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  • Roger Federer: Portrait of an Artist by Christopher Jackson
    Roger Federer: Portrait of an Artist (English, Paperback)

    Literary Nonfiction. Sports. Roger Federer is a modern obsession. He is one of those few athletes?like Muhammed Ali, or Usain Bolt?who has transcended his sport. His long career has seen him win the most Grand Slam singles titles of any man in history, while amassing untold wealth, and a heroic reputation. But why does Federer matter so much to so many people? In ROGER FEDERER: PORTRAIT OF AN...

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  • US Open: 50 Years of Championship Tennis by Rick Rennert
    US Open: 50 Years of Championship Tennis (English, Hardback)

    A vibrantly illustrated book celebrating the most spectacular event in tennis

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  • A Portrait of Wimbledon by Bob Martin
    A Portrait of Wimbledon (English, Hardback)

    This beautiful full colour book showcases Wimbledon inall its glory and gives tennis fans a vibrant, high qualityaccess-all-areas look at one of the world's most iconicand scenic sporting events.The book is resplendent in a high quality slipcase and ispacked with stunning photography taken by some of theworld's best tennis photographers under the leadership ofaward-winning snapper Bob Martin.With...

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  • Analyzing Wimbledon by Franc Klaassen
    Analyzing Wimbledon (English, Paperback)

    In tennis, is it true that beginning to serve in a set gives an advantage? Can the outcome of a match be predicted? Which points are important, and do real champions win the big points? Do players serve optimally? Does "winning mood" exist? The book answers such questions, demonstrating the power and beauty of statistical reasoning.

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  • The Original Rules of Tennis by Tim Henman
    The Original Rules of Tennis (English, Hardback)

    While Jeu de paume has been played in France for hundreds of years, the modern game of tennis dates from 1874. Published in association with the All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon), this book examines the history of the rules of tennis from their first codification to the present day

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  • Novak Djokovic and the Rise of Serbia by Chris Bowers
    Novak Djokovic and the Rise of Serbia (English, Paperback)

    Novak Djokovic is not just one of the world's great tennis players - he is a de facto ambassador for his country, Serbia. Bowers, biographer of Swiss tennis star Roger Federer and the British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, weaves together the sporting and geopolitical strands to present a sensitive portrait of a man and his people.

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  • My Life by Serena Williams
    My Life (English, Paperback)

    Explosive and revealing autobiography from one of the most successful and popular women tennis players of the modern era.

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  • The Inner Game of Tennis by W Timothy Gallwey
    The Inner Game of Tennis (English, Paperback)

    Concentrates upon overcoming mental attitudes that adversely affect tennis performance, including learning to relax, effectively concentrating, and discarding bad habits

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  • The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Tennis by John Parsons
    The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Tennis (English, Hardback)

    The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Tennis is the pre-eminent single volume illustrated work of tennis reference, tracing the game from its relaxed beginnings as a pastime of the 1800s through to what has become the high energy global sport of the 21st century.

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  • Think To Win by Allen Fox
    Think To Win (English, Paperback)

    Provides advice on applying strategic considerations to strokes, spin, lobs, serves, and other aspects of the game

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  • Too Soon to Panic by Gordon Forbes
    Too Soon to Panic (Paperback)

    The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling classic memoir, A Handful of Summers.

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  • Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion by Mark Hodgkinson
    Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion (English, Paperback)

    The most in-depth and revealing biography of Andy Murray, Wimbledon champion

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  • Boris Becker's Wimbledon by Boris Becker
    Boris Becker's Wimbledon (English, Hardback)

    Of all the many illustrious champions in tennis, there are few whose name is as synonymous with Wimbledon as Boris Becker, who, in 2015, celebrates the 30th anniversary of his remarkable entry into the sport's pantheon of greats.

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  • Tennis 2 in 1 Tacticboard and Training Workbook by Theo Von Taane
    Tennis 2 in 1 Tacticboard and Training Workbook (English, Paperback)

    The 2 in 1 note- and tactic book for fast creation of coaching instructions/game tactics and schemes, doesn't only offer sport specific preprints (playing field and space for notes), but also a cover, usable as a dry erase panel (whiteboard pen is needed). ...

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  • Wimbledon 2015 by Paul Newman
    Wimbledon 2015 (English, Hardback)

    Wimbledon 2015: The Official Story of The Championships is the evocative and beautifully illustrated re-telling of another glorious fortnight of tennis at the All England Club.

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  • Tennis Beyond Big Shots by Greg Moran
    Tennis Beyond Big Shots (English, Paperback)

    Moran shows players of all ages and abilities that, with simple and small changes, they can not only maximize their tennis wins and play longer, but also have much more fun doing it.

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  • Wimbledon 2014 by Bob Martin
    Wimbledon 2014 (English, Hardback)

    Wimbledon 2014 is recorded in this official annual review of the world's most prestigious tennis tournament. Telling the stories that made the fortnight memorable and recounting how Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Serena Williams, Wozniacki, Sharapova and the other great players got on in their quest for glory. Written by award-winning tennis writers, and put together by a team based at...

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  • Centre Court by Ian Hewitt
    Centre Court (English, Hardback)

    Updated edition of this beautiful and award-winning official coffee table book which celebrates one of sport's most historic and iconic venues.

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  • Tennis by Ace McCloud
    Tennis (Paperback) $13.99
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