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Steve Englehart

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  • Ant-man/giant-man: Growing Pains by Stan Lee
    Ant-man/giant-man: Growing Pains (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, Steve Englehart

    When the job's too big for Ant-Man to handle, it's time for Hank Pym to become...Giant-Man! But being a larger-than-life-size super hero comes with equally large problems - like when Hank rejoins the Avengers to free the Wasp from the Collector's clutches, but gets stuck as a 10-foot tall Goliath! Or when his latest alter ego, Yellowjacket, must go large to stop arch-foe the Whirlwind! Then, Hank...

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  • Avengers Vs. Thanos by Jim Starlin
    Avengers Vs. Thanos (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Mike Friedrich

    Eternal. Nihilist. Madman. Would-be lover of Death itself. Collected in one volume for the first time, is the complete story of Thanos' first life...and first death. Guest-starring Daredevil, Spider-Man, the Thing, Moondragon, Drax the Destroyer and more. By comic mastermind Jim Starlin. Collecting: Iron Man (1968) 55; Captain Marvel (1968) 25-33; Marvel Feature (1971) 12; Daredevil (1964)...

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  • Avengers West Coast Epic Collection: How The West Was Won by Roger Stern
    Avengers West Coast Epic Collection: How The West Was Won (English, Paperback) Roger Stern, Bob Harras

    Earth's Mightiest Heroes go west! When Vision creates a second squad, Hawkeye grabs the first quinjet to California to lead the West Coast Avengers! And the "Whackos" assemble as Hawkeye is joined by his new bride Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra and an Iron Man or two! But will local vigilante the Shroud join the team? How about Firebird, Hank "Ant-Man" Pym, or the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing?! The...

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  • Batman Collection: Marshall Rogers by Marshall Rogers
    Batman Collection: Marshall Rogers (German, Paperback) Marshall Rogers, Steve Englehart

    Batman Collection: Marshall Rogers DETEKTIV. HELD. MYTHOS. Zeichner-Legende Marshall Rogers hatte großen Anteil daran, dass Batman Ende der 70er Jahre zu seinen dunklen Wurzeln zurückkehrte. Eine zeitlose Bat-Glanzstunde in der Finsternis der Nacht und in der Verderbtheit von Gotham City, mit dem Joker, Clayface, Pinguin, Hugo Strange und Silver St. Cloud!

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  • Captain America Epic Collection: Hero Or Hoax? by Stan Lee
    Captain America Epic Collection: Hero Or Hoax? (English, Paperback) Stan Lee, Gary Friedrich

    When the city's policemen begin to disappear, Captain America takes a job as one of New York's finest -it's a new direction for the red-white-and-blue Avenger! There's also larger-than-life villains - from the Grey Gargoyle to Hydra to the Red Skull, providing plenty of opportunity for Cap to swing that shield! And speaking of S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury's spy shop is here, too - and they'll be...

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  • Captain Marvel By Jim Starlin: The Complete Collection by Jim Starlin
    Captain Marvel By Jim Starlin: The Complete Collection (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Mike Friedrich

    The ultimate collection of the creator that defined Captain Marvel! Under the aegis of writer/artist Jim Starlin Captain Marvel evolved into one of comics' most influential titles. Starlin stripped the Kree Captain to his core and then resurrected him as a truly cosmic hero. This may have been Starlin's first super-hero saga, but it introduced some of his signature characters: Mar-Vell's nemesis...

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  • Vampirella: The Best of the Warren Years by Archie Goodwin
    Vampirella: The Best of the Warren Years (English, Paperback) Archie Goodwin, Steve Englehart

    Collects the complete story of Vampirella, the raven-haired heroine and beloved horror hostess. Starting with her first appearance in "Vampirella of Drakulon", and spanning each and every fear-fraught issue from the first five years of Vampirella Magazine, this tome introduces one of the most iconic characters in horror comic history.

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  • Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus by Steve Englehart
    Squadron Supreme Classic Omnibus (English, Hardback) Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas

    Get the full story of Marvel's most superior superteam! They're the mightiest heroes of their dimension, but what happens when the Squadron Supreme encounter the Serpent Crown...and the Avengers? Then, in one of the most celebrated miniseries of all time, the Squadron expand their ranks - and take control of their United States in a bid to create utopia! COLLECTING: AVENGERS 69-70, 85-86, 141-144,...

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  • Phantom of Fear City Omnibus by Steve Englehart
    Phantom of Fear City Omnibus (English, Paperback) Steve Englehart $26.71
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  • Avengers: Vision And The Scarlet Witch by Bill Mantlo
    Avengers: Vision And The Scarlet Witch (English, Paperback) Bill Mantlo, Steve Englehart

    The unlikely romance between the Vision and the Scarlet Witch was one of the Avengers' most famous storylines. Now, witness what happens when the two heroes finally get hitched and settle down in the suburbs! But if you think they're going to live the quiet life, think again! Plus: a golden age mystery with ties to the Witch's past is solved! The Vision bonds with his brothers in all but...

