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  • The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise by Dario Fernandez-Morera
    The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise (English, CD-Audio) Dario Fernandez-Morera

    In this groundbreaking book, Northwestern University scholar Dario Fern?ndez-Morera tells the full story of Islamic Spain. The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise shines light on hidden features of this medieval culture by drawing on an abundance of primary sources that scholars have ignored, as well as archaeological evidence only recently unearthed.

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  • Packing My Library by Alberto Manguel
    Packing My Library (English, CD-Audio) Alberto Manguel

    With insight and passion, Alberto Manguel underscores the universal centrality of books and their unique importance to a democratic, civilized, and engaged society.

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  • Relentless by Tim S. Grover
    Relentless (English, CD-Audio) Tim S. Grover

    For more than two decades, legendary trainer Tim Grover has taken the greats and made them greater. In Relentless, he reveals what it takes to get those results and shows you how to be relentless and achieve whatever you desire.

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  • Mary Queen of Scots by John Guy
    Mary Queen of Scots (English, CD-Audio) John Guy

    In the first full-scale biography of Mary Stuart in more than thirty years, John Guy creates an intimate and absorbing portrait of one of history's most famous women, depicting her world and her place in the sweep of history with stunning immediacy.

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  • Flawless by Jamie Goode
    Flawless (English, CD-Audio) Jamie Goode

    Flawless is the first book of its kind dedicated to exploring the main causes of faults in wine. From cork taint, to volatile acidity, to off-putting aromas and flavors, all wine connoisseurs have encountered unappealing qualities in a disappointing bottle.

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  • The Frozen Chosen by Norman Dietz
    The Frozen Chosen (English, CD-Audio) Norman Dietz

    The Frozen Chosen is an account of the breakout from the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea by the First Marine Division from November to December 1950, following the intervention of Red China in the Korean War.

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  • Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter by Beatrix Potter
    Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter (English, CD-Audio) Beatrix Potter

    Beatrix Potter's amazing universe of animals dressed in human clothing has taught and entertained children for over a century. Her love of animals and children is apparent in each of these twenty-one tales.

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  • Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken
    Chariots of the Gods (English, CD-Audio) Erich von Daniken

    Erich von Daniken's world-famous bestseller Chariots of the Gods introduces the shocking theory-and the archaeological evidence to prove it-that ancient Earth was visited by aliens.

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  • Freeing Your Child From Anxiety by Tamar E. Chansky
    Freeing Your Child From Anxiety (English, CD-Audio) Tamar E. Chansky

    Written by an expert in the field of childhood anxiety disorders, this indispensable guide provides parents with safe, proven methods for reducing childhood anxiety.

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  • Beyond Words by Carl Safina
    Beyond Words (English, CD-Audio) Carl Safina

    Weaving decades of field observations with exciting new discoveries about the brain, this landmark book from Carl Safina offers an intimate view of animal behavior to challenge the fixed boundary between humans and nonhuman animals.

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  • Running On Empty by Jonice Webb
    Running On Empty (English, CD-Audio) Jonice Webb, Christine Musello

    Running on Empty is the first self-help book about emotional neglect: an invisible force from your childhood which you can't see, but may be affecting you profoundly to this day. It is about what didn't happen in your childhood, what wasn't said, and what cannot be remembered.

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  • Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? by Gina Pera
    Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? (English, CD-Audio) Gina Pera

    Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? is a meticulously researched, comprehensive guide to recognizing and dealing with Adult ADHD, offering a message of hope for the millions of people whose lives this disorder has impacted.

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  • Who by Geoff Smart
    Who (English, CD-Audio) Geoff Smart, Randy Street

    In Who, Geoff Smart and Randy Street provide a simple and straightforward solution to every manager's number-one problem: unsuccessful hiring.

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  • Final Account by Peter Robinson
    Final Account (English, CD-Audio) Peter Robinson

    In this chilling and surprising classic tale, the brutal, execution-style murder of a nondescript accountant opens up a deadly Pandora's Box of lies, double lives, blood, and deception for Chief Inspector Alan Banks.

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  • Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon
    Primal Branding (English, CD-Audio) Patrick Hanlon

    What is it that made Starbucks an overnight sensation and separated it from other coffee house companies? Why do many products with great product innovation, perfect locations, terrific customer experiences, even breakthrough advertising fail to get the same visceral traction in the marketplace as brands like Apple and Nike? Patrick Hanlon, senior advertising executive and founder of Thinktopia, decided to find the answers. His search revealed seven definable assets that together construct the belief system that lies behind every successful brand, whether it's a product, service, city, personality, social cause, or movement.

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  • Will I Ever Be Good Enough? by Karyl McBride
    Will I Ever Be Good Enough? (English, CD-Audio) Karyl McBride

    Psychotherapist Dr. Karyl McBride provides a guide for daughters of narcissistic mothers to break free from the cycle of overachievement or self-sabotage and take control of their lives.

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  • The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
    The God Delusion (English, CD-Audio) Richard Dawkins

    Richard Dawkins, whom Discover magazine recently called "Darwin's Rottweiler" for his fierce and effective defense of evolution, now turns his considerable intellect on religion, denouncing its faulty logic and the suffering it causes. He eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. He shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry, and abuses children, buttressing his points with historical and contemporary evidence. In so doing, he makes a compelling case that belief in God is not just irrational, but potentially deadly.

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  • Dune: House Corrino by Brian Herbert
    Dune: House Corrino (English, CD-Audio) Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

    Continuing the events leading up to Frank Herbert's immortal Dune saga, the exciting conclusion to this trilogy finds the cruel Tleilaxu overlords on Ix manufacturing a synthetic form of amal to supplant the spice from Dune. If amal is accepted, Emperor Shaddam IV will gain absolute power. But if the plot of the Imperial House Corrino succeeds, the result may be the end of civilization itself.

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  • The Mystery Method by Null Mystery
    The Mystery Method (English, CD-Audio) Null Mystery, Chris Odom

    "One of the most admired men in the world of seduction" (The New York Times) teaches average guys how to approach, attract, and begin intimate relationships with beautiful women.

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  • How To Be A Great Boss by Gino Wickman
    How To Be A Great Boss (English, CD-Audio) Gino Wickman, Rene Boer

    In How to Be a Great Boss, Gino Wickman and Rene Boer present a straightforward, practical approach to help bosses at all levels of an organization get the most from their people.

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