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  • Milling"/
    Milling (English, Paperback) Harold Hall

    A comprehensive introduction to the milling machine, assuming no previous experience, by one of Model Engineers' Workshop magazine's leading authorities. Eight projects lead prospective model engineers through all of the techniques involved; each project is extensively illustrated with step-by-step photographs and workshop drawings.

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  • Making
    Making it (English, Paperback) Chris Lefteri

    Explains over 100 production methods. With diagrams, case studies and step-by-step photographs of the manufacturing process, this title uses contemporary design as a vehicle to describe production processes. It lists their pros and cons, suitable production volumes, costs involved, speed of production, relevant materials and typical applications.

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  • Kanban"/
    Kanban (English, Paperback) David J Anderson $36.25 $52.95
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  • How to Draw (English, Paperback) Scott Robertson

    Provides instruction on drawing objects and environments from the imagination, constructing accurate perspective grids, and experimenting with various mediums.

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  • Handbook
    Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care and Patient Safety (English, Paperback) Pascale Carayon

    The first edition of Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care and Patient Safety took the medical and ergonomics communities by storm with in-depth coverage of human factors and ergonomics research, concepts, theories, models, methods, and interventions and how they can be applied in health care. Other books focus on particular human factors and ergonomics issues such as human error...

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  • Why
    Why the Wheel is Round (English, Hardback) Steven Vogel

    The human body is an assemblage of parts that don’t fully rotate. Anyone who has sprained an ankle, torn a rotator cuff, or tried to view behind them in an owl-like fashion can attest to the limits of human design. And these limitations pervade natural systems. With the exception of flagella, true wheels don’t exist in the natural world. There are two modes of locomotionthe first is simple rolling, and the second is fixed rotation, such as a wheel or propeller. Humans have a created a world of that relies on rotationmany objects that require human muscle to move, from the knobs on a stove, to a steering wheel, to the track ball on a computer mouse. To the mind of a biomechanist, this point of connection between the human muscular-skeletal system and the world in which we use it to navigate is a terrain for marrying human functioning, development, and history. Cranks and Cranes does just that. Steven Vogel employs his love of history and his remarkable understanding of how things work to look at wheels and other rotational devices and how they are powered by the muscle and skeletal systems of humans and other domesticated animals.

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  • The
    The Design of Everyday Things (English, Paperback) Donald A. Norman

    Even the smartest among us can feel inept as we try to figure out the shower control in a hotel or attempt to navigate an unfamiliar television set or stove. When The Design of Everyday Things was published in 1988, cognitive scientist Don Norman provocatively proposed that the fault lies not in ourselves, but in design that ignores the needs and psychology of people. Fully revised to keep the...

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  • No
    No Dream is Too High (English, Hardback) Buzz Aldrin, Ken Abraham

    A beautiful memento, a thought-provoking set of ideas, and a new opportunity for Buzz Aldrin to connect with the masses of people who recognize his unique place in human history: No Dream Is Too High will mean a lot of things to a lot of book lovers.

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  • Hidden
    Hidden Figures (English, CD-Audio) Margot Lee Shetterly $32.15 $39.99
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  • Essential
    Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists (English, Paperback) Brian D. Hahn, Daniel Valentine

    Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Sixth Edition, provides a concise, balanced overview of MATLAB's functionality that facilitates independent learning, with coverage of both the fundamentals and applications. The essentials of MATLAB are illustrated throughout, featuring complete coverage of the software's windows and menus. Program design and algorithm development are presented...

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  • Hidden
    Hidden Figures (English, CD-Audio) Margot Lee Shetterly $30.70 $39.99
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  • The
    The Design of Everyday Things (English, Paperback) Donald A. Norman

    "Design may be our top competitive edge. This book is a joy-fun and of the utmost importance."-Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence

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  • VHDL
    VHDL by Example (English, Paperback) Blaine Readler $20.20
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  • My
    My Inventions (English, Paperback) Nikola Tesla $15.10
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  • Einstein
    Einstein TV Tie-In Edition (English, Paperback) Walter Isaacson

    From Isaacson, the bestselling author of "Benjamin Franklin," comes the first full biography of Albert Einstein since all his papers have become available--a fully realized portrait of a premier icon of his era.

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  • Engineering
    Engineering Victory (English, Hardback) Thomas F. Army

    He reveals massive logistical operations as critical in determining the war's outcome.

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  • How
    How to Draw (English, Hardback) Scott Robertson, Thomas Bertling

    How to Draw is for artists, architects and designers. It is useful to the novice, the student and the professional. You will learn how to draw any object or environment from your imagination, starting with the most basic perspective drawing skills. Early chapters explain how to draw accurate perspective grids and ellipses that in later chapters provide the foundation for more complex forms. The...

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