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  • Pocket World in Figures 2017
    Pocket World in Figures 2017 (Hardback) The Economist

    * More than 200,000 copies sold worldwide each year* For more than 25 years, Pocket World in Figures has been informing and entertaining readers around the world with its blend of the serious, the quirky and the downright surprising. Where else would you find out, in a single volume, that a Big Mac will cost you twice as much in Israel as one in South Africa, that Rwanda, Bolivia and Cuba have...

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  • Treasure Palaces
    Treasure Palaces (English, Paperback) The Economist

    In this exuberant celebration of the world's museums, great and small, revered writers like Ann Patchett, Julian Barnes, Neil Gaiman, and more tell us about their favorite museums, including the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York, the Musée Rodin in Paris, and Tate Modern in London. These essays, collected from the pages of The Economist'sIntelligent Life magazine, reveal the special...

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  • Pocket World in Figures 2018
    Pocket World in Figures 2018 (English, Hardback) The Economist

    For more than 25 years, Pocket World in Figures has been informing and entertaining readers around the world with its blend of the serious, the quirky and the downright surprising. ...

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  • The Economist Pocket World in Figures 2016
    The Economist Pocket World in Figures 2016 (English, Hardback) The Economist

    The 25th annual edition of this perennial favourite has been completely updated, revised and expanded with many new features, including a section exploring the huge global changes since its inception in 1991. Full of facts and figures about the world today - on subjects as diverse as geography, population and demographics, business, finance and the economy, transport, tourism and the environment,...

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  • The Economist Numbers Guide 6th Edition
    The Economist Numbers Guide 6th Edition (English, Paperback) The Economist, Richard Stutely

    How to improve your head for figures: the concepts and techniques that are crucial for every aspiring manager to know.

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  • The World in Conflict
    The World in Conflict (English, Paperback) The Economist, John Andrews

    In the last decade, the USA and its allies have invaded Afghanistan; Russia has sent troops into Ukraine; Britain and France helped topple a regime in Libya; the militant group ISIS has emerged in the Middle East; and across West Africa, the quest for precious minerals has both financed and caused conflicts....

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  • Go Figure
    Go Figure (English, Paperback) The Economist

    Go Figure: Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know brings together for the first time the very best explainers and charts, written and created by top journalists to help us understand such brain-bending conundrums as why almost half the population of Korea has one of two surnames, how bitcoin mining works, and the seasonal distribution of dog poo on the streets of New York. Subjects both topical...

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  • Frugal Innovation
    Frugal Innovation (English, Paperback) Navi Radjou, Jaideep Prabhu

    Winner of the CMI Management Book of the Year 2016...

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  • Business Strategy
    Business Strategy (English, Paperback) Jeremy Kourdi, The Economist

    The effectiveness of a good strategy well implemented determines a business' future success or failure. Yet history is full of strategic decisions, big and small, that were ill-conceived, poorly organized and consequently disastrous. This updated guide looks at the whole process of strategic decision-making, from vision, forecasting, and resource allocation, through to implementation and...

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  • The Economist Guide to Financial Markets
    The Economist Guide to Financial Markets (English, Paperback) Marc Levinson, The Economist

    Extensively revised and updated following the fallout from the global financial crisis, the 6th edition of this highly regarded book brings the reader right up to speed with the latest financial market developments, and provides a clear and incisive guide to a complex world that even those who work in it often find hard to understand....

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  • Guide to Analysing Companies
    Guide to Analysing Companies (English, Paperback) Bob Vause, The Economist

    In today's volatile, complex and fast-moving business world, it can be difficult to gauge how sound a company really is. An apparently strong balance sheet and impressive reported profits may be hiding all sorts of problems that could even spell bankruptcy. So how do you:...

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  • Guide to Intellectual Property
    Guide to Intellectual Property (English, Paperback) The Economist, Stephen Johnson

    Intellectual Property (IP) is often a company's single most valuable asset. And yet IP is hard to value, widely misunderstood and frequently under-exploited....

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  • Guide to Country Risk
    Guide to Country Risk (English, Paperback) Mina Toksoz, The Economist

    Country risk explains the things that can go wrong when business is conducted across borders. It's not just multinational companies, with factories worldwide and complex operations, that need to understand sudden changes in business conditions. These can affect any small firm that may be looking to expand sales abroad or work with a foreign supplier. The 2008-09 global financial crisis and the...

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  • Growing a Business
    Growing a Business (English, Paperback) Rupert Merson, The Economist

    Growth is a clear goal for ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders. It's often a short hand for business - and wider economic - success. But it's not without its pitfalls and challenges, and planning for, and managing, a growing business needs careful thought....

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  • The Economist Numbers Guide
    The Economist Numbers Guide (English, Paperback) The Economist

    The Economist: Numbers Guide is invaluable for everyone who has to work with numbers, which in today's commercially focused world means most managers. In addition to general advice on basic numeracy, the guide points out common errors and explains the recognized techniques for solving financial problems, analyzing information of any kind, forecasting and effective decision making. Over 100 charts,...

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  • Economics
    Economics (English, Paperback) The Economist, Richard Davies

    The world of economics is changing. Years of turmoil in the global economy mean that nothing will ever be quite the same again....

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  • The Chief Financial Officer
    The Chief Financial Officer (English, Hardback) Jason Karaian, The Economist

    The rapid rise in importance of the role of the chief financial officer?from back-office accountant to front-line executive?is unrivaled by that of any other corporate position. With access to every facet of the business, CFOs now wield a level of influence matched only by chief executives....

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  • The Economist: Megachange
    The Economist: Megachange (English, Paperback) The Economist

    Suitable for those who want to know what the next four decades hold in store, this title charts the rise and fall of fertility rates across continents; how energy resources will change in light of new technology, and how different nations will deal with major developments in science and warfare.

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  • The Economist Guide to Financial Management
    The Economist Guide to Financial Management (English, Paperback) John Tennent, The Economist

    Managers are constantly expected to make decisions that reflect a full understanding of the financial consequences. In the absence of formal training, few people are prepared for the responsibilities of dealing with management reports, budgets, and capital proposals, and find themselves embarrassed by their lack of understanding....

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  • The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy
    The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy (English, Paperback) Peter Stanyer, The Economist

    Supported by numerous charts and detailed analysis, The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy outlines how to construct investment strategies appropriate for individual investors....

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