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  • Visible Learning for Teachers
    Visible Learning for Teachers (English, Paperback) John Hattie

    Takes the next step and explains how to apply the principles from Visible Learning in your classroom. This book offers: concise and user-friendly summaries of the most successful practices and interventions; and practical, step-by-step guidance for successfully implementing visible learning and visible teaching.

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  • Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors
    Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors (English, Paperback) Janina Fisher

    Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors integrates a neurobiologically informed understanding of trauma, dissociation, and attachment with a practical approach to treatment, all communicated in straightforward language accessible to both client and therapist. Readers will be exposed to a model that emphasizes "resolution"?a transformation in the relationship to one's self, replacing...

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  • What's Happened To The University?
    What's Happened To The University? (English, Paperback) Frank Furedi

    The radical transformation that universities are undergoing today is no less far-reaching than the upheavals that it experienced in the 1960s. However today when almost 50 per cent of young people participate in higher education what occurs in universities matters directly to the whole of society....

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  • Encyclopedia of Counseling
    Encyclopedia of Counseling (English, Paperback) Howard Rosenthal

    With more questions and answers than any other edition, the Encyclopedia of Counseling, 4th ed, is still the only book you need to pass the NCE and other counseling exams. Every chapter has new and updated material, and the user-friendly index that students know and love has also been fully revised. The book's new and improved coverage includes a range of vital topics, including social media,...

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  • The Brain Injury Workbook
    The Brain Injury Workbook (English, Paperback) Trevor Powell

    Contains over 140 cognitive rehabilitation exercises - tailored for memory, thinking skills, executive functions, awareness and insight, and emotional adjustment. This title provides more than 40 information sheets on key problem areas, with questions for the reader, designed to educate and stimulate thinking and discussion.

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  • Evolutionary Psychology
    Evolutionary Psychology (English, Paperback) David Buss

    Examines human psychology and behavior through the lens of modern evolutionary psychology....

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  • Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy
    Grief Counselling and Grief Therapy (English, Paperback) J. William Worden

    Includes a chapter on the mourning process discussing the personal and social difficulties that shape mourning, as well as guidelines for approaching special types of grief including suicide, sudden death and miscarriage. This title is suitable for those who work with the bereaved, from those just entering the field, to seasoned practitioners.

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  • Why Love Matters
    Why Love Matters (English, Paperback) Sue Gerhardt

    "First edition published by Routledge 2004"--Title page verso.

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    5 stars

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  • Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame
    Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame (English, Paperback) Patricia A. DeYoung

    Chronic shame is painful, corrosive, and elusive. It resists self-help and undermines even intensive psychoanalysis. Patricia A. DeYoung's cutting-edge book gives chronic shame the serious attention it deserves, integrating new brain science with an inclusive tradition of relational psychotherapy. She looks behind the myriad symptoms of shame to its relational essence. As DeYoung describes how...

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  • Modern Recording Techniques
    Modern Recording Techniques (English, Paperback) David Miles Huber, Robert E. Runstein

    (Book). Master the tools and day-to-day practices of music recording and production. Learn the ins and outs of room acoustics and designing a studio. Gain techniques for mic placement and running a session. Get a solid grounding in both theory and industry practice. Modern Recording Techniques , the bestselling, authoritative guide to recording, provides everything you need to improve your craft....

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  • The Resilient Practitioner
    The Resilient Practitioner (English, Paperback) Thomas M. Skovholt, Michelle J. Trotter-Mathison

    Therapists and other helping professionals work in highly demanding fields and can suffer from burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary stress. The third edition of The Resilient Practitioner guides students and practitioners toward their own personal balance between caring for themselves and caring for others. This new edition includes a new chapter on models of resiliency, an updated self-care...

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  • Nurturing Natures
    Nurturing Natures (English, Paperback) Graham Music

    Revised edition of the author's Nurturing natures, c2011.

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  • Introduccion a la linguistica hispanica actual
    Introduccion a la linguistica hispanica actual (Multiple languages, Paperback) Javier Munoz-Basols, Nina Moreno

    Introducción a la lingüística hispánica actual is the ideal introduction to Spanish linguistics for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of Spanish....

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  • Grammar to Get Things Done
    Grammar to Get Things Done (English, Paperback) Darren Crovitz, Michelle D. Devereaux

    -Co-published by Routledge and the National Council of Teachers of English.-

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  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy
    Solution Focused Brief Therapy (English, Paperback) Harvey Ratner, Evan George

    Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques provides a concise and jargon-free guide to the thinking and practice of this exciting approach, which enables people to make changes in their lives quickly and effectively. It covers:...

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  • An Emotionally-Focused Workbook for Couples
    An Emotionally-Focused Workbook for Couples (English, Paperback) Veronica Kallos-Lilly, Jennifer Fitzgerald

    This workbook is intended for use with couples who want to enhance their emotional connection or overcome their relationship distress. It is recommended for use with couples pursuing Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). It closely follows the course of treatment and is designed so that clinicians can easily integrate guided reading and reflections into the therapeutic process. The material is...

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  • American Judicial Process
    American Judicial Process (English, Paperback) Pamela C. Corley, Artemus Ward

    This text is a general introduction to American judicial process. The authors cover the major institutions, actors, and processes that comprise the U.S. legal system, viewed from a political science perspective. Grounding their presentation in empirical social science terms, the authors identify popular myths about the structure and processes of American law and courts and then contrast those...

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  • A Clinician's Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy
    A Clinician's Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy (English, Paperback) Gerald Weeks, Nancy Gambescia

    Revision of: A clinician's guide to systemic sex therapy / Katherine M. Hertlein, Gerald R. Weeks, Shelley K. Sendak. 2009.

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  • Sandtray Therapy
    Sandtray Therapy (English, Paperback) Linda E. Homeyer, Daniel S. Sweeney

    Sandtray Therapy is an essential book for professionals and students interested in incorporating this unique modality into work with clients of all ages. The third edition includes information on integrating neurological aspects of trauma and sandtray, updates per the DSM-V, and a new chapter on normative studies of the use of sandtray across the lifespan. As in previous editions, readers will...

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  • Ethics and Professional Issues in Couple and Family Therapy
    Ethics and Professional Issues in Couple and Family Therapy (English, Paperback) Megan J. Murphy

    Ethics and Professional Issues in Couple and Family Therapy, Second Edition builds upon the strong foundations of the first edition. This new edition addresses the 2015 AAMFT Code of Ethics as well as other professional organizations' codes of ethics, and includes three new chapters: one on in-home family therapy, a common method of providing therapy to clients, particularly those involved with...

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