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  • The Art Of War by Sun Tzu
    The Art Of War (English, Paperback) Sun Tzu

    Conflict is an inevitable part of life, according to this ancient Chinese classic of strategy, but everything necessary to deal with conflict wisely, honorably, victoriously, is already present within us. Compiled more than two thousand years ago by a mysterious warrior-philosopher, The Art of War is still perhaps the most prestigious and influential book of strategy in the world, as eagerly...

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  • Code of the Samurai by Thomas Cleary
    Code of the Samurai (English, Hardback) Thomas Cleary, Oscar Ratti

    A 400-year-old explication of the rules and expectations embodied in Bushido, the Japanese way of the warrior. Bushido has played a major role in shaping modern Japanese society and the modern martial arts in Japan and internationally.


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  • I Ching by Thomas Cleary
    I Ching (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    The well-known ancient Chinese oracle and sourcebook of Asian wisdom--now in a Shambhala Pocket Library edition....

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  • The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
    The Book of Five Rings (English, Paperback) Miyamoto Musashi, Thomas Cleary

    One of the most insightful texts on the subtle arts of confrontation and victory to emerge from Asian culture, The Book of Five Rings analyzes the process of struggle and mastery over conflict that underlies every level of human interaction. Written by the renowned Japanese warrior Miyamoto Musashi in 1643, its principles for achieving success in combat have long been lauded not only for their...

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  • The Taoist I Ching by Liu I-ming
    The Taoist I Ching (English, Paperback) Liu I-ming

    Presented for the first time with a Taoist interpretation, this Chinese classic, used as a basic map of conscious development and containing the underlying principles of all religions, features an exposition of the Taoist spiritual alchemy

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  • The Uddhava Gita by Swami Ambikananda Saraswati
    The Uddhava Gita (English, Paperback) Swami Ambikananda Saraswati

    Widely read, The Bhagavad Gita is a classic of world spirituality while The essential companion to The Bhagavad Gita, The Uddhava Gita has remained overlooked. This new accessible and only English translation in print of The Uddhava Gita offers a previously unexplored path to understanding Hinduism and Krishna's wisdom. Written centuries apart, the ideas of the two dialogues are similar although their approach and contexts differ. The Bhagavad Gita is filled with the urgency of battle while The Uddhava Gita takes place on the eve of Krishna's departure from the world. The Uddhava Gita offers the reader philosophy, sublime poetry, practical guidance, and, ultimately, hope for a more complete consciousness in which the life of the body better reflects the life of the spirit.

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  • Transmission of Light by Thomas Cleary
    Transmission of Light (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    A translation of the classic Denkoroku by one of the premier translators of Buddhist and Taoist texts illustrates how to arrive at the epiphanic Zen awakening known as satori....

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  • The Taoist Classics: v.4 by Thomas Cleary
    The Taoist Classics: v.4 (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    This collection of Taoist texts includes: ...

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  • The Essential Tao by Thomas Cleary
    The Essential Tao (Multiple languages, Hardback) Thomas Cleary

    Two ancient Chinese works present the heart of Taoist philosophy through poems, proverbs, and ancecdotes

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  • Entry into the Inconceivable by Thomas Cleary
    Entry into the Inconceivable (English, Hardback) Thomas Cleary

    Entry Into the Inconceivable is an introduction to the philosophy of the Hua-yen school of Buddhism, one of the cornerstones of East Asian Buddhist thought. Cleary presents a survey of the unique Buddhist scripture on which the Hua-yen teaching is based and a brief history of its introduction into China. He also presents a succinct analysis of the essential metaphysics of Hua-yen Buddhism as it...

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  • Sutra Of Hui-Neng, Grand by Thomas Cleary
    Sutra Of Hui-Neng, Grand (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    Hui-neng (638?713) is perhaps the most beloved and respected figure in Zen Buddhism. An illiterate woodcutter who attained enlightenment in a flash, he became the Sixth Patriarch of Chinese Zen, and is regarded as the founder of the "Sudden Enlightenment" school. He is the supreme exemplar of the fact that neither education nor social background has any bearing on the attainment of enlightenment....

