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  • Raven Rock
    Raven Rock (English, Hardback) Garrett M Graff

    The eye-opening true story of the government’s secret plans to survive and rebuild after a catastrophic attack on US soil—a narrative that span from the dawn of the nuclear age to today. Every day in Washington, DC, the blue-and-gold 1st Helicopter Squadron, code-named “MUSSEL,” flies over the Potomac River. As obvious as the presidential motorcade, the squadron is assumed...

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  • The Rise of Islamic State
    The Rise of Islamic State (English, Paperback) Patrick Cockburn

    The essential "on the ground" report on the fastest growing new threat in the Middle East

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  • The Barbarians are Here
    The Barbarians are Here (English, Paperback) Michael Youssef

    We must awaken from the false hope that radical Islamists can be turned from their ways of destruction.

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  • Islamic State
    Islamic State (Paperback) Abdel-Bari Atwan

    Packed full of information, this book offers a unique and indispensable insight into the origins and operations of IS. Atwan, a well-known Arab journalist and expert on extremist groups, had exclusive access to militants close to IS and his findings are based on interviews with jihadists who were in the same cell as Baghdadi.

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  • Stealth Invasion
    Stealth Invasion (English, Hardback) Leo Hohmann

    Americans are shocked by ongoing news reports chronicling growing chaos in Europe, where massive Muslim migration is wreaking havoc on the continent – including horrendous acts of mass terrorism, an epidemic of rape and sexual assault against European women, and large, jihadist-rich enclaves where even police are hesitant to enter. Yet, few realize that America is heading down the same suicidal path.As veteran investigative journalist Leo Hohmann documents in Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, an international network of mostly Muslim Brotherhood-linked activists has been building its ranks within the United States for more than three decades, aided by a U.S. immigration system seemingly obsessed with welcoming as many unassimilable migrants with anti-Western values as possible. As a result, largely secret plans for major population changes in hundreds of U.S. cities and towns are already being implemented.Stealth Invasion uncovers how various cities have become refugee hotspots and examines grassroots uprisings where citizens have challenged this secret cabal and won. Armed with knowledge of the government’s methods for dealing with local resettlement backlash, Hohmann provides details on how concerned Americans can most effectively respond.

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  • State of Terror
    State of Terror (Hardback) Thomas Suarez

    The story of how 40 years of violence and terror were used by Zionists to achieve the transformation of Palestine into a Jewish state.

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  • JFK - An American Coup D'etat
    JFK - An American Coup D'etat (English, Paperback) John Hughes-Wilson

    Reading this book by former intelligence officer Colonel John Hughes-Wilson, no one can be in any doubt that JFK's death was not at the hands of a lone deranged gunman, but a deadly plot to remove a President who threatened vested interests at home and abroad.

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  • Anatomy of Terror
    Anatomy of Terror (English, Hardback) Ali H. Soufan

    A compelling, definitive account of how and why bin Laden's ideology keeps rising from the dead.

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  • The Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism 2016
    The Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism 2016 (Paperback) Sara Khan, Tony McMahon

    Long-standing, award-winning Muslim human rights campaigner Sara Khan courageously takes on the extremists within her faith whose ideology has made it easier for terrorists to recruit young Britons. This important and timely book will be a major news story this autumn.

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  • ISIS
    ISIS (English, Paperback) Fawaz A. Gerges

    The Islamic State has stunned the world with its savagery, destructiveness, and military and recruiting successes. What explains the rise of ISIS and what does it portend for the future of the Middle East? In this book, one of the world's leading authorities on political Islam and jihadism sheds new light on these questions as he provides a unique history of the rise and growth of ISIS. Moving...

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  • Enhanced Interrogation
    Enhanced Interrogation (English, Hardback) James E Mitchell

    In the dark days immediately after 9/11, the CIA turned to Dr. James Mitchell to help craft an interrogation program designed to elicit intelligence from just-captured top al-Qa'ida leaders and terror suspects.  A civilian contractor who had spent years training U.S. military members to resist interrogation should they be captured, Mitchell, aware of the urgent need to prevent impending...

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  • America at War with Itself
    America at War with Itself (English, Paperback) Henry A. Giroux

    A blistering critique of how America's drift toward authoritarian intolerance is dividing the nation and intensifying social and political conflicts.

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  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism
    Terrorism and Counterterrorism (English, Paperback) Brigitte L. Nacos

    Focusing on the phenomenon of terrorism in the age of ISIS/ISIL, Terrorism and Counterterrorism investigates this form of political violence in an international and American context and in light of new and historical trends. In this comprehensive and highly readable text, renowned expert Brigitte Nacos clearly defines terrorism's diverse causes, actors, and strategies; outlines anti- and...

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  • The Operators
    The Operators (English, Paperback) James Rennie

    * Especially relevant in the light of the current war on terrorism * A detailed account of the nuts and bolts of counter-terrorism

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  • The Islam in Islamic Terrorism
    The Islam in Islamic Terrorism (Paperback) Ibn Warraq $28.23 $29.99
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  • Beyond Radical Secularism
    Beyond Radical Secularism (English, Hardback) Director D'Etudes A L'Ehess Pierre Manent

    "This is the book that took France by storm upon its publication in the fall of 2015. It was praised by some for its rare combination of tough-mindedness and moderation and attacked by others for suggesting that radical secularism could not provide the political and spiritual resources to address the Islamic challenge. The book is even more relevant after the Parisian terror attacks of November...

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  • Assassination of a Saint
    Assassination of a Saint (English, Paperback) Matt Eisenbrandt

    On March 24, 1980, the assassination of El Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero rocked that nation and the world. This is the story of an international team of lawyers, and experts who fought to bring justice for the slain hero.

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  • Radicalized
    Radicalized (English, Paperback) Peter R. Neumann

    The attacks in Paris in January and November 2015 heralded the beginning of a new wave of terrorism one rooted in the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iraq.

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