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  • The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer by Professor Trisha Greenhalgh
    The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer (English, Paperback) Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, Dr Liz O'Riordan

    They are also outstanding doctors, with Trisha Greenhalgh being the author of one of the world's bestselling evidence-based medicine books and Liz O'Riordan a breast surgeon with years of experience in treating breast cancer patients.

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    5 stars

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  • Breast Cancer: The Facts by Christobel M. Saunders
    Breast Cancer: The Facts (English, Paperback) Christobel M. Saunders, Sunil Jassal

    Concise and accessible, Breast Cancer: The Facts guides the newly-diagnosed breast cancer patient through what they can expect to encounter on their journey. Updated to include new treatment options, and more information for the patient's family and friends, this is an essential yet approachable guide.

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  • Oxford Handbook of Oncology by Jim Cassidy
    Oxford Handbook of Oncology (English, Part-work (fascĂ­culo)) Jim Cassidy

    This practical guide to clinical consultation in oncology has been extensively revised and updated. It reflects recent advances in oncology with particular emphasis on new therapies and the emergence of immunotherapy as a real modality.

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  • The European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses by Michelle Kenyon
    The European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Textbook for Nurses (English, Hardback) Michelle Kenyon

    Under the auspices of EBMT

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  • Oncologic Breast Surgery by Carlo Mariotti
    Oncologic Breast Surgery (English, Hardback) Carlo Mariotti

    This book presents recent developments in oncologic breast surgery and takes full account of diagnostic, pathologic, and radiologic inputs. Topics include plastic and reconstructive surgery, DCIS surgery, radio-guided surgery, and adjuvant systemic therapy.

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  • The MD Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook by Barry Feig
    The MD Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook (English, Paperback) Barry Feig

    Publisher's Note: Products purchased from 3rd Party sellers are not guaranteed by the Publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. The sixth edition of the MD Anderson Surgical Oncology Handbook focuses on multidisciplinary, cooperative approaches to issues confronting the surgical oncologist. Organized by disease and in full color for the first time, this volume is comprehensive yet concise, and takes into account all of the oncologic issues you need to consider in order to fully understand each disease and its relevant treatments.

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  • Oxford Textbook of Oncology by David J. Kerr
    Oxford Textbook of Oncology (English, Hardback) David J. Kerr

    Written by internationally recognised key opinion leaders in all of the oncology sub-disciplines and covering all aspects of the field, the Oxford Textbook of Oncology, Third Edition reflects current best practice and represents a modern approach to managing the cancer patient. This is a definitive resource for oncologists of all varieties.

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  • The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology by Syed Z. Ali
    The Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology (English, Paperback) Syed Z. Ali

    Until now, there has been no uniform system for reporting the results of thyroid fine needle aspiration (FNA) in the U.S. The terminology framework described in this color-illustrated book is an important advance in the field of cytopathology.

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  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery by Florian Fitzal
    Oncoplastic Breast Surgery (English, Hardback) Florian Fitzal

    This book presents 50 cases, encompassing a broad range of oncoplastic breast surgeries. Each case is dedicated to a particular surgical technique, using classifications of ?good, bad, and ugly? to point out potential pitfalls and to optimize post-surgery results. With the help of more than 500 high-quality illustrations and photos and detailed step-by-step instructions the editors, respected...

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  • BMJ Clinical Review: Clinical Oncology by Babita Jyoti
    BMJ Clinical Review: Clinical Oncology (English, Paperback) Babita Jyoti, Eleftheria Kleidi

    This book encloses the latest clinical reviews on medical and surgical oncology from highly recognised authors around the world, as those were recently published in the British Medical Journal.

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  • Prostate Cancer Protection Plan by ARNOT
    Prostate Cancer Protection Plan (English, Paperback) ARNOT

    Now in paperback comes the book that presents the safest, most effective known strategy for fighting the number one cancer among American men.

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  • Clinical Oral Medicine and Pathology by Jean M. Bruch
    Clinical Oral Medicine and Pathology (English, Hardback) Jean M. Bruch, Nathaniel S. Treister

    Following on the favorable reception of the first edition, the authors have thoroughly revised and updated the second edition of this resourceful clinical handbook.

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  • Diagnosis and Management of Testicular Cancer by Susanne Krege
    Diagnosis and Management of Testicular Cancer (English, Hardback) Susanne Krege

    This book presents the views of leading European experts on the diagnosis and management of testicular cancer, with coverage of current hot topics in the field.

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  • Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma by Murray F. Brennan
    Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma (English, Paperback) Murray F. Brennan, Cristina R. Antonescu

    Written by four world-renowned experts, this book gives a practical, up-to-date approach to managing the many subtypes of adult soft tissue sarcoma. Reviews from the first edition: "This is an impressive book.

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  • Medical Robotics by Achim Schweikard
    Medical Robotics (English, Hardback) Achim Schweikard, Floris Ernst

    It covers the mathematics needed to understand the use of robotic devices in medicine, including but not limited to robot kinematics, hand-eye and robot-world calibration, reconstruction, registration, motion planning, motion prediction, motion correlation, motion replication and motion learning.

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  • Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons by Lynda Wyld
    Breast Cancer Management for Surgeons (English, Hardback) Lynda Wyld

    This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the art knowledge of breast cancer management for the modern breast surgeon. It covers all aspects of multidisciplinary care including primary breast and axillary surgery, reconstruction and oncoplastic techniques, external beam radiotherapy and newer techniques such as tomotherapy, intraoperative radiotherapy and brachytherapy. In...

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  • Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumors by Kenneth Cardona
    Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumors (English, Hardback) Kenneth Cardona

    The incidence of primary and metastatic liver tumors is rising and the therapeutic armamentarium for these tumors is expanding at a rapid pace. This book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of the current state of liver-directed therapy for malignant liver tumors.

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  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Brian I. Carr
    Hepatocellular Carcinoma (English, Paperback) Brian I. Carr

    * Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) used to be regarded as a rare disease.

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  • Tumor Board Review by Robert Todd
    Tumor Board Review (English, Paperback) Robert Todd

    Culling the knowledge and expertise of respected oncology specialists, this is a concise yet comprehensive review of all areas of oncology practice for medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and pathologists - both students and practitioners. This second edition of has been thoroughly revised to include recent scientific advances in assessment and treatment and new clinical guidelines.

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