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Terry Moore

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  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles by Kyle Higgins
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles (English, Paperback) Kyle Higgins, Tom Taylor

    Collects for the first time all the short stories including in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Annuals from 2016 and 2017.

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  • Runaways Vol. 9: Dead Wrong by Terry Moore
    Runaways Vol. 9: Dead Wrong (English, Paperback) Terry Moore, Humberto Ramos

    After escaping catastrophe in New York City, the seven friends have returned to their home: Los Angeles. But all is not well in the City of Angels, as a group of soldiers from Runaway Karolina Dean's home planet arrive with guns blazing, demanding that their fellow Majesdanian be handed over to them for some unknown offense. Though the otherworldly warriors are repelled, the clock is ticking down...

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  • Cancer by Terry Moore
    Cancer (English, Paperback) Terry Moore $19.41
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  • In Search of the Sacred by Ramin Jahanbegloo
    In Search of the Sacred (English, Hardback) Ramin Jahanbegloo, Seyyed Hossein Nasr

    In this book, a series of interviews offers an accessible, revealing, human and intellectual biography of leading Islamic scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

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  • Black Dog by John Terry Moore
    Black Dog (English, Paperback) John Terry Moore

    Australia is a nation in transition. Marriage equality looms but homophobia still rules. Depression and suicide are commonplace as Dean Prentice and his lover, Danny, grow up together in country Victoria. When Dean moves to a nearby regional center to study veterinary science, he finds acceptance and love when reunited with Danny. Profound tragedy visits Dean's life and he grieves, moving on...

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  • Runaways Vol. 10: Rock Zombies by Terry Moore
    Runaways Vol. 10: Rock Zombies (English, Paperback) Terry Moore, Chris Yost

    A group of kids - including a witch, a robot, a mutant and a time-displaced little girl - living together in Los Angeles. What could possibly go wrong? After saying goodbye to one of their own during a conflict with some aggressive alien invaders, the Runaways are attempting to get back to normal - which for them means video games, camping trips and, of course, neutralizing potential violent...

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  • Building Legacy Wealth by Terry Moore
    Building Legacy Wealth (English, Hardback) Terry Moore $27.39
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  • Motor Girl by Terry Moore
    Motor Girl (German, Paperback) Terry Moore $32.15
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  • Runaways: Rock Zombies by Takeshi Miyazawa
    Runaways: Rock Zombies (English, Paperback) Takeshi Miyazawa, Terry Moore Currently Unavailable More details
  • Runaways Vol.9: Dead Wrong by Humberto Ramos
    Runaways Vol.9: Dead Wrong (English, Paperback) Humberto Ramos, Terry Moore

    The Runaways, a group of friends whose parents were all super-powered villains, must protect one of their own when soldiers from Karolina's home planet accuse her of genocide and plan to capture her for punishment.

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  • Runaways: The Complete Collection Volume 4 by Kathryn Immonen
    Runaways: The Complete Collection Volume 4 (English, Paperback) Kathryn Immonen, Humberto Ramos

    The Runaways' adventures conclude! Soldiers from Karolina's home planet arrive, demanding that she be handed over. Squabbling over the best course to take, the Runaways begin to fracture. Can they face the alien threat when they can't face one another? Meanwhile, a DJ creates a mystical song that transforms anyone with plastic surgery into an obedient zombie. In L.A., that's a lot of zombies!...

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  • Star Wars Tales: v. 2 by Various
    Star Wars Tales: v. 2 (English, Paperback) Various

    Features the world's greatest comics creators and their spins on the Star Wars saga, with stories that include characters such as Darth Vader, Han Solo, Emperor Palpatine, Lando Calrissian, and many others. A Graphic Novel. Original.

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