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Tanya Krzywinska

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  • Videogame, Player, Text by Barry Atkins
    Videogame, Player, Text (English, Paperback) Barry Atkins

    Videogame, player, text examines the playing and playful subject through a series of analytical essays focused on particular videogames. -- .

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  • Sex and the Cinema by Tanya Krzywinska
    Sex and the Cinema (English, Paperback) Tanya Krzywinska

    From the sanctioned to the forbidden, the suggestive to the blatant, evocations of sex have saturated cinema with a heady distillation of fleshly passions. Whether laced in the rapturous rhetorics of romance or seeking to pack a harder erotic punch, cinematic representations of sex and sexual desire have provided cinema with one of its major attractions. Sex and the Cinema traces the numerous...

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  • Science Fiction Cinema by Geoff King
    Science Fiction Cinema (English, Paperback) Geoff King, Tanya Krzywinska

    From lurid comic-book blockbusters to dark dystopian visions, science fiction is seen as both a powerful cultural barometer of our times and the product of particular industrial and commercial frameworks. Major themes of the genre are outlined, from representations of the mad scientist and computer hacker to the relationship between science fiction and postmodernism, exploring issues such as the meaning of special effects and the influence of science fiction cinema on the entertainment media of the digital age. Over one hundred films are discussed and the book concludes with an extensive case study ofStar Wars I: The Phantom Menace.

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