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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Solo Classic Omnibus by Bill Mantlo
    Guardians Of The Galaxy Solo Classic Omnibus (English, Hardback) Bill Mantlo, Jim Starlin

    They're the galaxy's greatest heroes - but who were they before they met? Find out in this complete collection of their earliest appearances! Collecting: Incredible Hulk (1968) 271, Annual 5; Iron Man (1968) 55; Captain Marvel (1968) 27-33, 43-44, 58-62; Strange Tales (1951) 180-181; Warlock (1972) 9-11, 15; Avengers (1963) 219-220, Annual 7; Marvel Two-In-One Annual 2; Marvel Preview 11; Marvel...

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  • The Savage Sword Of Kull Volume 1 by Bernie Wrightson
    The Savage Sword Of Kull Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Bernie Wrightson, Howard Chaykin

    Dark Horse presents The Savage Sword of Kull, which is the first of a two volume set that will collect all of the black and white Kull material printed by Marvel in the 1970s through the1990s! Howard's characters have always attracted top talent, and the creators assembled in this hefty tome are no different. Industry heavyweights like Roy Thomas, Chuck Dixon, and Gerry Conway Barry Windsor Smith,...

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  • Avengers: The Complete Celestial Madonna Saga by Steve Englehart
    Avengers: The Complete Celestial Madonna Saga (English, Paperback) Steve Englehart

    Follow the fateful saga of the Avenger named Mantis - a tale three decades in the telling! It all begins with the revelations of the Star-Stalker, and soon drags Earth's Mightiest Heroes into a cosmic clash between Captain Marvel and Thanos! But when Kang comes to the present day in search of the Celestial Madonna, Mantis' life is forever altered! In one of the greatest Avengers epics ever told,...

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  • X-O Manowar Classic Omnibus Volume 1 by Steve Ditko
    X-O Manowar Classic Omnibus Volume 1 (English, Hardback) Steve Ditko, Joe Quesada

    Aric of Dacia, a fifth century Visigoth warrior abducted and enslaved by the brutal Spider Aliens, fights his way free of his captors and steals their ultimate weapon, the X-O Manowar armor. But 1,600 years have passed while the Spider Aliens held Aric captive and the time he returns to is not his own.

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  • Captain America & The Falcon: Secret Empire by Tony Isabella
    Captain America & The Falcon: Secret Empire (English, Paperback) Tony Isabella, Steve Englehart

    Captain America...criminal?! The Secret Empire was rarely more secretive or empirical than in this classic arc that sets Cap against a conspiracy out to frame and replace him in the American mind! And pay close attention to the man behind the curtain (or mask, as the case may be)! Corruption and cover-ups conclude with Cap quitting the Avengers, paving the way for his days as Nomad! With Nick...

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  • The Death Of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin
    The Death Of Captain Marvel (English, Paperback) Jim Starlin, Steve Englehart

    As Protector of the Universe and de facto defender of Earth, the Kree Captain Mar-Vell has triumphed over foes large and small. But when Mar-Vell is diagnosed with cancer, he fi nds himself face-to-face with a foe that even his vast might can't defeat...and both he, and a universe that loves him, must rally together to accept the inevitable. Plus, look back at the seminal battle with Nitro that...

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  • X-men: Inferno Crossovers by Walter Simonson
    X-men: Inferno Crossovers (English, Paperback) Walter Simonson, David Michelinie

    During the "Inferno" event, the Fantastic Four fight fires, Kang the Conqueror seizes his moment, Spider-Man blames Mysterio for Inferno's weirdness, Hobgoblin faces a returned Green Goblin, and Daredevil battles Typhoid Mary.

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  • Avengers: West Coast Avengers by Stan Lee
    Avengers: West Coast Avengers (English, Hardback) Stan Lee, Steve Englehart

    The West Coast Avengers find themselves flung throughout time in this classic tale featuring everything from Marvel's Wild West to ancient Egyptian despots! Witness the 'Wackos' as they find themselves face to face with such legends as the Two-Gun Kid, the Phantom Rider, and the Rawhide Kid, along with the time-tossed villainy of Rama-Tut and Immortus. With the Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange along...

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  • Avengers: The Contest by Tom DeFalco
    Avengers: The Contest (English, Hardback) Tom DeFalco, Bill Mantlo

    To return his fellow Elder of the Universe, the Collector, to life, the Grandmaster enters a cosmic wager with Death herself, using Earth heroes as their chess pieces! Heroes from around the world, including several never-before-seen, battle it out for nothing less than the fate of Earth itself in the Contest of Champions! Featuring every Earth hero, circa 1982! Starring 15 Avengers and special...

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