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Toko Kawai

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  • Our Everlasting (Yaoi): v. 1 by Toko Kawai
    Our Everlasting (Yaoi): v. 1 (English, Paperback) Toko Kawai

    For beach bum Horyu, it's more than the surf that's up. He has just confessed his undying love to timid and quiet Shouin, who is reluctant to return Horyu's affections. Shouin already has his heart broken and is - as the saying goes - once bitten twice shy. It looks like Horyu will wipe out on this one, unless he can convince Shouin.

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  • Bond(z) (yaoi) by Toko Kawai
    Bond(z) (yaoi) (English, Paperback) Toko Kawai

    It isn't unheard of to sleep with your friends after having too much to drink. However, when that friend happens to be a guy as well and you both happen to have girlfriends, things can get a little messy. In a moment of drunken youth gone wild, Tomo and Keita crossed the boundaries of being close friends to being lovers. Neither expected such a fiery obsession to ignite after a single night of...

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  • Loveholic: v. 1 by Toko Kawai
    Loveholic: v. 1 (English, Paperback) Toko Kawai

    Nishioka is a selfish and irresponsible yet talented young photographer living on his own in the world. Then there's Matsukawa, a man working for an advertisement agency, who infallibly makes Nishioka's work a smash hit. At first glance, these two look like they don't get along, but underneath it all there's actually a burning love for each other.

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  • In the Walnut: (Yaoi) v. 2 by Toko Kawai
    In the Walnut: (Yaoi) v. 2 (English, Paperback) Toko Kawai

    Unmatching but a cute duo, Hideo Tanizaki and Sohei Nakai once again find themselves in a big trouble. What did they do? And how would Tanizaki use his knowledge of art forgery, counterfeit, and black market dealing to rectify situation?

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  • Loveholic Volume 2 (Yaoi) by Toko Kawai
    Loveholic Volume 2 (Yaoi) (English, Paperback) Toko Kawai

    Daisuke Matsukawa and the up-and-coming young cameraman Kentaro Nishioka have developed from comrades who work well together into friends who are called lovers. But even though he's sexy, the shy Nishioka is also obstinate and naughty. Poor Matsukawa has no idea where this love affair is headed.

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  • Just Around the Corner by Toko Kawai
    Just Around the Corner (English, Paperback) Toko Kawai

    After an accident, Kishimoto was forced to give up his dream of becoming apianist. After his lover dumped him, Kiriya found himself spiraling intodepression. The two bonded over their unhappiness, and before they knew itthey'd developed a physical relationship. But could this diversion go inunexpected direction?

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