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  • Drama Games for Young Children
    Drama Games for Young Children (English, Paperback) Katherine Zachest

    From the bestselling Drama Games series, this dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book - packed with over 200 individual games - is perfect for teachers, playgroup leaders and drama facilitators who want to inspire and entertain children, aged 3 and up, with vibrant and engaging drama experiences.

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  • Behind The Seams
    Behind The Seams (English, Hardback) James Bellini, Sally Angel

    With over 1 million costumes and accessories hanging on 6 miles of rails, Angels is the largest dressing up box in the world and the name sewn in hundreds of thousands of costumes for film television & theatre productions.

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  • Stage Blood
    Stage Blood (English, Paperback) Michael Blakemore

    In 1971, Michael Blakemore joined the National Theatre as Associate Director under Laurence Olivier. His tenure began to unravel and, behind his back, Peter Hall was appointed to replace him in 1973. This title tells the story of the events that led to his dramatic exit in 1976.

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  • D'Oyly Carte
    D'Oyly Carte (Paperback) Roberta Morrell

    'D'Oyly Carte: The Inside Story' looks at the life of the historic D'Oyly Carte Opera Company between 1950 and its sad demise in 1982.

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  • The Director's Six Senses
    The Director's Six Senses (English, Paperback) Simone Bartesaghi

    The Director's Six Senses is an innovative, unique, and engaging approach to the development of the skills that every visual storyteller must have. It's based on the premise that a director is a storyteller 24/7 and must be aware of the ?truth? that he or she experiences in life in order to be able to reproduce it on the big screen. Through a series of hands-on exercises and practical experiences, the reader develops the ?directorial senses? in order to be able to tell a story in the most effective way.

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  • The Theatre of Thomas Ostermeier
    The Theatre of Thomas Ostermeier (English, Paperback) Peter M Boenisch, Thomas Ostermeier

    Thomas Ostermeier is arguably the most internationally recognised German theatre director of his generation. With this book, he presents his directorial method for the first time.The Theatre of Thomas Ostermeier provides a toolkit for understanding and enacting the strategies of this advanced contemporary methodology....

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  • Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique
    Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique (English, Paperback) Mark Monday

    Directing with the Michael Chekhov Technique explores the collaborative process between a play's director and the entire production team, making the journey of a production process cohesive using the Michael Chekhov Technique....

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  • The Technical Director's Toolkit
    The Technical Director's Toolkit (English, Paperback) Zachary Stribling, Richard Girtain

    In the world of theatre, the technical director is responsible for overseeing the safe and efficient realization and implementation of scenery for the stage.The Technical Director's Toolkit is the first book to address every nut and bolt of this multifaceted job, guiding you though the step-by-step processes of technical direction and the responsibilities of the TD in the mounting of a theatrical...

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  • The Production Manager's Toolkit
    The Production Manager's Toolkit (English, Paperback) Cary Gillett, Jay Sheehan

    "Our theater world is so much better with this book in it, and even better with Cary and Jay at the helm."...

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  • Directing in Musical Theatre
    Directing in Musical Theatre (English, Paperback) Joe Deer

    This comprehensive guide, from the author of Acting in Musical Theatre, will equip aspiring directors with all of the skills that they will need in order to guide a production from beginning to end. From the very first conception and collaborations with crew and cast, through rehearsals and technical production all the way to the final performance, Joe Deer covers the full range....

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  • Broadway Swings
    Broadway Swings (English, Paperback) Lyndy Franklin Smith, J. Austin Eyer

    "Broadway Swings "covers the history, how-to and untold stories of Swings (understudies for the ensemble of a Musical Theatre Production).

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  • So You Want to be a Theatre Producer?
    So You Want to be a Theatre Producer? (English, Paperback) James Seabright

    Drawing on the author's own experiences as a producer of theatre productions at different levels, this title takes the producers through the various stages of the process: the development of an idea, raising the money and budgeting, negotiating rights, hiring a director and production team, marketing the show, rehearsals and on to opening night.

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  • Brecht in Practice
    Brecht in Practice (English, Paperback) David Barnett

    "Bertolt Brecht's reputation as a flawed, irrelevant or difficult thinker for the theatre can often go before him to such an extent that we run the risk of forgetting the achievements that made him and his company, the Berliner Ensemble, famous around the world. David Barnett examines both Brecht the theorist and Brecht the practitioner to reveal the complementary relationship between the two.This...

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  • How to Read a Play
    How to Read a Play (English, Paperback) Damon Kiely

    The work done on a play before the first rehearsal, the first group reading or even the before the cast have met, can be crucial to the success of a production. Directors and dramaturgs must know how to analyze, understand and interpret a play or performance text if they hope to bring it to life on the stage....

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  • A Survival Guide for Stage Managers
    A Survival Guide for Stage Managers (English, Paperback) Mary Ellen Allison $15.01 $15.95
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  • Stage Management
    Stage Management (English, Paperback) Gail Pallin

    Intended for students, graduates and various aspirants to stage management, amateur or professional, whether the production is on a large or small scale, this title offers the basics of stage management. Featuring charts and helpful checklists, it takes the reader through a typical production week by week.

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  • The Director as Collaborator
    The Director as Collaborator (English, Paperback) Robert Knopf

    The Director as Collaborator teaches essential directing skills while emphasizing how directors and theatre productions benefit from collaboration. Good collaboration occurs when the director shares responsibility for the artistic creation with the entire production team, including actors, designers, stage managers, and technical staff. Leadership does not preclude collaboration; in theatre, these...

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  • Creating Worlds
    Creating Worlds (English, Paperback) Jason Warren

    A new text on immersive theater.

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  • Cracking Shakespeare
    Cracking Shakespeare (English, Paperback) Kelly Hunter

    Cracking Shakespeare serves to demystify the process of speaking Shakespeare's language, offering hands-on techniques for drama students, young actors and directors who are intimidated by rehearsing, performing and directing Shakespeare's plays....

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