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  • Senses of the City by Joseph Sui Ching Lam
    Senses of the City (English, Hardback) Joseph Sui Ching Lam

    The city of Hangzhou symbolized all of the contradictions of the declining Song Empire (960?1279). It was paramount and feeble, awe-inspiring and threatened, the most admired city and a disgrace to its dynastic founders. Rather than debate the merit of these polemical judgments, the contributors to this volume treat them as expressions of their historical moment, reflecting ideological convictions...

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  • White Tiger by Xianyi Yang
    White Tiger (English, Paperback) Xianyi Yang

    A memoir of Yang Xianyi, renowned scholar, translator and interpreter of Chinese and Western literature. It portrays Yang Xianyi as a light-hearted and mischievous young man who immersed himself in the learning of European culture, ancient and modern, when he studied at Oxford in the 1930s.

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  • Iron Ox by Shi Nai'an
    Iron Ox (English, Paperback) Shi Nai'an, Luo Guanzhong

    The fourth volume in a series of translations of a Chinese classical novel known as ""The Water Margin"". This volume contains chapters 63-90 of the original and can be divided into four main sections. It ends with an encounter foreshadowing the campaign against Tian Hu in the next volume.

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  • Food Plants of China by Professor Shiu-Ying Hu
    Food Plants of China (English, Paperback) Professor Shiu-Ying Hu

    The food plants of an area provide the material basis for the survival of its population, and furnish inspiring stimuli for cultural development....

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  • Mencius Revised Edition by Chinese
    Mencius Revised Edition (English, Paperback) Chinese

    Mencius, who lived in the 4th century B.C., is second only to Confucius in importance in the Confucian tradition. TheMencius consists of sayings of Mencius and conversations he had with his contemporaries. When read side by side with theAnalects, the Mencius throws a great deal of light on the teachings of ConfuciusMencius developed many of the ideas of Confucius and at the same time discussed problems not touched upon by Confucius. He drew out the implications of Confucius' moral principles and reinterpreted them for the conditions of his time. As the fullest of the four great Confucian texts, theMencius has been the required reading amongst Chinese scholars for two thousand years, and it still throws considerable light on the character of the Chinese people.

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  • The China Miracle by Justin Yifu Lin
    The China Miracle (English, Paperback) Justin Yifu Lin

    The success of China's economic reform has attracted worldwide attention. Using a historical, comparative and analytic approach grounded in mainstream economics, this text analyzes the internal logic of the traditional planning system and examines whether China can continue its trend of reform.

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  • Taipei People by Hsien-Yung Pai
    Taipei People (Multiple languages, Paperback) Hsien-Yung Pai

    Widely acclaimed as a classic of contemporary fiction in Chinese, Taipei People has been frequently compared to James Joyce's Dubliners. Patrick Hanan praises the volume as "the highest achievement in the contemporary Chinese story." Henry Miller considers Pai Hsien-yung "a master of portraiture." Stories from this collection have already been translated into French, German, Italian, Dutch,...

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  • Vaganova by Vera Krasovskaya
    Vaganova (English, Hardback) Vera Krasovskaya

    An English edition of the only biography of Agrippina Vaganova (1897-1951, first published in Russian in 1989. It tells the story of one of most important dance teachers of the 20th century, who created a system of teaching ballet that spread throughout the former Soviet Union and beyond.

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  • Sleeping in Gaza by Najwan Darwish
    Sleeping in Gaza (Multiple languages, Paperback) Najwan Darwish

    This pocket-sized paperback is one of the twenty-two titles published for 2015 Hong Kong International Poetry Nights. The theme of IPHHK2015 is "Poetry and Conflict". 21 international poets from 18 different places are invited to participate in recitations, symposia and sharing sessions of the Poetry Nights. A recitation focusing on 10 local Hong Kong poets, "Hong Kong Cantonese Poetry Night" is...

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  • The Dyer's Daughter by Xiao Hong
    The Dyer's Daughter (Multiple languages, Paperback) Xiao Hong

    This collection carries some of Xiao Hong's most famous short stories such as ""On the Oxcart"", ""Spring in a Small Town"", ""The Family Outsider"", ""Flight from Danger"", ""Vague Expectations"", ""Hands"" and ""The Bridge"".

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  • Classical Chinese Primer by John C. Y. Wang
    Classical Chinese Primer (Multiple languages, Paperback) John C. Y. Wang, Sue-Mei Wu

    Designed for those who have studied Modern Chinese for one or two years, but who have had no exposure to Classical Chinese before, this work is in a set of two volumes: the reader itself and a workbook. This reader includes forty lessons in total, covering selected readings from ancient fables, philosophical texts, and historical writings.

