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Theoretical and Mathematical Astronomy books

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  • A Student's Guide to the Mathematics of Astronomy by Daniel Fleisch
    A Student's Guide to the Mathematics of Astronomy (English, Paperback) Daniel Fleisch, Julia Kregenow

    Plain-language explanations and a rich set of supporting material help students understand the mathematical concepts and techniques of astronomy.

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  • It's ONLY Rocket Science by Dr. Lucy Rogers
    It's ONLY Rocket Science (English, Paperback) Dr. Lucy Rogers

    This is a brilliant explanation of the basics of space flight, from building the rocket to planning the mission and getting home again. Written by an engineer who is also an accomplished science writer, it covers the subject comprehensively, yet is almost entirely descriptive and non-mathematical.

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  • Archaeoastronomy by Giulio Magli
    Archaeoastronomy (English, Paperback) Giulio Magli

    This book provides the first complete, easy to read, up-to-date account of the fascinating discipline of archaeoastronomy, in which the relationship between ancient constructions and the sky is studied in order to gain a better understanding of the ideas of the architects of the past and of their religious and symbolic worlds.

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  • It Came From Outer Space Wearing an RAF Blazer! by Martin Mobberley
    It Came From Outer Space Wearing an RAF Blazer! (English, Paperback) Martin Mobberley

    This book presents the ultimate biography of one of the world's most famous amateur astronomers, Sir Patrick Moore. It discusses all aspects of his life and work, from his childhood and RAF service to his astronomical observations and his many publications.

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  • Collins Stargazing by Royal Observatory Greenwich
    Collins Stargazing (Paperback) Royal Observatory Greenwich, Radmila Topalovic

    A brilliant introductory guide to the night sky, from the astronomers of the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

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  • Bayesian Models for Astrophysical Data by Joseph M. Hilbe
    Bayesian Models for Astrophysical Data (English, Hardback) Joseph M. Hilbe, Rafael S. de Souza

    A hands-on guide to Bayesian models with R, JAGS, Python, and Stan code, for a wide range of astronomical data types.

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  • Astrobiology, Discovery, and Societal Impact by Steven J. Dick
    Astrobiology, Discovery, and Societal Impact (English, Hardback) Steven J. Dick

    Examines humanistic aspects of astrobiology, exploring approaches, critical issues, and implications of the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

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  • Nonlocal Gravity by Bahram Mashhoon
    Nonlocal Gravity (English, Hardback) Bahram Mashhoon

    Relativity theory assumes locality, without accounting for the observer's past history. This book introduces nonlocality, or history dependence, into relativity theory. Inertia and gravitation are deeply tied, suggesting gravity may be nonlocal. The gravitational memory of past events must then be taken into account.

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  • The Astronomers' Magic Envelope by Prasenjit Saha
    The Astronomers' Magic Envelope (English, Paperback) Prasenjit Saha, Paul A. Taylor

    Working physicists, especially astrophysicists, value `back-of-the-envelope' calculations - short elegant computations or arguments that start from general principles and lead to interesting results. This book guides advanced undergraduates and lower graduates on how to understand astrophysics using general principles and concise calculations.

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  • Fundamental Astronomy by Hannu Karttunen
    Fundamental Astronomy (English, Hardback) Hannu Karttunen

    Fundamental Astronomy is an exhaustive introduction to classical and modern astronomy. It covers both overarching concepts and underlying principles. It provides a sound basis for more profound studies in astronomy. This fifth edition is richly illustrated with more than 400 images.

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  • Bayesian Astrophysics by Andres Asensio Ramos
    Bayesian Astrophysics (English, Hardback) Andres Asensio Ramos

    Provides an overview of the fundamentals of Bayesian inference and its applications within astrophysics, for graduate students and researchers.

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  • Relativistic Kinetic Theory by Gregory V. Vereshchagin
    Relativistic Kinetic Theory (English, Hardback) Gregory V. Vereshchagin, Alexey G. Aksenov

    This book presents fundamentals, equations, and methods of solutions of relativistic kinetic theory, with applications in astrophysics and cosmology.

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  • The Power of Stars by Bryan E. Penprase
    The Power of Stars (English, Hardback) Bryan E. Penprase

    Completely revised and updated, this new edition provides a readable, beautifully illustrated journey through world cultures and the vibrant array of sky mythology, creation stories, models of the universe, temples and skyscrapers that each culture has created to celebrate and respond to the power of the night sky.

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  • Shape Dynamics by Flavio Mercati
    Shape Dynamics (English, Paperback) Flavio Mercati

    Shape Dynamics is a radical yet soundly based reinterpretation of Einstein's theory of gravity that has opened up new approaches to gravity research. This text offers both a brief introduction and a detailed walk-through of the motivations for the theory, its development from first principles and an in-depth look at its present status.

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  • Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology by Peter Schneider
    Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology (English, Hardback) Peter Schneider

    This greatly enhanced and expanded second edition of the leading textbook on astronomy incorporates spectacular new imagery and recent results from recently commissioned observatory platforms including the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, Herschel, and ALMA.

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  • Creation Of The Universe by Lizhi Fang
    Creation Of The Universe (English, Paperback) Lizhi Fang, Shu Xian Li

    Creation of the Universe traces the development of the Big Bang theory, from the expansion of the universe to quantum cosmology, from the formation of large scale structure to the physics of the Planck era. Fang Li Zhi, a leading Chinese astrophysicist and Li Shu Xian (co-author and wife) trace the advances in cosmology and recount experiences made by scientists - their frustrations and hardships,...

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  • On Tycho's Island by John Robert Christianson
    On Tycho's Island (English, Paperback) John Robert Christianson

    This book explores Brahe's wide range of activities which encompass much more than his reputed role of astronomer.

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  • Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony L. Peratt
    Physics of the Plasma Universe (English, Hardback) Anthony L. Peratt

    This book presents the known properties of matter in the plasma state, going from the fundamentals to astrophysical applications. It features examples of scientific problems, as well as numerous illustrations and appendices.

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  • Celestial Encounters by Florin Diacu
    Celestial Encounters (English, Paperback) Florin Diacu, Philip Holmes

    Presenting the story of Poincare's work, this book traces the history of attempts to solve the problems of celestial mechanics posed in Isaac Newton's "Principia" in 1686. It introduces the people whose ideas led to the field called nonlinear dynamics.

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  • Chicxulub: The Impact and Tsunami by David Shonting
    Chicxulub: The Impact and Tsunami (English, Hardback) David Shonting, Cathy Ezrailson

    This book tells the story of the catastrophic impact of the giant 10 Km asteroid Chicxulub into the ancient Gulf of Mexico 65.5 million years ago. The aftermath of the Chicxulub's event initiated decades and more of major global climate changes including a "Nuclear Winter" of freezing darkness and blistering greenhouse warming.

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