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The New Oxford World History

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  • Technology by Daniel R. Headrick
    Technology (English, Paperback) Daniel R. Headrick

    Today technology has created a world of dazzling progress, growing disparities of wealth and poverty, and looming threats to the environment. Technology: A World History offers an illuminating backdrop to our present moment--a brilliant history of invention around the globe. Historian Daniel R. Headrick ranges from the Stone Age and the beginnings of agriculture to the Industrial Revolution and...

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  • The Silk Road in World History by Xinru Liu
    The Silk Road in World History (English, Paperback) Xinru Liu

    The ancient trade routes that made up the Silk Road were some of the great conduits of cultural and material exchange in world history. In this intriguing book, Xinru Liu reveals both why and how this long-distance trade in luxury goods emerged in the late third century BCE, following its story through to the Mongol conquest.

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  • Migration by Michael H. Fisher
    Migration (English, Paperback) Michael H. Fisher

    Fisher explores the process of migration chronologically and at levels varying from the migration of an individual community, to larger patterns of the collective movements of major ethnic groups, to the more abstract study of emigration, migration, and immigration.

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  • Central Asia in World History by Peter B. Golden
    Central Asia in World History (English, Paperback) Peter B. Golden

    This compact book traces the history of the nomadic steppe tribes and sedentary inhabitants of the oasis city-states of Central Asia from pre-history to the present. Golden covers themes of trade, religion, empire, technology, and language as he introduces readers to the people who have inhabitedge this region.

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  • Iran in World History by Richard Foltz
    Iran in World History (English, Hardback) Richard Foltz

    One of the world's most ancient and enduring civilizations, Iran has long played a central role in human events and continues to do so today. This book traces Iran's long history, as well as its influence on peoples from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, and along the Silk Roads as far as China, from prehistoric times up to the present day.

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  • China in World History by Paul S. Ropp
    China in World History (English, Paperback) Paul S. Ropp

    Here is a fascinating compact history of Chinese political, economic, and cultural life, ranging from the origins of civilization in China to the beginning of the 21st century. Historian Paul Ropp combines vivid story-telling with astute analysis to shed light on some of the larger questions of Chinese history. What is distinctive about China in comparison with other civilizations? What have...

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  • The World from 1000 BCE to 300 CE by Stanley M. Burstein
    The World from 1000 BCE to 300 CE (English, Hardback) Stanley M. Burstein

    This book provides the first comprehensive history of Afro-Eurasia during the first millennium BCE and the beginning of the first millennium CE. The history of these 1300 plus years can be summed up in one word: connectivity. The growth in connectivity during this period was marked by increasing political, economic, and cultural interaction throughout the region, and the replacement of the...

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  • Trans-Saharan Africa in World History by Ralph A. Austen
    Trans-Saharan Africa in World History (English, Paperback) Ralph A. Austen

    During the heyday of camel caravan traffic--from the eighth century CE arrival of Islam in North Africa to the early twentieth-century building of European colonial railroads that linked the Sudan with the Atlantic--the Sahara was one of the world's great commercial highways, bringing gold, slaves, and other commodities northward and sending both manufactured goods and Mediterranean culture...

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  • The World from 1450 to 1700 by Mr. John E. Wills
    The World from 1450 to 1700 (English, Paperback) Mr. John E. Wills

    "Traces the interwoven changes that led from the world of Columbus, Luther, and the Mughal emperor Babur to the world of Locke, Louis XIV, and the Kangxi Emperor. Wills encourages his readers to acknowledge the special features of the European experience and achievement without presenting Europe as essentially the only source of the modern"--Provided by publisher.

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  • The Balkans in World History by Andrew Wachtel
    The Balkans in World History (English, Paperback) Andrew Wachtel

    In the historical and literary imagination, the Balkans loom large as a somewhat frightening and ill-defined space, often seen negatively as a region of small and spiteful peoples, racked by racial and ethnic hatred, always ready to burst into violent conflict. The Balkans in World History re-defines this space in positive terms, taking as a starting point the cultural, historical, and social...

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  • Southeast Asia in World History by Craig Lockard
    Southeast Asia in World History (English, Paperback) Craig Lockard

    Here is a brief, well-written, and lively survey of the history of Southeast Asia from ancient times to the present, paying particular attention to the region's role in world history and the distinctive societies that arose in lands shaped by green fields and forests, blue rivers and seas. Craig Lockard shows how for several millennia Southeast Asians, living at the crossroads of Asia, enjoyed...

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  • Mexico in World History by William H. Beezley
    Mexico in World History (English, Paperback) William H. Beezley

    Beginning with the Mayan and Aztec civilizations and their brutal defeat at the hands of the Conquistadors, Beezley discusses Spain's three-hundred-year colonial rule, foreign invasions and huge territorial losses at the hands of the United States, and conditions in Mexico today.

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  • Genocide by Norman M. Naimark
    Genocide (English, Hardback) Norman M. Naimark

    This world history of genocide examines the longue duree of mass murder from the beginning of human history to the present. Cases of genocide are examined as distinct episodes of killing, but in connection with earlier episodes. Communist and anti-communist genocides are considered, as are cases of settler (or colonial) genocide.

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