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  • Confucius by Confucius
    Confucius (English, Paperback) Confucius

    A record of the words and teachings of Confucius, The Analects is considered the most reliable expression of Confucian thought. However, the original meaning of Confucius's teachings have been filtered and interpreted by the commentaries of Confucianists of later ages, particularly the Neo-Confucianists of the Song dynasty, not altogether without distortion.In this monumental translation by Professor D. C. Lau, an attempt has been made to interpret the sayings as they stand. The corpus of the sayings is taken as an organic whole and the final test of the interpretation rests on the internal consistency it exhibits. In other words,The Analects is read in the light of The Analects.This results in a truer understanding of Confucius' thought than the traditional interpretation and paves the way for a re-assessment of its importance in the history of Chinese thought and its relevance to the present day world.This volume also contains an introduction to the life and teachings of Confucius, and three appendices on the events in the life of Confucius, on his disciples, and on the composition ofThe Analects.

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  • Ancient Enmity [Anthology] by Shelby K. Y. Chan
    Ancient Enmity [Anthology] (Multiple languages, Paperback) Shelby K. Y. Chan

    Since its debut in 2009 in Hong Kong, IPNHK has become the most influential series of international poetry events in the sinophone areas, delivered internationally acclaimed poets' thoughts and ideas about poetry to contemporary China, and stimulated Chinese poets' reflection upon their own conditions of reading world poetry.

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  • Play Therapy in Asia by Angela F. Y. Siu
    Play Therapy in Asia (English, Paperback) Angela F. Y. Siu

    Highlights the development of play therapy in various countries and cities in Asia. The editors discuss how mostly Western play therapy approaches are adapted for use in Asian countries. This is the first play therapy book written by experts from specific Asian cultures for practitioners and students who are working in the mental health field for Asian groups.

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  • English-Cantonese Dictionary
    English-Cantonese Dictionary (Multiple languages, Paperback)

    This is a handy, user-friendly dictionary which emphasizes the Cantonese spoken dialect. It is designed to help users find the best word or phrase in Cantonese to express the meaning of an English word or expression.


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  • Tao TE Ching by D.C. Lau
    Tao TE Ching (English, Paperback) D.C. Lau

    Tao Te Ching, also commonly known as Lao Tzu, is perhaps the most important of Chinese classical texts, with an unparalleled influence on Chinese thought. This bilingual edition consists of two parts. The English text in Part One is a reprint of the earlier translation of the so-called Wang Pi text, first published by Penguin Books in 1963. Part Two is the fresh translation of a text which is a conflation of two manuscripts of theLao Tzu, dating at the latest from the early Western Han and discovered at Ma Wang Tui in December 1973. The result is a text with a fuller use of particles, free from the scribal errors and editorial tampering of subsequent ages.

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  • Conjecturing Hong Kong's Future by Lam Hang-chi
    Conjecturing Hong Kong's Future (English, Hardback) Lam Hang-chi

    What would be Hong Kong's fate after 1997? At times astute and uncannily prescient, at other times wildly imaginative, Lam Hang-chi's daily editorials in the Hong Kong Economic Journal analysed and conjectured Hong Kong's options at the time. His opinion sparked debates and frequently provided a focal point for the discussion. For the first time, they are made available in English.

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  • Chinese Society and Politics by Ambrose Y. C. King
    Chinese Society and Politics (English, Hardback) Ambrose Y. C. King

    Any consideration of China's cultural modernity must begin with a rethinking of traditional Chinese civilization in its orientation and the problems that it has to face in the modern age. This book examines how Confucian traditions have shaped modernity in East Asia

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  • Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain by Jin Yong
    Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain (English, Paperback) Jin Yong

    The story took place in Snowy Mountain in the coldest part of Manchuria, one Winter's morning in 1781. The Dragon Lodge party ran into the Horse Spring Banditry who were there to unearth a buried casket. They were waylaid yet by the Peking Overland Convoy. All three parties had designs on the metal casket, supposedly housing a poniard, which was an heirloomof the Martial Brotherhood. A monk...

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  • Ouroboros by Aase Berg
    Ouroboros (English, Paperback) Aase Berg

    Drawn from International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 2013, Ouroboros is a chapbook of poetry by Aase Berg presented in Swedish, English, and Chinese.

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