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  • Remodelista: The Art of Order
    Remodelista: The Art of Order (English, Hardback) Julie Carlson, Margot Guralnick

    At last, a visual home organization guide that teaches readers how to create spaces that are at once uncluttered and stylish, purposeful and personal, from the team behind the popular website

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  • Easy on the Eyes
    Easy on the Eyes (English, Paperback) Lisa Potter-Dixon

    Lisa Potter-Dixon's Easy on the Eyes: The Pocket Book of Beauty has all the make-up know-how you need to take you from desk to dancefloor.

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  • The Modern Kitchen
    The Modern Kitchen (English, Hardback) Tim Hayward

    A nostalgic paean to 100 objects that have helped to define the modern kitchen

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  • Une Femme Francaise
    Une Femme Francaise (English, Hardback) Catherine Malandrino

    All American women aspire to have the nonchalant style and grace of French women, that je ne sais quoi that makes all of their habits seem natural and effortless. In Une Femme Française, fashion designer Catherine Malandrino, a Frenchwoman who has lived and worked in the US for thirty years, reveals French women's secrets for an American audience....

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  • Minimalism for Families
    Minimalism for Families (English, Paperback) Zoe Kim

    "Zoë Kim has written a book on minimalism for families that is practical, encouraging, and motivating. And I'm glad she did?we need more guidance like this in the world today."?Joshua Becker, founder of Becoming MinimalistOrganizing your home and leading a minimalist lifestyle can seem like a daydream for busy families?but it's possible! Designed for families who want to declutter and embrace...

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  • Paper Sculpture Enchanted Kirigami
    Paper Sculpture Enchanted Kirigami (English, Paperback) Patricia Moffett

    A stress-relieving activity book that allows the creatively adventurous to make enchanting three-dimensional sculptures using the famed Japanese paper-cutting technique....

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  • The Little Pocket Book of Natural Beauty
    The Little Pocket Book of Natural Beauty (English, Paperback) Karen Gilbert

    Packed with great tips and easy-to-follow recipes for homemade lotions and potions, The Little Pocked Book of Natural Beauty has everything you need to know about how to care for your skin and hair. From lip balms to bath oils, you'll learn how to create some stunning natural remedies that will not only look and smell lovely, but will make you feel great!

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  • New Nordic Colour
    New Nordic Colour (English, Hardback) Antonia Af Petersens

    Scandinavian style has long been associated with light, pared-down spaces and monochrome interiors. However, in recent years the colour palette has moved away from pale shades and rich characterful hues are appearing in Nordic homes.

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  • Smart Women Don't Get Wrinkles
    Smart Women Don't Get Wrinkles (Paperback) Helena Frith Powell

    The massively publicised guide to anti-aging from the bestselling author of Two Lipsticks and a Lover.

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  • Closet Essentials
    Closet Essentials (English, Paperback) Amber McNaught

    Fashion trends may come and go, but timeless pieces can look chic in every season with the right kind of style. Closet Essentials reveals the secrets of styling 60 of these wardrobe essentials?from the Breton striped top to the little black dress, bomber jacket, jeans, ballet flats, and more?into endless outfits, perfect for any event. With five different ways to style each item and advice for...

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  • Creative Furniture Design for Kids & Teens
    Creative Furniture Design for Kids & Teens (Multiple languages, Hardback) Li Aihong

    An abundancy of creative furniture from top brands and designers, created with kids in mind, including beds, dressers, night-stands, desks, chairs, play furniture and more.

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  • Cosy Interiors
    Cosy Interiors (English, Hardback) Macarena Abascal

    This beautiful book shows relaxed home interiors, designed and organized to create a pleasant atmosphere in today's living spaces.

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  • Kinfolk Volume 26
    Kinfolk Volume 26 (English, Paperback) Kinfolk $19.32
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  • Lemons are a Girl's Best Friend (Hardback) Janet Hayward

    When it comes to looking gorgeous, many of the best treatments are to be found in the fridge or fruit bowl, rat her than the beauty counter. Nature is an amazing provider, with each season bringing an abundance of different herbs, vegetables and fruits that supply important nutrients to keep our bodies looking beautiful and feeling healthy all year round. This comp act, illustrated guide...

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  • The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming
    The Gentleman's Guide to Grooming (English, Hardback) Peabody Fawcett

    Brimming with illustrations, photographs, and witty observations, this indispensable handbook gives today's man invaluable advice from the world's most respected masters of style and grooming. Men will find professional guidance on everything from getting a good haircut and recipes for tonics and potions to maintaining fingernails and choosing the right hat?so they'll look their best from head to perfectly polished shoes.

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  • Papercraft Indoor Garden
    Papercraft Indoor Garden (English, Paperback) Sarah Dennis

    Discover the next phase of mindful creativity with Papercraft Indoor Garden, a garden-themed papercrafting book that allows you to bring the outdoors into your home, no green thumb required....

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  • Instant Wall Art - Vintage Map Prints
    Instant Wall Art - Vintage Map Prints (English, Paperback) Adams Media

    Refresh the look of your home with these forty-five vintage map prints, ready for framing and displaying!...

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  • Instant Wall Art - Vintage Patterns
    Instant Wall Art - Vintage Patterns (English, Paperback) Adams Media

    Update your home décor with these beautiful vintage textile prints, ready for framing and displaying!...

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  • Acts Of Kindness
    Acts Of Kindness (English, Hardback) Rhonda Sciortino

    Random or otherwise, acts of kindness and generosity are essential to making our world a better place. A celebration of humanity at its best, author and motivational speaker Rhonda Sciortino inspires and delivers in Acts of Kindness, a powerful little book, rich with love....

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