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Terrell L Bowers

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  • The Valerons - Retribution! by Terrell L Bowers
    The Valerons - Retribution! (Hardback) Terrell L Bowers

    Not all criminals wear masks and carry guns. Some hide behind respectability and seldom wield a weapon. The Valerons seek justice for an attack and theft, but they find no smoking gun, no gunmen, not a single piece of evidence against the perpetrators. They realize they are dealing with clever and careful criminals. As Jared and Shane's investigation alone can't expose the guilty party, Wendy...

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  • Deadly Bounty by Terrell L Bowers
    Deadly Bounty (Paperback) Terrell L Bowers $11.96
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  • Barons of Babylon by Terrell L Bowers
    Barons of Babylon (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    The rubber boom brought untold millions of dollars flowing into South America. People flooded from all over the world to cash in and get rich on the black gold. Yet, when greed is unleashed, humanity suffers ? and often it is the lowest class of people who pay the ultimate price. Justina King ventures across the ocean to seek out the father who deserted her and her mother a decade before. She...

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  • Blood Vengeance by Terrell L Bowers
    Blood Vengeance (English, Paperback) Terrell L Bowers

    For Dave Brenteen, it was like standing between the branding iron and the fire. A killer was running loose, a man deemed the Night Prowler, had attacked four unsuspecting women and had murdered his lifelong friend. On the flip side, after killing Hyde Spangler's son, the man had vowed to have blood vengeance. Toss in a woman he had loved, but married his rival; a school teacher, who just might...

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  • The Valeron Code by Terrell L. Bowers
    The Valeron Code (Paperback) Terrell L. Bowers Currently Unavailable More details
  • The Valeron Code by Terrell L. Bowers
    The Valeron Code (Paperback) Terrell L. Bowers

    The Valeron code was simple: Trust in the Lord, but keep a gun handy. And when it came to harming one of them or their family, they had but one commandment: Thou shalt not get away with it! Rodney (Lightning Rod) Mason had a habit of getting involved in other people's problems. So when a banker hires him to help his sister, it seems just another job. But Rod finds more than he bargained for in...

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