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  • Dead Man's Canyon
    Dead Man's Canyon (English, Hardback) Terrell L. Bowers

    Returning home from the Civil War, Ranger Nicolas Kilpatrick and some of the men he led, continue to serve, protecting settlers from Indian attacks and tracking down gangs of robbers and rustlers.

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  • The Valerons - No Boundaries!
    The Valerons - No Boundaries! (English, Hardback) Terrell L. Bowers

    Some men operate beyond the law's reach. Such were the Macreedys. They sold whiskey to the Indians across the Canadian border, then cashed in their loot (including the selling of Indian women and children) and returned to their horse ranch outside of Rimrock, Wyoming, outwardly living respectable lives. But the killing of an ex-Mountie in Wyoming reveals their operation to three travelers?and one...

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  • Blood Vengeance
    Blood Vengeance (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    For Dave Brenteen, it was like standing between the branding iron and the fire. A killer was running loose, a man deemed the Night Prowler, had attacked four unsuspecting women and had murdered his lifelong friend. On the flip side, after killing Hyde Spangler's son, the man had vowed to have blood vengeance. Toss in a woman he had loved, but married his rival; a school teacher, who just might...

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  • The Guns at Three Forks
    The Guns at Three Forks (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    The war between the Union and the Confederacy had ended, but the fight is not over for the Kenyon family. Being Yankees, their presence in Three Forks, Texas, is met with hostility and resentment. Dave Kenyon defies the odds and tries to court a local girl. Then he is forced to kill the cousin of a deadly bandit leader, Angel Gervaso, who vows revenge and sends his gang to burn Three Forks to the...

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  • Ambush at Lakota Crossing
    Ambush at Lakota Crossing (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    Jess Logan didn't intend to gain a reputation as a notorious bounty hunter; he didn't intend to end up trapped at a trading post for the worst blizzard in the Missouri Valley; and he didn't plan on acquiring a bad-medicine girl, given to him by some thankful Indians. Lastly, he didn't intend to wind up at Lakota Crossing about the time a bunch of bandits showed up to rob a large payroll from the...

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  • The Shadow Killers
    The Shadow Killers (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    They appeared out of the night, dark shadows on a deadly mission. Each of their victims suffered a violent and horrible death. Dorret Keene is sent to discover the perpetrators, but before he arrives at his destination, he kills a buffalo hunter. Not only do the man's kin vow revenge, but also Keene is saddled with a child-bride and her unscrupulous drunkard of a husband. Finding the killers is...

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  • Yancy's Luck
    Yancy's Luck (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    It seemed a simple, straight forward mission for Yancy Nodean: clean up Pine Junction. People were going broke in droves unable to pay the heavy taxes levied by the town mayor. Enforcing and collecting those taxes were a quick-gun marshal and several bully-boy deputies.Fear cast a dark shadow over the town and Yancy inherits a little girl and a half-breed young woman to add to his worries. He...

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  • Spencer's Law
    Spencer's Law (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    Taw Spenser was doing his job as a deputy sheriff when he was first smitten by the young lady, Colena Hawthorn. She robbed of his horse and clothing! Tracking her down ended when he got into a blazing gunfight with four bandits. Fate decided to lend a hand in this curious relationship, when Colena's father hires Taw to help open a new business in the mining town of Penance. Little did he know that...

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  • Barons of Babylon
    Barons of Babylon (Paperback) Terrell L Bowers $21.83
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  • Mystery at Gold Vista
    Mystery at Gold Vista (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    There are rumors whispered about the wealthy mine owner and self-proclaimed king of Gold Vista. It's said my some that he invites women ? both single and married ? to his house, for his personal pleasure. Along with payoffs, covert meetings and sudden disappearances, it's a town of my secrets. Jason Dystra is hired to discover why a healthy young man died, but before he even begins his journey,...

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  • The Legend of Tornado Tess
    The Legend of Tornado Tess (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    Author Amy Cole wants more than to write a story ? she wants to live one. Her chance comes when she's asked to help to clear a doctor of murder. Amy's investigation takes her to Little Babylon, a private fortress in the wasteland of New Mexico. Meanwhile, Whitney Scott meets Amy while on the trail of a band of killers who attacked his ranch. They opt to work together, but Whitney faces an unknown...

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  • Death Comes Riding
    Death Comes Riding (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    When a simple job turns out to be a death ride for Lucas, he's rescued by Daniel Books, a half-Cheyenne, and Lucas's life is changed forever... In the midst of an impending Indian war, Daniel helps Lucas to find the men who'd robbed and shot him, leaving him for dead. Meanwhile, Iris Ducane has captured Lucas's heart, but Captain Bagot, from the nearby fort, would kill Lucas to win her hand!

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  • A Reckoning at Orphan Creek
    A Reckoning at Orphan Creek (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    When Sandy Wakefield, Flint's uncle, dies in a mining mishap, Flint and Johnny Wakefield suspect foul play. Sandy was trying to improve the miners' lot, who work long hours in dangerous conditions for a pittance. Then Flint and Johnny discover the stripped body of an unknown man and seek to learn his identity. But life above ground gets as dangerous as below. Ultimately, it seems, Flint will have...

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  • Battle at Lost Mesa
    Battle at Lost Mesa (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    It didn't sound dangerous. Lou Ryderson's mission was to get proof that an Indian agent was cheating the Indians out of their government-issue supplies at the Wind River Reservation. But Lou runs into trouble when Running Elk's bride-to-be, Kim, is kidnapped. To keep the war chief from leaving the reservation, Lou must steal the girl back. But when Lou, the gun-happy kidnappers and a rescue party...

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  • A Man Called Sundown
    A Man Called Sundown (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    He awoke injured, without a past. Given the name of Sundown by an aged hermit, he had two clues to his life's history ? a list of men's names and the town of Cedar Flats. But before Sundown can attempt to search for his identity, he is drawn into a brutal murder and a range war. After meeting Letisha Floren, he is faced with three mysteries: Can a man fall in love with a woman when he might...

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  • Banyon's War
    Banyon's War (Paperback) Terrell L Bowers $12.40
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  • The Killer's Brand
    The Killer's Brand (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    Dace Kelly is released from prison on the condition that he helps the warden's sister save her ranch outside Tolerance, Colorado. He and the Professor, who is also being released, ride there together. But Dace faces problems aplenty: the warden's sister doesn't want him there, a gunman wants to test his skill and a powerful rancher is after the lady's ranch. Then someone wants the Professor dead....

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  • Petticoat War
    Petticoat War (Hardback) Terrell L. Bowers

    With a U.S. Marshal on his back trail, Marc Kannon crosses the border into Mexico, where his brother is serving under General Basada. He hopes the French - Mexican conflict will be a place to hide for a few months. Marc is sorely disillusioned to discover his brother is riding with a gang of outlaws. Worse, their next target is a town he had passed through on his way across the border. A chance...

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