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Sue Quinn

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  • How to Sew Little Felt Animals by Sue Quinn
    How to Sew Little Felt Animals (English, Paperback) Sue Quinn

    A step-by-step guide to making your own woodland friends from felt. Sue Quinn's gorgeous and nostalgic designs make perfect gifts - if you can bear to give them away.

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  • Posh Pancakes by Sue Quinn
    Posh Pancakes (English, Hardback) Sue Quinn

    Over 70 inventive ideas for seriously tasty pancakes

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  • Roasting Tray Magic by Sue Quinn
    Roasting Tray Magic (Hardback) Sue Quinn

    One roasting tray, one complete meal - no fuss, and minimal washing up!

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  • The World Atlas of Street Food by Sue Quinn
    The World Atlas of Street Food (Hardback) Sue Quinn, Carol Wilson

    An informative and sumptuously illustrated guide to the best places to buy mouthwatering fast foods and drinks from hawkers and vendors in the major cities of the world.

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  • Easy Vegan by Sue Quinn
    Easy Vegan (Paperback) Sue Quinn

    Veganism is a growing trend worldwide but many of the books currently on the market are health focused rather than recipe and taste focused. They can also look rather forbidding and serious. Easy Vegan offers 160 delicious recipes without animal products for wannabe vegans, existing vegans or those wishing to learn more. It targets those who want to eat less animal product for ethical and health...

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  • Easy Mediterranean by Sue Quinn
    Easy Mediterranean (English, Paperback) Sue Quinn

    Could this be the healthiest way to eat in the world? These light, bright, Mediterranean-influenced dishes are tried-and-tested delicious and easy to prepare and share.

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  • Cook Fast Eat Well by Sue Quinn
    Cook Fast Eat Well (English, Paperback) Sue Quinn

    Bring delicious, nutritious food to the table . . . in just 10 MINUTES! Each of these mouthwatering recipes?including Vietnamese Duck Rolls, several luscious variations of Fettuccine Alfredo, and Chocolate Cake in a Mug?uses only five ingredients and takes a mere 10 minutes to prepare.  Armed with lists of pantry staples, crystal-clear directions, and stunning photos, you'll discover how easy cooking can be!

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  • The World Atlas of Street Food by Carol Wilson
    The World Atlas of Street Food (English, Hardback) Carol Wilson

    Street food is one of the most amazing culinary success stories of the twenty-first century, defying globalization and the spread of multinational fast-food franchises. Fresh, cheap, plentiful, and varied, street food offers urban residents a cornucopia of choices. Food that was once obtainable only on Saharan roadsides is now available in New York City, and Patagonian village recipes can be...

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  • Sugar Free: Over 60 Recipes with No Added Sugar by Sue Quinn
    Sugar Free: Over 60 Recipes with No Added Sugar (Hardback) Sue Quinn

    This handy book is an excellent entry point into reducing (or even eliminating) added sugar in your diet - something we all know we should do.

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  • Salads by Sue Quinn
    Salads (English, Paperback) Sue Quinn

    Salads shares 60 quick, easy, and delicious recipes perfect for light, fresh lunches as well as hearty dinners. Proving that salads aren't just for those on a health-kick, these recipes are inventive, bold, and often satisfying meals in themselves. Using the best-quality, seasonal ingredients and some exciting combinations, Sue Quinn presents an explosion of textures, flavors, and colors and shows...

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  • Super Foods Every Day by Sue Quinn
    Super Foods Every Day (English, Paperback) Sue Quinn

    Shares healthy recipes featuring different super foods, including super muesli, roasted mackerel and salsa, and chocberry cupcakes.

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  • Superfoods by Sue Quinn
    Superfoods (Hardback) Sue Quinn

    Here we have a collection of gourmet but simple recipes based around a core list of superfoods, to help you load your diet with as much goodness as possible

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  • The Kids Only Cookbook by Sue Quinn
    The Kids Only Cookbook (Hardback) Sue Quinn

    The Kids Only Cookbook is packed with 50 simple, delicious and fun recipes containing easy-to-follow captions and 300 photos in a unique cartoon-style to inspire children of all ages to get busy in the kitchen.

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  • Cocoa by Sue Quinn
    Cocoa (English, Hardback) Sue Quinn

    An irresistible exploration of chocolate, for the curious gourmet

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