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  • Mastering The Art Of War by Zhuge Liang
    Mastering The Art Of War (English, Paperback) Zhuge Liang, Liu Ji

    Two generals of classical China summarize the principles of organization and leadership presented in Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," demonstrating their practical application in episodes from Chinese history

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  • Thunder In The Sky by Thomas Cleary
    Thunder In The Sky (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    Understanding the development and practice of power?based on an in-depth observation of human psychology?has been a part of traditional Chinese thought for thousands of years and is considered a prerequisite for mastering the arts of strategy and leadership. Thunder in the Sky presents two secret classics of this ancient Chinese tradition. The commentary by Thomas Cleary?the renowned translator...

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  • Rational Zen by Thomas Cleary
    Rational Zen (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    Zen has often been portrayed as being illogical and mystifying, even aimed at the destruction of the rational intellect. These new translations of the thirteenth-century Zen master Dogen?one of most original and important Zen writers?illustrate the rational side of Zen, which has been obscured through the centuries, tainting people's understanding of it....

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  • Zen Antics by Thomas Cleary
    Zen Antics (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    Throughout Zen history, stories and anecdotes of Zen masters and their students have been used as teaching devices to exemplify the enlightened spirit. Unlike many of the baffling dialogues between Zen masters preserved in the koan literature, the stories retold here are penetratingly simple but with a richness and subtlety that make them worth reading again and again. This collection includes...

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  • The Blue Cliff Record by Thomas Cleary
    The Blue Cliff Record (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    The Blue Cliff Record is a translation of the Pi Yen Lu , a collection of one hundred famous Zen koans accompanied by commentaries and verses from the teachings of Chinese Zen masters. Compiled in the twelfth century, it is considered one of the great treasures of Zen literature and an essential study manual for students of Zen.

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  • The 10 Ecstasy of Enlightenment by Thomas Cleary
    The 10 Ecstasy of Enlightenment (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    The Ecstasy of Enlightenment is an inside look at the spiritual world of Tantraone of the most sophisticated, alluring, and controversial forms of Buddhism. Cleary unlocks the mysteries of the CaryaGiti, a collections of teachings by more than twenty famous Siddhas, or Tantric adepts, who lived during the illustrius Pala dynasty of old Bengal. These teachings emanate from one of the most dynamic...

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  • Classics Of Buddhism And Zen Vol 1 by Thomas Cleary
    Classics Of Buddhism And Zen Vol 1 (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    Volume One of Classics of Buddhism and Zen contains teachings predominantly from the Chinese Zen (Chan) tradition, including the writings of revered Chinese masters such as Pai-chang, founder of the Chan monastic tradition; Huang-po, one of the forefathers of the Lin-chi-tsung or Rinzai school; Foyan, the great master of the twelfth-century Chinese Zen "renaissance"; and many others. ...

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  • Secrets Of Blue Cliff Record by Thomas Cleary
    Secrets Of Blue Cliff Record (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    The Blue Cliff Record is a classic text of Zen Buddhism, designed to assist in the activation of dormant human potential. The core of this extraordinary work is a collection of one hundred traditional citations and stories, selected for their ability to bring about insight and enlightenment. These vignettes are known as gongan in Chinese and koan in Japanese. ...

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  • The Tao Of Organization by Thomas Cleary
    The Tao Of Organization (English, Paperback) Thomas Cleary

    Of particular interest for its application to business strategizing, this edition of the well-known ancient Chinese classicI Ching (The Book of Changes) guides readers through the intricacies of group dynamics and relationships within organizations of all kinds. The root text is supported by a commentary from the eleventh-century scholar Cheng-Yi, founder of the movement known as Lixue, the "study...

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