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  • Pocket World in Figures 2019 by The Economist
    Pocket World in Figures 2019 (English, Hardback) The Economist

    For more than 25 years, Pocket World in Figures has been the indispensable handbook on the state of the world, covering demographics, industry, politics, geography, culture and more. ...

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  • The Economic Indicators by The Economist
    The Economic Indicators (English, Hardback) The Economist

    Explains the purpose, reliability, and significance of over one hundred social and economic indicators, including population, unemployment, nominal exchange rates, money supply, labor costs, and public expenditure

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  • The Great Disruption by Adrian Wooldridge
    The Great Disruption (English, Paperback) Adrian Wooldridge, The Economist

    Draws on the author's renowned "Schumpeter" column to present an analysis of the major forces disrupting the business world throughout the past five years and what organizations can do to effectively manage changes.

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  • Growing a Business by Rupert Merson
    Growing a Business (English, Paperback) Rupert Merson, The Economist

    Growth is a clear goal for ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders. It's often a short hand for business - and wider economic - success. But it's not without its pitfalls and challenges, and planning for, and managing, a growing business needs careful thought....

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  • Business Strategy by Jeremy Kourdi
    Business Strategy (English, Paperback) Jeremy Kourdi, The Economist

    The effectiveness of a good strategy well implemented determines a business' future success or failure. Yet history is full of strategic decisions, big and small, that were ill-conceived, poorly organized and consequently disastrous. This updated guide looks at the whole process of strategic decision-making, from vision, forecasting, and resource allocation, through to implementation and...

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  • The Economist Numbers Guide by The Economist
    The Economist Numbers Guide (English, Paperback) The Economist

    Offers basic advice on numeracy and using numerical methods to solve problems and make decisions, explaining techniques for forecasting, sampling and hypothesis testing, and presenting information graphically.

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  • Guide to Financial Markets by The Economist
    Guide to Financial Markets (English, Paperback) The Economist, Marc Levinson

    The revised and updated 7th edition of this highly regarded book brings the reader right up to speed with the latest financial market developments, and provides a clear and incisive guide to a complex world that even those who work in it often find hard to understand....

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  • Frugal Innovation by Navi Radjou
    Frugal Innovation (English, Paperback) Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu

    Introduces the principles, perspectives, and techniques behind frugal innovation, which is a way that companies can create high-quality products with limited resources, and provides over fifty case studies with specific recommendations.

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  • Guide to Financial Management by The Economist
    Guide to Financial Management (English, Paperback) The Economist, John Tennent

    A practical and accessible overview of the fundamentals of business finance--now in its third edition....

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  • Guide to Organisation Design by Naomi Stanford
    Guide to Organisation Design (English, Paperback) Naomi Stanford, The Economist

    Business failure is not limited to start ups. Industry Watch (published by BDO Stoy Hayward, an accounting firm) 'predicts that 17,043 businesses will fail (in the UK) in 2006, a further 4 per cent increase from 2005'. In America between 1990 and 2000, there were over 6.3 million business start-ups and over 5.7 million business shut-downs....

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  • Go Figure by The Economist
    Go Figure (English, Paperback) The Economist

    Presents a compendium of miscellaneous information on a variety of social, economic, scientific, and political topics.

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  • Guide to Analysing Companies by Bob Vause
    Guide to Analysing Companies (English, Paperback) Bob Vause, The Economist

    In today's volatile, complex and fast-moving business world, it can be difficult to gauge how sound a company really is. An apparently strong balance sheet and impressive reported profits may be hiding all sorts of problems that could even spell bankruptcy. So how do you:...

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  • Guide to Country Risk by Mina Toksoz
    Guide to Country Risk (English, Paperback) Mina Toksoz, The Economist

    "A systematic approach to identifying, managing and mitigating country risks, backed up by case studies."--P. [4] of cover.

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  • Treasure Palaces by The Economist
    Treasure Palaces (English, Paperback) The Economist

    Culled from the pages of The Economist's Intelligent Life magazine, an anthology of essays on the special hold that some museums have over patrons includes pieces written by such contributors as Julian Barnes, Jacqueline Wilson and Frank Cottrell Boyce. Original. 20,000 first printing.

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  • The Economist Guide to Emerging Markets by Aidan Manktelow
    The Economist Guide to Emerging Markets (English, Paperback) Aidan Manktelow, Frida Wallin

    Examines new approaches to doing business in developing countries, describing the risks, ways to evaluate data, and operational obstacles inherent in expanding overseas.

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  • Style Guide by The Economist
    Style Guide (English, Paperback) The Economist

    This expanded twelfth edition of the bestselling guide to style is based on The Economist's own updated house style manual, and is an invaluable companion for everyone who wants to communicate with the clarity, style and precision for which The Economist is renowned....

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  • The Chief Financial Officer by Jason Karaian
    The Chief Financial Officer (English, Hardback) Jason Karaian, The Economist

    Explains the role of CFOs in today's business world, describing their ever-expanding role and providing insights from current and former CFOs to help finance chiefs learn from their peers and benchmark their own performance.

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  • Economics by The Economist
    Economics (English, Paperback) The Economist, Richard Davies

    The world of economics is changing. Years of turmoil in the global economy mean that nothing will ever be quite the same again....

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  • The World in Conflict by The Economist
    The World in Conflict (English, Paperback) The Economist, John Andrews

    A journalist who has written for the Economist for almost 30 years tackles head-on the reasons why global conflict is an ever-present in our lives by analyzing today's conflicts continent by continent, considering the causes, participants, impact and likely outcomes. Original. 10,000 first printing.

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  • Guide to Intellectual Property by The Economist
    Guide to Intellectual Property (English, Paperback) The Economist, Stephen Johnson

    Intellectual Property (IP) is often a company's single most valuable asset. And yet IP is hard to value, widely misunderstood and frequently under-exploited....

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