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Tom Defalco

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  • Infinity War Omnibus by Jim Starlin
    Infinity War Omnibus (English, Hardback)

    The epic sequel to the Infinity Gauntlet! Adam Warlock's dark half has resurfaced. The Magus is here. And the cosmos shall feel his wrath! As the Magus schemes for ultimate power, an army of evil doppelgangers overwhelms Earth's heroes, Dr. Strange and Galactus seek answers and Thanos enters the fray -alongside the Infinity Watch! Can the Avengers, X-Men and more turn the tide? To defeat the...

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  • Spider-girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 by Tom DeFalco
    Spider-girl: The Complete Collection Vol. 1 (English, Paperback)

    What if Peter Parker and Mary Jane had a daughter? The ever-amazing answer is, she'd be May "Mayday" Parker -A.K.A. Spider-Girl! Spinning out of the pages of WHAT IF? into her very own universe, the teenage Mayday inherits spider-powers and dons the red-and-blues of her retired father! Now follow her adventures from the very beginning, as Mayday learns about Spider-Man's legacy and wrestles with...

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  • X-men: Cyclops & Phoenix - Past & Future by Scott Lobdell
    X-men: Cyclops & Phoenix - Past & Future (English, Paperback)

    On their honeymoon, Cyclops and Phoenix are pulled two thousand years into the future where they must raise Scott's son Nathan in the shadow of Apocalypse, and next they are transported to Victorian England where they witness the rise of Mister Sinister.

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  • Spider-man: Birth Of Venom by Jim Shooter
    Spider-man: Birth Of Venom (English, Paperback)

    Spider-Man becomes unraveled when his life is darkened by his shape-changing costume as well as his fashion sense.

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  • Spider-man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Book 2 by Tom DeFalco
    Spider-man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Book 2 (English, Paperback)

    With his symbiotic black costume safely removed and imprisoned for study, Spidey re-dons the classic red-and-blues to battle fearsome foes! And when the Black Cat whips him up a homemade version of his ebony ensemble, Spidey can embrace a modern look that only looks killer. But while Peter thinks he's done with his rather clingy former suit, the sinister symbiote isn't finished with him....

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  • Spider-island: Warzones! by Tom DeFalco
    Spider-island: Warzones! (English, Paperback)

    The Spider-Queen has turned Manhattan into an island of Spider-Madness and Peter Parker has lost, thanks to Spider-Scribe Christos Gage (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man) & rising star artist Paco Diaz (Wolverine, Scarlet Spiders). With Spider-Man defeated and captive, does Flash Thompson, A.K.A. Venom stand a chance? All this, plus visit the MC2 patch of Battleworld! Collecting:...

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  • Fantastic Four Epic Collection: Strange Days by Tom DeFalco
    Fantastic Four Epic Collection: Strange Days (English, Paperback)

    Life and death struggles for Marvel's First Family! Just when the FF were coming to terms with Reed Richards' demise, he makes a suitably fantastic return! But that means Doctor Doom is alive too! How did they both survive? Hyperstorm has all the answers, but his incredible lineage means he may be the one foe the Fantastic Four can't beat. COLLECTING Fantastic Four (1961) 403-416, Fantastic Four:...

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  • Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 18 by David Michelinie
    Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 18 (English, Hardback)

    Avengers Mansion is running out of room, so the old order changeth! Government agent Henry Peter Gyrich is kicking out all but seven Avengers. Despite their protests, the team won't have time to argue, because a mysterious man from Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's past has emerged. He'll take the Avengers to Wundagore Mountain and reveal the answer to one of Marvel's oldest mysteries...But...

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  • Spider-man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 2 by J. M. DeMatteis
    Spider-man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 2 (English, Paperback)

    Villains die and debut in the nineties' pivotal Spider-saga! Spider-Man and his clone the Scarlet Spider are both fighting crime, and there's plenty to go around when the Jackal arises - with more clones in the wings! But following a team-up with Daredevil, who's having an identity crisis of his own, Spidey faces a fate that could end his web-slinging days forever! The answer may come from one of...

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  • Spider-man Vs. Venom Omnibus by Tom DeFalco
    Spider-man Vs. Venom Omnibus (English, Hardback)

    Spider-Man meets his deadliest foe, as a rivalry for the ages is born! When Spidey's symbiotic alien black costume takes a new host, Eddie Brock - who hates Spider-Man - together they become the lethal Venom! They'll stop at nothing to take their revenge on Peter Parker...Plus the sinister symbiote sinks his teeth into Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Quasar, Darkhawk and the Avengers, in this complete...

