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  • How to Write About Contemporary Art
    How to Write About Contemporary Art (English, Paperback) Gilda Williams

    Suitable for students, arts professionals and other aspiring writers, this book navigates readers through the key elements of style and content, from the aims and structure of a piece to its tone and language.

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    5 stars

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  • Photography as Contemporary Art
    Photography as Contemporary Art (English, Paperback) Charlotte Cotton

    Provides an introduction to contemporary art photography, identifying its important features and themes and celebrating its exciting pluralism through an overview of its most important and innovative practitioners.

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  • Hirameki
    Hirameki (Paperback) Peng Hu

    Draw what you see Hirameki - 'brainwave' or 'flash of inspiration' in Japanese - is where doodling and imagination come together.

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  • Chineasy:The Easy Way to Learn Chinese
    Chineasy:The Easy Way to Learn Chinese (Paperback) ShaoLan

    Introduces the radicals the key characters on which the language is built and reveals how they can be combined to form a wealth of more complex words and phrases.

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  • Chineasy Memory Game
    Chineasy Memory Game (English, Hardback) ShaoLan

    Learning Chinese is notoriously difficult and has long put off even the most linguistically savvy Westerners. The author has used her entrepreneurial and software background to unpick Chinese characters and create a simple system for quickly understanding the basic building blocks of the written language.

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  • Cats by Susan Herbert Notecard Box
    Cats by Susan Herbert Notecard Box (English, Hardback) Susan Herbert

    Inspired by feline reimaginings of famous scenes from art, theatre, opera, ballet and film, this volume includes three small ruled notebooks and a boxed collection of 20 different notecards with envelopes.

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  • Neanderthals Rediscovered
    Neanderthals Rediscovered (English, Paperback) Dimitra Papagianni, Michael A. Morse

    For too long the Neanderthals have been seen as dim-witted evolutionary dead-enders who looked and behaved completely differently from us, but their story has been transformed thanks to new discoveries and advances in scientific techniques. This book takes a look at the whole story of the Neanderthals.

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  • Chineasy Workbook
    Chineasy Workbook (Multiple languages, Paperback) Shao Lan, Noma Bar

    Provides you the opportunity to practise writing Chinese characters. In this workbook, playful and appealing colour illustrations are interspersed with practical pages showing learners how to write the characters themselves. It also features short facts that illuminate the meaning of a character or the origin of its shape.

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  • Sick Rose: Disease in the Golden Age of Medical Illustration
    Sick Rose: Disease in the Golden Age of Medical Illustration (English, Hardback) Richard Barnett

    Presents a visual tour through disease in an age before colour photography. This volume combines detailed illustrations of afflicted patients from some of the worlds rarest medical books, that forms a profoundly human reminder of mankinds struggle with disease. It features historic maps, pioneering charts and contemporary case notes.

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  • Making of the Middle Sea
    Making of the Middle Sea (Paperback) Cyprian Broodbank

    The Mediterranean has been for millennia one of the global cockpits of human endeavour. This book provides interpretive synthesis for a generation on the rise of the Mediterranean world from its beginning, before the emergence of our own species, up to the threshold of Classical times.

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  • Ancestral Journeys
    Ancestral Journeys (English, Paperback) Jean Manco

    Who are the Europeans? Where did they come from? This book brings together the evidence and combines it with archaeology and linguistics to produce a new history of Europe.

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  • Chineasy 60 Flashcards
    Chineasy 60 Flashcards (Cards) Noma Bar, ShaoLan

    The Chinese language is traditionally taught through a series of between roughly 180 and 215 radicals. These radicals are then used to form the characters of the Chinese language. This title offers a collection of characters into their basic and recurring forms, allowing students to learn simpler radicals that we have termed building blocks.

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  • Archaeology
    Archaeology (English, Paperback) Lord Colin Renfrew, Paul Bahn

    Features key questions that archaeologists ask about the past. With an introduction to archaeology, this book includes examples from every part of the world. It offers a coverage of the discovery of Richard III's burial; excavations at the Neolithic Ness of Brodgar in the Orkney Islands; and more.

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  • Graphic Design School
    Graphic Design School (Paperback) David Dabner

    Features two new articles, one on User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI), and one on Motion Graphics, this book is organized into two main sections, 'principles' and 'practice'. It deals with the fundamentals of design, such as composition, hierarchy, layout, typography, grid structure, colour and so on.

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  • History of Pictures
    History of Pictures (English, Hardback) David Hockney, Martin Gayford

    The making of pictures has a history going back perhaps 100,000 years to an African shell used as a paint palette. In this book, each chapter addresses an important question: What happens when we try to express reality in two dimensions? Why is the 'Mona Lisa' beautiful and why are shadows so rarely found in Chinese, Japanese and Persian painting?

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  • Evolution: The Whole Story
    Evolution: The Whole Story (Paperback) Steve Parker, Dr. Alice Roberts

    Contains everything you need to know about the development and survival of life on Earth. This book includes detailed comparative anatomy, evolutionary legacies, and the breakthrough theories of eminent scientists.


    3 stars

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  • Bitten By Witch Fever
    Bitten By Witch Fever (English, Hardback) Lucinda Dickens Hawksley

    Presents facsimile samples of 275 of the most sumptuous wallpaper designs ever created by designers and printers of the age, including Christopher Dresser and Morris & Co. In this title, interleaved with the wallpaper sections is a commentary that guides you through the story of the manufacture, uses and effects of arsenic.

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  • Maya 9e
    Maya 9e (English, Paperback) Michael D. Coe, Stephen Houston

    Featuring stucco sculptures at El Zotz and Holmul, this book includes the discovery of an underwater cavern of the earliest known occupant of the region, the Hoyo Negro girl, and evidence for the first architecture at Ceibal.

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  • Hegarty on Creativity: There are No Rules
    Hegarty on Creativity: There are No Rules (English, Hardback) John Hegarty

    Creativity isn't an occupation, its a preoccupation. It is at the very core of what makes us human. Its also a fundamental challenge that everyone faces in the modern world, be they in business, in education or a struggling artist or musician. This book takes 50 provocations and themes that lie at the heart of creative thinking.

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  • Crucial Interventions: The Art of Surgery
    Crucial Interventions: The Art of Surgery (English, Hardback) Richard Barnett, Wellcome Collection

    The nineteenth century saw a complete transformation of the practice and reputation of surgery. This book follows its increasingly optimistic evolution, drawing from the examples of surgical textbooks with a focus on the extraordinary visual materials of the mid-nineteenth century.

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