabet Dot to Dot by De Ballon N V
    Alphabet Dot to Dot (English, Paperback)

    In these simple and cute pictures, children don't follow the numbers to connect the dots; they follow letters instead. It's easy, it's instructive, and it's enjoyable to watch a bunny with a kite, a child on a life-size toy train, and a zebra on a wagon come into view; and when it's done, youngsters can color in the entire picture however they please.

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  • The Feng Shui Bible by Simon G Brown
    The Feng Shui Bible (English, Paperback)

    Provides a comprehensive guide to using feng shui to enhance any aspect of life, including relationships, finances, creativity, and health.

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  • Weird Carolinas by Roger Manley
    Weird Carolinas (English, Paperback)

    Take a walk on the WEIRD side, Carolina-style!...

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  • Little Lost Unicorn by Lorna Hussey
    Little Lost Unicorn (English, Hardback)

    When Little Unicorn runs off to play in the forest, he makes friends with other woodland creatures as they have unforgettable adventures.

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  • Weird New York by Mark Moran
    Weird New York (English, Paperback)

    It's called the Empire State because, as any New Yorker will tell you, it's the state by which all others are measured. And it certainly takes the cake for odd legends, bizarre beasts, and twisted mysteries. Go say hi to Jumper and Grumpy at America's largest pet cemetery. Avoid the screaming and gunshots of House Road, but do sample the Jell-O Museum in Le Roy. And next time you're in Staten...

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  • The Angel Bible by Hazel Raven
    The Angel Bible (English, Paperback)

    A guide for working with angels offers exercises that will help with self-understanding, overcoming obstacles, and developing wisdom, and shows how to invite angels into the human life.

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  • The Medicinal Chef by Dale Pinnock
    The Medicinal Chef (English, Hardback)

    Paying careful attention to nutritional science, Dale Pinnock uses his culinary skills to create practical, delicious dishes that can help us live longer, healthier lives?and alleviate ailments ranging from skin problems and joint pain to respiratory and digestive illnesses. Recipes include Thai Fish Soup, Wholemeal Bean Quesadillas, and-for a sweet treat-Mint Chocolate No-Cheese Cake. A general overview covers numerous conditions and foods that heal them.

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  • Scrabble(tm) Puzzles Volume 1 by Joe Edley
    Scrabble(tm) Puzzles Volume 1 (English, Paperback)

    For the millions of SCRABBLE? fans out there:...

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  • Where's the Dragon? by Fernleigh Books
    Where's the Dragon? (English, Hardback)

    Although Mr. Jones is simply mad about dragons, he has never seen a real one, so he and his grandson George set sail in search of one, in a story with spot lamination, embossed pages, and dragons hidden in every spread.

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