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Tom Becker

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  • Dark Room by Tom Becker
    Dark Room (English, Paperback)

    The Miss Saffron pageant is fast-approaching in Saffron Hills, and Darla wants no part of it. But gruesome visions - that come as quickly as a camera flash - hint at terrible fates for some of the beautiful teens involved. And then come the real deaths. Can Darla find the killer before it's too late?

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  • Blackjack by Tom Becker
    Blackjack (Paperback)

    Jonathan's mother is alive. Jonathan is shocked when he finds out his mother has been locked away in Darkside's most infamous madhouse, The Bedlam, for years - and he's determined to rescue her. But with the rotten borough's brutal new leader causing mass chaos, will he be able to save his mum without losing everything else?

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  • The Traitors by Tom Becker
    The Traitors (English, Paperback)

    Adam has betrayed his best friend and now he must face the consequences. His punishment is 274 years in the Dial, a prison in a no-time world, where teenage traitors are forced to atone for their crime. It's a terrible place, ruled over by a cruel despot, where every day is a struggle for survival - and escape.

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  • Afterwalkers by Tom Becker
    Afterwalkers (Paperback)

    For hundreds of years the people of Alderston have guarded a terrible secret. When Jamie's family receive a summons to do a mysterious job, they move into a house that looks over the graveyard. Soon Jamie begins to suspect that the great iron cages placed on top of the graves are not there to keep robbers out, but to keep the dead in...

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  • While the Others Sleep by Tom Becker
    While the Others Sleep (Paperback)

    When Alfie Mandeville's insomnia threatens to embarrass his wealthy family he is sent to Scarbrook House, a sanatorium for wealthy children. Alfie is haunted by visions of a strange creature movng through the darkness at the edge of the patients' beds. Are his tired eyes hallucinating, or is starting to lose his mind?

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