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Steve Jones

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  • Smile Now, Cry Later by Luis Rodriguez
    Smile Now, Cry Later (English, Hardback)

    Pioneering black-and-gray tattoo artist Freddy Negrete was twelve years old and confined in the holding cell of a Los Angeles juvenile facility when an older teenager entered?covered in tattoos. Freddy was in awe, not just of the art, but of what it symbolized, and he wanted what this kid had: the potent sense of empowerment and belonging that came from joining a gang. The encounter drove Freddy...

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  • Evolution (A Ladybird Expert Book) by Steve Jones
    Evolution (A Ladybird Expert Book) (English, Hardback)

    Evolution is the third book of a new series of titles written for an adult readership and produced in the same iconic small hardback format pioneered by the original Ladybirds....

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  • Mapping Motivation for Engagement by James Sale
    Mapping Motivation for Engagement (English, Hardback)

    Employee engagement is undeniably a crucial focus point for organisations in the twenty-first century, with motivation comprising the often missing, but vital, component of the developmental mix. Mapping Motivation for Engagement advocates a new paradigm for the twenty-first century: away from hierarchies and command-and-control management styles, towards a bottom-up approach in which the needs...

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  • No Off Season by Steve Jones
    No Off Season (English, Hardback)

    No Off SeasonAs a child, Steve Jones was taught to work hard for whathe wanted. From shining shoes on street corners to earn a fewdollars or pushing through numerous injuries in the footballfield, Steve understands what it means to persevere beyond yourcircumstances. In No Off Season, Steve shares the story of his lifeand all of the success and failures it's made up of. Despite theroadblocks Steve...

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  • Introducing Genetics by Steve Jones
    Introducing Genetics (English, Paperback)

    Unique graphic introductions to big ideas and thinkers, written by experts in the field.

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  • Y Descent of Men by Steve Jones
    Y Descent of Men (English, Paperback)

    In his highly entertaining and enlightening book, the acclaimed geneticist and author Steve Jones offers a landmark exploration of maleness. With effervescent wit, Jones argues that men, biologically speaking, are the true second sex. Here he lays out the cases for and against masculinity -- exploring every biological aspect from the genesis of the Y chromosome onward -- based on the recent explosion of biological research. Along the way, he offers pithy commentary on topics such as male hormones, hair loss, and the hydraulics of man's most intimate organ. Fascinating and often surprising, Jones's evidence offers fresh fuel for the battle of the sexes.

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  • Food and Cultural Studies by Bob Ashley
    Food and Cultural Studies (English, Paperback)

    A re-examination of the history of food studies from the semiotics of Barthes and the anthropology of Levi-Strauss to Elias' historical analysis and Bourdieu's work on the relationship between food, consumption and cultural identity.

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  • Torture Porn by Steve Jones
    Torture Porn (English, Hardback)

    The first monograph to critically engage with the controversial horror film subgenre known as 'torture porn', this book dissects press responses to popular horror and analyses key torture porn films, mapping out the broader conceptual and contextual concerns that shape the meanings of both 'torture' and 'porn'.

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  • The Serpent's Promise by Professor Steve Jones
    The Serpent's Promise (English, Paperback)

    Britain's favourite geneticist, Steve Jones, updates the Bible from the point of view of modern science.

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  • Darwin's Island by Professor Steve Jones
    Darwin's Island (English, Paperback)

    * The acclaimed book on Darwin's life and work, from one of our best-known and loved scientists

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  • Y: The Descent Of Men by Professor Steve Jones
    Y: The Descent Of Men (English, Paperback)

    * An objective look at masculinity - from bodies to brains, from genes to genitals.

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  • Almost Like A Whale by Steve Jones
    Almost Like A Whale (English, Paperback)

    In his new book, Steve Jones takes on the challenge of going back to the book of the millennium, Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species.

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  • Darwin's Ghost by Steve Jones
    Darwin's Ghost (English, Paperback)

    A modern geneticist revisits Darwin's classic work to offer contemporary examples and modern research that confirm the book's conclusions on evolution.

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  • Pop Music And The Press by Steve Jones
    Pop Music And The Press (English, Paperback)

    Sees pop music journalism as a form of cultural criticism.

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  • The Serpent's Promise by Steve Jones
    The Serpent's Promise (English, Hardback)

    From acclaimed geneticist Steve Jones, the story of the Bible as told through the lens of modern science.

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  • Cheese Beer Wine Cider - A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings by Steve Jones
    Cheese Beer Wine Cider - A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings (English, Paperback)

    A field guide to cheese-and-drink combinations that go beyond Parmigiano and Prosecco.

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  • Focus by Stephen R. Covey
    Focus (English, CD-Audio)

    The Focus workshop presents an engaging and inspirational learning experience and will change your life in ways you never thought possible. With this audiobook, you will begin a process and journey to a new way of thinking about personal and professional focus and accomplishment. You'll learn how to identify?and focus?on the tasks and priorities that matter most so that you can deliver maximum...

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  • The Language of the Genes by Steve Jones
    The Language of the Genes (English, Paperback)

    Steve Jones's highly acclaimed, double prize-winning, bestselling first book is now fully revised to cover all the new genetic breakthroughs from GM food to Dolly the sheep.'An essential sightseer's guide to our own genetic terrain.' Peter Tallack, Sunday Telegraph

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  • Lonely Boy by Steve Jones
    Lonely Boy (English, Paperback)

    With a foreword by Chrissie Hynde...

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