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  • Thor Corps by Tom DeFalco
    Thor Corps (English, Paperback)

    Hammers clash when Mjolnir-wielder of the future, Dargo Ktor, is tricked into fighting Eric Masterson, the replacement Thor in the modern day. As they bring the thunder, Beta Ray Bill joins the party with his mighty mallet Stormbreaker! But will the titanic trio put their differences aside in time to knock Zarrko the Tomorrow Man into next week? Collecting: Thor Corps 1-4; Thor (1966) 337, 384,...

    $26.59 $29.99
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  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Classic By Jim Valentino Omnibus by Jim Valentino
    Guardians Of The Galaxy Classic By Jim Valentino Omnibus (English, Hardback)

    Thrill to the exploits of the 31st century's greatest super-team, the original Guardians of the Galaxy! Join Vance Astro, Yondu, Starhawk, Nikki, Charlie-27, Martinex and Aleta as they undertake a quest to fi nd the long-lost shield of Captain America -a mission that pits them against Iron Man's twisted legacy! They'll land on the World of Mutants and wind up in the middle of a violent rebellion...

    $89.09 $100.00
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  • Thor: Heroes Return Omnibus by Dan Jurgens
    Thor: Heroes Return Omnibus (English, Hardback)

    A hero returns - and an epic saga begins! Dan Jurgens ushers in one of the greatest eras of Thor - and it begins with the truly blockbuster art of John Romita Jr.! The Thunder God walks the Earth once more, but his new lease on life comes with new enemies - and a new mortal alter ego! Will Thor's comeback be cut short by Dark Gods, the Destroyer and Doctor Doom? Then, on the Eighth Day, the...

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  • Spider-man: Ben Reilly Omnibus Vol. 1 by Tom Defalco
    Spider-man: Ben Reilly Omnibus Vol. 1 (English, Hardback)

    There's a new wall-crawler in town! Meet Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, who recently learned that he's not a clone of Peter Parker after all - he's the original! And when Pete decides to hang up his web-shooters, Ben retakes the Spider-Man! There's no shortage of foes to fight - including the new Dr. Octopus, Venom, Mysterio, Tombstone, Sandman, Kaine, Carnage and more! But while Ben...

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  • X-men Origins: Firestar by Tom DeFalco
    X-men Origins: Firestar (English, Paperback)

    Examines the origins of Angelica Jones, the mutant known as Firestar, as she joins the White Queen's crew and teams up with Spider-Man and Iceman.

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  • Star Trek Omnibus by Marv Wolfman
    Star Trek Omnibus (English, Paperback)

    Collects fifteen consecutive issues from the early "Marvel Comics" run. This title includes characters like Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, Chekov, and more as they battle for the future of The United Federation of Planets - and the entire universe.

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  • Thor Epic Collection: War Of The Pantheons by Stan Lee
    Thor Epic Collection: War Of The Pantheons (English, Paperback)

    It's the beginning of a new era for the mighty Thor - but it just might be the end of the Norse gods. With Asgard adrift in space, Thor must sacrifice all when he finds himself in a losing battle to protect the planet Pangoria against the unimaginably powerful Celestials. But when Seth the Serpent God unleashes an all-out assault on Asgard, can the Norse gods defeat his ruthless army without their...

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  • Marvel Firsts: The 1980s Volume 1 by Bill Mantlo
    Marvel Firsts: The 1980s Volume 1 (English, Paperback)

    Marvel Firsts heads back to the eighties! From Alpha Flight to Zabu, heroes old and new grab the spotlight in their own titles in this first star-studded collection of the decade's most dazzling debuts. Featuring favourites such as Dominic Fortune, Captain Universe and the New Mutants - plus Marvel's very first 'event miniseries!' Collecting: Marvel Preview 20 (B story), Marvel Spotlight (1979) 9,...

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  • Ant-Man: Season One by Tom DeFalco
    Ant-Man: Season One (German, Paperback)

    In der Karriere von Dr. Hank Pym gab es Höhen und Tiefen, seit er sich das erste Mal schrumpfte und als Ant-Man mit Ameisen kommunizierte. Dieser Band beschäftigt sich mit den ersten Heldentagen des Rächer- Gründungsmitglieds - mit einer Zeit voller Sehnsucht und Angst, aber auch Leidenschaft und Erfolg. Von Marvel-Veteran Tom DeFalco! Marvels nächster Kino-Held! Gründungsmitglied der...

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  • Wolverine: Blood Wedding by Chris Claremont
    Wolverine: Blood Wedding (English, Paperback)

    Wedding bells are ringing in Madripoor - but when the 'happy couple' are Wolverine and the villainous Viper, it's anything but a cause for celebration. Why is Wolverine tying the knot with one of his most vicious foes? And what do Shadowcat and Sabretooth have to say about it? And what deadly new advantage makes Sabretooth unbeatable? X-legend Chris Claremont returns to the character he made...

    $21.92 $29.99
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