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  • Rain"/
    Rain (Hardback) Melissa Harrison

    Reveals how rain is not just an essential element of the world around us, but a key part of our own identity too. In this book, the author explores our relationship with the weather as she follows the course of four rain showers, in four seasons, across Wicken Fen, Shropshire, the Darent Valley and Dartmoor.

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  • The
    The Yorkshire Shepherdess (English, Paperback) Amanda Owen

    A funny, heartwarming and inspiring true story of life as a shepherdess in one of the most remote and beautiful spots in England.

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  • The
    The Nature Fix (English, Hardback) Florence Williams

    An intrepid investigation into nature's restorative benefits by a prize-winning author.

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  • Rain"/
    Rain (Paperback) Melissa Harrison

    Whenever rain falls, our countryside changes. Fields, farms, hills and hedgerows appear altered, the wildlife behaves differently, and over time the terrain itself is transformed. The author explores our relationship with the weather as she follows the course of four rain showers, in four seasons, across Wicken Fen, the Darent Valley and Dartmoor.

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  • Notes
    Notes from Walnut Tree Farm (Paperback) Roger Deakin

    For the last six years of his life, Roger Deakin kept notebooks in which he wrote his daily thoughts, impressions, feelings and observations about and around his home, Walnut Tree Farm. This title collects his writings, capturing his restless curiosity about nature and his impressions of our changing world.

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  • Life
    Life of a Chalkstream (Paperback) Simon Cooper

    This delightful book records a year in the life of an essentially English waterscape, one that is home to a vast array of wildlife and natural habitat of the keen angler - the chalkstream.

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  • The
    The Natural History of Selborne (English, Hardback) Gilbert White

    The Natural History of Selborne (1789)is written as a series of letters, which describe with wit and precision the flora and fauna White observes in his Hampshire parish. A classic of nature writing, this edition includes contemporary illustrations, a contextualizing introduction, and an appendix of readers' responses over 200 years.

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  • Top-bar
    Top-bar Beekeeping (English, Paperback) Les Crowder, Heather Harrell

    In recent years beekeepers have had to face tremendous challenges, from pests such as varroa and tracheal mites and from the mysterious but even more devastating phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Yet in backyards and on rooftops all over the world, bees are being raised successfully, even without antibiotics, miticides, or other chemical inputs.More and more organically minded...

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  • Arboreal"/
    Arboreal (English, Hardback)

    Bringing together the finest and best-known names in contemporary writing, a new, landmark anthology which explores the many strands of what woodlands mean to us.

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  • A
    A View from the Tractor (English, Hardback) Roger Evans $17.20
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  • The
    The Gamekeeper's Dog (English, Hardback) John Cowan $23.31 $30.00
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  • To
    To School Through the Fields (Paperback) Alice Taylor

    Alice Taylor's classic account of growing up in the Irish countryside, the biggest selling book ever published in Ireland. Beautifully illustrated throughout with a new introduction by the author.

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  • Mountain
    Mountain Flowers (Hardback) Michael Scott

    "Mountain flowers are the most romantic in our flora, exquisite, enigmatic and, often, remote from human habitation. Michael Scott has not only seen them all but has roamed every part of the hill scenery of Britain and brings to his subject passion, learning and hands-on experience. This is field botany at its best, engrossing, exciting and full of wonder." PETER MARREN Britain's mountains and...

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  • Sheep
    Sheep Manual (English, Hardback) Liz Shankland

    Sheep have to be one of the most versatile livestock animals on the planet. All-in-one grazing and fertilising machines, they provide meat and milk for our tables, wool for clothing, carpets, and insulation, skins for leather and rugs, and a whole host of other products.If you have recently acquired sheep or are thinking of starting a small flock, this book is for you. The Sheep Manual is a...

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  • Woodsman"/
    Woodsman (Paperback) Ben Law

    Ben Law's incredible sense of the land and his respect for age old traditions offers a wonderful insight into the life of Prickly Nut Wood.

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  • Fifty
    Fifty Bales of Hay (English, Hardback) Roger Evans $16.25 $18.00
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  • A
    A Natural History of the Hedgerow (Paperback) John Wright

    It is difficult to think of a more quintessential symbol of the British countryside than the British Hedgerow, bursting with blackberries, hazelnuts and sloes, and home to oak and ash, field mice and butterflies. But as much as we might dream about foraging for mushrooms or collecting wayside nettles for soup, most of us are unaware of quite how profoundly hedgerows have shaped the history of our...

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  • Ferguson's
    Ferguson's Gang (English, Hardback) Polly Bagnall, Sally Beck

    "The remarkable story of the National Trust gangsters"--Cover.

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  • Gubbeen"/
    Gubbeen (Hardback) Giana Ferguson

    This is an exceptional insight into the running of a traditional farm, from how to look after your animals (poultry, pigs and cows) to cheese-making, smoking meats and growing your own fruit and veg.

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  • The
    The Worm Forgives the Plough (Paperback) John Stewart Collis

    Set in the south of England, this book captures the soft-handed, city-dweller's naivety and wonder both at the workings of nature and the toughness of life on a farm. It contains sections on whatever happens to take the author's fancy and inspire his thoughtful curiosity.

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