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  • The Ministry of Pain
    The Ministry of Pain (Paperback) Dubravka Ugresic

    Tanja Lucic teaches at the University of Amsterdam and lives on the edge of the city's red light district. Desperate to make ends meet, many of her students find work at the 'Ministry', a fetish-wear factory in North Amsterdam. Meanwhile, Tanja and her student Igor form a dangerously close relationship.

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  • The Old Man and His Sons
    The Old Man and His Sons (English, Paperback) Hedin Bru

    Vibrating with a spirit, almost at times a savagery that recalls ancient Norsemen and Viking sagas, The Old Man and His Sons is a touching novel that deftly captures a vanishing way of life.

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  • Jamilia
    Jamilia (English, Paperback) Chingiz Aitmatov

    A modern classic of Soviet literature, a love story that ranks alongside Turgenev's First Love.

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  • Anthology of Black Humour
    Anthology of Black Humour (Paperback) Andre Breton

    Presents a definitive statement on l'humour noir, one of the seminal concepts of Surrealism. This title offers an anthology of the writers the author most admires. It discusses the acerbic aphorisms of Swift, Lichtenberg and Duchamp, the theatrical slapstick of Christian Dietrich Grabbe, the wry missives of Rimbaud, and the manic paranoia of Dali.

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  • No Word from Gurb
    No Word from Gurb (English, Paperback) Eduardo Mendoza

    Reissue of hilarious cult classic - an extraterrestrial Don Quixote bumbling through modern-day Barcelona - by celebrated Spanish novelist, Eduardo Mendoza. A delirious and hilarious satire of our society's mores.

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  • The Summer My Father Died
    The Summer My Father Died (English, Paperback) Yudit Kiss

    Lyrical, poetic and pierced with black humour, The Summer My Father Died is a stunning and achingly beautiful memoir.

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  • The Sultan of Byzantium
    The Sultan of Byzantium (English, Paperback) Selcuk Altun

    A sweeping novel weaving ancient Byzantine history and legend with a searing modern day romantic adventure.

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  • Hikayat
    Hikayat (English, Paperback) Roseanne Saad Khalaf

    An anthology of Lebanese women fiction writers, this title offers a mix of stories by published authors with established reputations, such as Emily Nasrallah, Hanan Sheikh, and Alaweeya Sobh, alongside the narratives of younger women whose voices explore new terrain. These voices reflect the rich diversity of a complex multi-cultural society.

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  • Katha
    Katha (English, Paperback) Butalia Urvashi

    Indian women's stories have been handed down from generation to generation, enriched and embroidered along the way. This collection covers various languages and cultures and reflects the complex cultures of India, bringing us a selection of various country's finest female voices.

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  • Vauxhall
    Vauxhall (English, Paperback) Gabriel Gbadamosi

    Vauxhall is a tender and occasionally dark portrait of a child growing up and looking for his place in inner city London. A debut novel that is populated by a stunning aray of charcters, who bring to life the experience of growing up in this part of south London during the early 1970's.

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  • My Animal Life
    My Animal Life (English, Hardback) Maggie Gee

    Love, death and good behaviour looked different to a girl in 1950s England. The author tells of growing up during the sexual revolution and living through dramatic changes in attitudes towards race, class and gender. She writes with candour and warmth as she explores questions of love, sex, writing, duty and death.

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  • From the Mouth of the Whale
    From the Mouth of the Whale (English, Paperback) Sjon

    In the chilling aftermath of Iceland's Lutheran Reformation in 1635, Jonas Palmason - a poet, naturalist and self-taught healer - has been condemned to exile for heretical conduct. Based on the historical figure Jon Gudmundsson, From the Mouth of the Whale is a magical evocation of an enlightened mind and a vanished age.

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  • The Blue Fox
    The Blue Fox (English, Paperback) Victoria Sjon

    The year is 1883. The stark Icelandic winter landscape is the backdrop. We follow the priest, Skugga-Baldur, on his hunt for the enigmatic blue fox in this book that is part thriller, part fairy tale.

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  • Sabra Zoo
    Sabra Zoo (English, Paperback) Mischa Hiller

    It is the summer of 1982 and Beirut is under siege. Eighteen-year-old Ivan's parents have just been evacuated from the city with other cadres of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Ivan stays on, interpreting for international medical volunteers in Sabra refugee camp by day, getting stoned with them at night, and working undercover for the PLO.

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  • Eating Air
    Eating Air (Paperback) Pauline Melville

    What could a ballerina, an anarchist, an Islamic terrorist and a banker possibly have in common? Moving between London, Italy and Surinam, this title marshals a cast of characters to tell an explosive tale of greed, passion and revolutionary ideals.

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  • Insomnia
    Insomnia (English, Paperback) Aamer Hussein

    On the shores of Lake Como a man and a woman talk about longing and belonging; a translator finds himself drawn into the personal and political turmoil of the poet he translates; a woman's quiet world is eroded by World War II and the division of her country.

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  • The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt
    The Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt (English, Paperback) Eduardo Mendoza

    Released from an asylum to help with a police enquiry, the quick-witted and foul-smelling narrator delves deep into the underworld of 1970s Barcelona to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl from a convent school, in this hilarious detective romp through seedy underworld Barcelona.

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  • The Whispering Muse
    The Whispering Muse (English, Paperback) Sjon

    An ode to storytelling, The Whispering Muse evokes a time gone by with wit and verve, from the rogues and oddities among sea-faring types, to the long-lost romance and mystique of ancient mythology.

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  • Souffle
    Souffle (English, Paperback) Asli Perker

    A bestseller in Turkey, this is an uplifting novel about the healing power of cooking set in Paris, New York and Istanbul.

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  • Songs My Mother Never Taught Me
    Songs My Mother Never Taught Me (English, Paperback) Selcuk Altun

    After the death of his overbearing mother, the privileged Arda reflects on his young life, and on the life of his father, the famous mathematician Mursel Ergenekon, who was murdered on Arda's fourteenth birthday. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city Bedirhan has decided to pack in his ten-year career as an assassin.

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