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  • Street Fonts by Claudia Walde
    Street Fonts (English, Paperback) Claudia Walde

    A unique typographical sourcebook featuring over 150 specially designed, original alphabets exclusive to this book.

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  • Spraycan Art by Henry Chalfant
    Spraycan Art (English, Paperback) Henry Chalfant, James Prigoff

    Shows examples of graffiti from around the world and shares the opinions of graffiti artists about their work.

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  • Street Sketchbook: Journeys by Tristan Manco
    Street Sketchbook: Journeys (English, Hardback) Tristan Manco

    A sequel to the "Street Sketchbook" in which Tristan Manco continues his exploration of the secret world of sketchbooks by tracing artists creative journeys, from the initial idea to its development.

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  • Street Sketchbook by Tristan Manco
    Street Sketchbook (English, Hardback) Tristan Manco

    Focussing on street and graffiti artists, this book showcases a diversity of working methods, approaches and personal fixations, including declarations of love, typographic explorations, alter egos, storyboards, mythological creatures, anatomical studies, architectural drawings and extreme doodling.

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  • Blek le Rat by Sybille Prou
    Blek le Rat (English, Paperback) Sybille Prou, King Adz

    Offers a taste of the evolution of urban art from New York, Paris, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, to London, Taipei, Naples and Berlin. This book is suitable for enthusiasts of street and urban culture and students alike.

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  • Graffiti Woman by Nicholas Ganz
    Graffiti Woman (English, Hardback) Nicholas Ganz

    Suitable for the lovers of the galleries of the street, this book includes, two 8-page fold-out collages, and reproduces the work of such world-famous artists as New Yorks Lady Pink and Swoon, Amsterdams Mickey and Toulouses Miss Van, as well as a galaxy of rising stars over 130 in all.

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  • Graffiti Brasil by Tristan Manco
    Graffiti Brasil (English, Paperback) Tristan Manco

    Here is a report from the trenches on the most exciting and original graffiti scene to emerge in the past decade. From extraordinary creative extremes generated amidst urban deprivation to crafted murals at their most elaborate, Graffiti Brasil offers both stunning photography and in-depth history and insight from world authorities on the subject.

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  • R.I.P.: New York Spraycan Memorials by Joseph Sciorra
    R.I.P.: New York Spraycan Memorials (English, Paperback) Joseph Sciorra, Martha Cooper

    A new generation of graffiti artists has hit the streets of New York and is decorating neighbourhood walls with memorials to the tragic and untimely deaths of friends and loved ones. This book is a collection of photographs of the best of this art, as well as the stories behind them.

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  • Freight Train Graffiti by Roger Gastman
    Freight Train Graffiti (Paperback) Roger Gastman

    Featuring photographs of the genre's existence and interviews with over 125 revered freight train artists, this illustrated volume offers insights into the world of freight train graffiti.

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  • Street World by Roger Gastman
    Street World (English, Hardback) Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon

    From juggernauts like hip-hop and punk to much smaller but equally inspiring subcultures endemic to the streets of the Brazilian mega-cities, South African townships and the crowds of Mumbai, this book documents it all.

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  • Graffiti World by Nicholas Ganz
    Graffiti World (English, Hardback) Nicholas Ganz

    A graffiti book with over 2,000 pictures of artworks from more than 180 international artists. It combines the author's first-hand experiences with quotes from the artists themselves to offer an insiders perspective of the key trends and style developments that have made graffiti a global phenomenon.

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  • Subway Art by Martha Cooper
    Subway Art (Hardback) Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant

    Documents the work of graffiti writers who illegally painted subway cars in New York City. This book reports how the lives of the original subway artists have unfolded, and chronicles the end of the subway graffiti scene in the late 1980s and its unexpected rebirth as a global art movement.

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