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  • How to Write About Contemporary Art
    How to Write About Contemporary Art (English, Paperback) Gilda Williams

    Suitable for students, arts professionals and other aspiring writers, this book navigates readers through the key elements of style and content, from the aims and structure of a piece to its tone and language.

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    5 stars

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  • Ways of Seeing
    Ways of Seeing (English, Paperback) John Berger

    Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognizes before it can speak. But, there is also another sense in which seeing comes before words. It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world. The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. This is a book on art in various languages.

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  • Art as Therapy
    Art as Therapy (English, Paperback) Alain Botton, Dr. John Armstrong

    Two authorities on popular culture reveal the ways in which art can enhance mood and enrich lives - now available in paperback

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  • How to See
    How to See (English, Hardback) David Salle

    A masterclass in contemporary art by one of the pre-eminent painters of our time.

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  • Landscapes
    Landscapes (English, Hardback) John Berger

    A major new work from the world's leading writer on art

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  • White
    White (English, Hardback) Kenya Hara

    White is not a book about colors. It is rather Kenya Haras attempt to explore the essence of -White-, which he sees as being closely related to the origin of Japanese aesthetics - symbolizing simplicity and subtlety. The central concepts discussed by Kenya Hara in this publication are emptiness and the absolute void.

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  • Methods & Theories of Art History
    Methods & Theories of Art History (English, Paperback) Anne D'Alleva

    Art historical theory is a forum of intense, often passionate debate. This book provides an accessible introduction to the range of critical theories used in analysing art. It covers a range of approaches, presenting individual arguments, controversies and divergent perspectives.

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  • 100 Artists' Manifestos
    100 Artists' Manifestos (Paperback) Alex Danchev

    A collection of 100 manifestos from the last 100 years is cacophony of voices from such diverse movements as Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Destructivism, and Stuckism, taking in along the way film, architecture, fashion, and cookery. It gathers together an international array of artists of every stripe, including Kandinsky, Gilbert and George.

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  • A Jar of Wild Flowers
    A Jar of Wild Flowers (English, Paperback) Amarjit Chandan

    The first collection of essays dedicated to examining the work of John Berger, with cross-cultural contributions from an array of international names.

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  • New Artistic Anatomy
    New Artistic Anatomy (Paperback) Dr Paul Richer

    This book is the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive description of the female form. Here, Richer focuses on the variations in the body that make each individual unique. Richer accurately analyzes the proportions of men and women. He discusses ways in which male and female bodies are similar, then highlights ways in which they are different. He talks about the role of the skeleton, the fat...

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  • What's the Story
    What's the Story (English, Paperback) Anne Bogart

    Anne Bogart is an award-winning theatre maker, and a best-selling writer of books about theatre, art, and cultural politics. In this her latest collection of essays she explores the story-telling impulse, and asks how she, as a ‘product of postmodernism’, can reconnect to the primal act of making meaning and telling stories. She also asks how theatre practitioners can think of themselves not as...

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  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook
    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook (English, Spiral bound) Betty Edwards

    A fully revised and updated edition of the essential companion to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain--over half of the exercises are new!Millions of people around the world have learned to draw using the methods outlined in Dr. Betty Edwards’s groundbreakingDrawing on the Right Side of the Brain. In this workbook, the essential companion to her international bestseller, Edwards offers readers...

    $18.48 $19.95
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  • Red
    Red (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    Translation of: Rouge: histoire d'une couleur.

    $34.76 $39.95
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  • Materiality
    Materiality (English, Paperback) Petra Lange-Berndt

    Part of the acclaimed series of anthologies which document major themes and ideas in contemporary art.

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  • Our Aesthetic Categories
    Our Aesthetic Categories (English, Paperback) Sianne Ngai

    The zany, the cute, and the interesting saturate postmodern culture, dominating the look of its art and commodities as well as our ways of speaking about the ambivalent feelings these objects often inspire. In this study Ngai offers an aesthetic theory for the hypercommodified, mass-mediated, performance-driven world of late capitalism.

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  • 5-Minute Sketching -- Architecture
    5-Minute Sketching -- Architecture (English, Paperback) Liz Steel

    The next craze, after coloring books, is sketching.

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  • Golden Section
    Golden Section (English, Paperback) Scott Olsen

    What was the golden secret known to Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Plato and the ancient magicians? Can there really be a key to nature and life itself? This book aims to unravel a mystery, a code that seems to underly life, the universe and everything, a pattern we instinctively recognise as beautiful, and which nature herself uses at every scale.

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  • Education for Socially Engaged Art
    Education for Socially Engaged Art (Multiple languages, Paperback) Pablo Helguera $14.30
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  • The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
    The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (Paperback) Walter Benjamin

    Explores how the age of mass media means audiences can listen to or see a work of art repeatedly - and what the troubling social and political implications of this are.

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  • Interaction of Color
    Interaction of Color (English, Paperback) Josef Albers

    The 50th anniversary edition of a classic text, featuring an expanded selection of color studies

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